Map. History of Middle East conflict

14 December 2017
More and More PMF reinforcements are arriving to Tuz Khurmatu while preparing to launcha vast militayr operation to eliminate the so called "White Banners" "White Flags"group.
Bombed attack on a workplace in Ümraniye
Ein Tarma -A mother and her child were killed, 4 civilians injured by 2 artillery bombing targeted the town in Eastern Ghouta.
Saudi king approves $19 billion of economic stimulus steps
Pakistani journalist arrived in Kabul for track-II/1.5 dialogue as member from the media
Saudi Arabia announces $19.2 billion stimulus package to spur private sector growth
Kabul has urged Washington to send the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft back to Afghanistan
Azerbaijani Mindef: As a result of violation of the ceasefire regime by units of the armed forces of Armenia, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Salakhov Fizuli Suleyman oglu was killed
Hama: Map detailing names, nationalities and placement of Assad's militia groups in rural north Hama
Mosul: Some kind of Military Parade is ongoing right now in Mosul.
10 ISIS militants killed, wounded in Afghan forces operations
New mass grave discovered in Sinjar could contain up to 50 bodies.
The Egyptian aviation minister plans to head for Moscow to sign an agreement to resume flights between Russia and Egypt
Footage from the battles that went on in Tadmon District when SAA and NDF had to recapture 10 buildings from IS
In response to the rockets fired at Israel, the Israel Air Force struck 3 Hamas terror facilities across Gaza used as training and weapons storage compounds.
Four people were killed in a suicide bombing at a police academy in the Somali capital
More than 200 militants have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir this year,there has also been a steep decline in stone pelting incidents: Indian PM Narendra Modi
J&K: One way traffic opened on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway this morning for stranded vehicles. The Highway was blocked for three days due to snowfall and rains
Under the banner of a white flag with lion insignia, a new armed group emerges in northern Iraq. Locals fear ISIS is rebranding and regrouping for an era of guerrilla warfare.
A US official tells CNN evidence to be presented by @nikkihaley will include components of two Qiam-1 ballistic missiles which were recovered from Saudi Arabia after Houthi rebels fired them into Saudi Arabia in Nov/July. Iranian-made drones and anti-tank weapons also to be shown
Turkey detains 13 old men from the same village in Siirt
Israeli army has decided to close Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings to Gaza following an assessment of the security situation and the rockets launched towards Israel over the past week.
Another rocket hit failed to reach Israel, instead it damaged a UNRWA school in Beit Hanun, in northeastern Gaza
PMF Leader Qais Khazali thanks Iran and Hezbollah for their sacrifices in Iraq; "Their dead will always be remembered".
Jabal al-Sheikh Operations Room destroy a government tank [possible ATGM strike] during a new government attempt to advance in the vicinity of al-Maqtul Hill Hinah Plain Western Ghouta
Opposition groups in al-Bab city ended preparation to reopen al-Jazeera highway connecting Aleppo and Hasakah provinces which connect directly FSA-held al-Bab city with Assad government-held Aleppo city Syria
Senator John McCain: Reports that Trump admin is willing to accept 4 more years of Assad's rule in Syria are deeply disturbing and would validate the de facto policy of 2 successive US admins that have failed to end the slaughter.
In addition to 2 Gaza rockets intercepted over college town of Sderot, an additional rocket struck open territory in Eshkol regional council.
Israel rocket attack: - 5 rockets fired from Gaza - 2 successfully intercepted - 3 land in open area - Multipe treated for shock
The Local Defense Forces, a major Iranian militia network in Syria, continuing to expand. The Forces of Rage, an important Christian loyalist militia in Suqaylabiyah, seems to now be associating with the LDF.
Sirens were heard in Shaar HaNegev Regional Council, Sdot Negev Regional Council, and Hof Ashkelon regional council. Reports of at least one interception over Sderot
Armenia to annul protocols on normalization of relations with Turkey before spring 2018 - FM
Turkish Security Forces captured a VBIED in Istanbul's Bahcelievler. 2 PKK organization suspects detained
The clashes between YPG/YPJ and the Turkish army at the Syrian-Turkish border, West of Kobane
Weapons confiscated in Afrin by Asayish security forces during a search of a truck that came from Idlib
Defense officials tell CNN that the Trump administration will present evidence Thursday at the Defense Intelligence Agency of what it says is proof that Iran has provided missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen, missiles like those the rebels have recently fired into Saudi Arabia
The ISIS attack (from areas under government and Russians control) on the 55 KM zone near Tanf has been defeated by MaT and Coalition Forces. The last result is 17 captured (5 Foreign), 14 of ISIS elements have been killed and at least 10 wounded, 3 vehicles were destroyed by MaT Fighters.
IS claims to have assasinated 2 *spies* in east Mosul yesterday Iraq
United States plans to spend $500m in training and equipping Syrian groups (most likely SDF) to fight ISIS in 2018.
Syrian Coalition: order issued by the so-called Salvation Government is unacceptable and illegitimate, "persons and parties who are behind it, in addition to Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham, bear full responsibility for any damage or harm that may be caused"
Turkey's foreign ministry calls Gen. HR McMaster's remarks "astonishing, baseless and unacceptable," calls on US "to display the same stance to our country, to cease all forms of cooperation with terrorist groups such as YPG"
Pics showing buildings ISIS seized this morning from NDF during surprise attack in S. Damascus district of Tadamon and later taken back.
Video as Houthis blown up a building in Jazan province of Saudi Arabia
Houthi blew up the building with pro-Hadi fighters in Saudi Jizan province. At least 3 soldiers killed.
Missing teachers: Afghan-Turk students' parents hold protest in Kabul
Fate of four Afghan-Turk teachers remains uncertain
[email protected]: It's not the bombs or bullets that kill the most people in Yemen's forgotten war, it's the humanitarian crisis.
Foiling of 4 explosive devices in Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah , as Security forces in northern Sinai succeeded in detecting four explosive devices that were intended to detonate the way of the forces while carrying out combing and raiding the strongholds of the organization of Jerusalem in the region
A Libyan military source has uncovered that the Libyan criminal search apparatus foiled the largest quantity of explosives, firearms from Kalashnikov, Grenov machine guns, sniper rifles and a 30-ton TNT explosive bag on its way to Egypt.
The way @recep_tayip and the AKP consolidated power in Turkey with Islamist ideology "is sadly contributing to the drift of Turkey away from the West," per US NatSec Advisor Gen HR McMaster
McMaster called it a "model of really operating through civil society. Then the education sector. Then the police and judiciary. And then the military to consolidate power in the hand of a particular party which is something we'd prefer not too see" re Turkey
US NatSec Advisor Gen HR McMaster also said "a lot of Islamist groups have learned from" Turkey and the AKP
Following a meeting with Lebanese PM, Gen. Votel and US Ambassador to Lebanon announce $120 million arms package to Lebanon, to include 6 MD 530G light attack helicopters, 6new Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles, and communication and night vision equipment
According to YPG, 2 Turkish soldiers who crossed into Kobane border killed, some others injured
Turkish Artillery Shelling YPG Positions in Aşme Village West to Kobani.
Giant Christmas tree is almost done during this Emirates @AirbusA380 acceptance flight from Hamburg
YPG: Turkish army is now shelling the same area near Aşmê village, western Kobanê
Palestinian protesters react to a stun grenade thrown by Israeli security forces during clashes in Ramallah on December 13, 2017, over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
McMaster: Trump team is concerned with the freedom of movement of Salafi jihadist organizations across Iranian territory into Afghanistan and Iran support for these groups and IRGC militias to create fitna in the region that perpetuates civil wars and instability
Turkmenistan's President Berdymukhammedov says that there are sufficient reserves in Stabilization Fund to carry out social and economic programs. The very reference to the fund should be alarming as it has not been mentioned before.
Turkish President Erdoğan says U.S should reverse its decision on Jerusalem and asks "How can they take such a unilateral step?" Erdoağan says the destiny of Jerusalem cannot be left to a country that feeds on blood, that kills children and women
[email protected] Gen Votel met with PM @SaadHariri to reaffirm the US government's commitment to the Lebanese-American partnership
Erdogan: We call on the US administration to back down on the recent decision
Turkish army targeted YPG positions in Chariqli Hill, west of Ashmah. Not clear if its artillery or airstrike
Afghanistan: 152 weapons seized from trailer in Nangarhar
Erdogan: We declared our posture to the whole world by saying "Jerusalem is our red line". Trump's declaration is of no value to us.
Erdogan: The recent U.S. decision is illegal and will not be acceptable for us
Erdogan: Washington has failed in mediation efforts in the peace process
Saudi Arabia pledges $100 mn for Sahel anti-terror force: Macron
ASG execute Vietnamese captain, abducted in Nov 2016. Of the 12 VN hostages taken from 2 ships, 4 were executed, 2 died in captivity or during rescue ops, 5 were rescued and 1 escaped.
Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri withdraws resignation
FSA Free Idlib Army Fagot ATGM strike destroys government BMP al-Zafaria front East Hama
SDF has captured Jurdi Gharbi from ISIS
Kabul police launches crackdown on illegal arms
IS presence expanding in north, northeastern: Afghan MPs
SE. Idlib: heavy clashes continue SE. of Abu Dali. Rebels fired several ATGMs, destroying a BMP (with a Fagot by Free Idlib Army), an ATGM launcher and a group was ambushed (reportedly killing 5).
The Military Court requires the detention of 30 accused of violence between Bani Mazar and 10 years
Do not enjoy dealing with Pakistan: US Secretary of State
The Islamic Summit calls on the United States to withdraw from the peace process
Nicolás Maduro: All acts committed by Israel are invalid and must be stopped
Draft Final Communiqué: The necessity of ending and securing the international protection of the Palestinians
The document of recruitment of US intelligence to Mursi .. And his information about Abdul Qader Hilmi within the spy documents of the talks with Hamas
Draft Final Statement of the Islamic Summit: We declare East Jerusalem the capital of the State of Palestine
OIR Spokesman Syria Update: ISIS is weak but still a threat - militants lurking in Mid-Euphrates River Valley. Syrian Democratic Forces keeping pressure on ISIS; with @CJTFOIR support, SDF cleared 6 km2 along eastern bank of the Euphrates in last 24 hrs
J&K BJP leader, Ashish Sareen, in trouble after his picture holding an AK-47 rifle goes viral; party distances itself from him
Afghan forces foil deadly blast, US drone strike kill 3 IS militants in Nangarhar
SAA shelled Harasta of Eastern Ghouta with mortars
Russia will limit the supply of vegetables and fruit from Kazakhstan because of the "Serbian" and "Moldovan" apples
A large-scale military campaign A short while ago, a long area was targeted by the prince in Rafah accompanied by the sound of heavy gunfire and artillery shelling. Sinai
King's address to Shura Council: "The Kingdom called for a political solution to the issues causing crisis in the region. foremost of which is restoration of the Palestinian people's legitimate rights, including right to establish their independent state with East Jerusalem as capital"
Israeli Intelligence Minister Invites Saudi Crown Prince to Visit Israel
Civil defense teams worked to extinguish a fire in a fuel market in Meles town in Idlib
South Syria: amidst increased activities by ISIS, FSA Maghaweer Thawra backed by US-led Coalition repelling an attack launched at dawn on Al-Tanf security zone
After the Russian announcement of defeating Daesh in Syria, a large attack was conducted by ISIS militants targeting the 55 KM deconfliction zone around At Tanf, the attack comes from an area supposedly under full government control
Armed Forces ready to help Palestinians: Malaysian defense minister
NDF trying to seize back buildings taken by ISIS in S. Damascus district of Tadamon. Heavy clashes ongoing.
S. Damascus: in a susprise attack ISIS was able to seize a dozen buildings from government in Tadamon district. Area is intensively pounded amidst ongoing counter-attack.
YPG: Turkish army once again tried to violate border in Kobanê. Fighters retaliated and heavy clashes occurred between YPG - YPJ fighters and Turkish soldiers. Two soldiers've been killed and a military vehicle was destroyed during the clashes.
AAE-1 submarine cable entered service in June and reached Mualla Aden early this year but is not yet connected in Aden. It offers an initial capacity of 40 Tbps.
YPG-YPJ fighters repelled an attack by Turkish army near Kobanê: Two soldiers have been killed, many injured.
Saudi King says kingdom is working with allies to confront the interference in GCC domestic affairs
Saudi King denounces US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Kobane area: 1 worker who works on the Turkish wall construction opposite the village of Ashme was wounded by YPG fire
Syria Damascus: So far the NDF s have been able to Recover 4 out of the Ten Buildings that were Captured by ISIS This Morning @ Al Tadamon district - 4/10 structures Recaptured So Far.
A Turkish military vehicle was destroyed by YPG fighters after Turkish soldiers attempted to enter parts of Ashma/Eşme village west of Kobane, near the Tomb of Suleyman Shah
IS operation against the army south of Damascus
Drone allegedly shot down by rebel forces in South Aleppo appears to be a DJI Inspire 1. Reportedly it was modified to drop munitions
S. Aleppo: DJI Inspire 1 drone, reportedly weaponized, shot down over Humayra.
Northern Hama: New Video Uploaded this morning by Jaysh al-Nasr - shows them launching rockets towards SAA areas
Northern Hama: New Video Uploaded this morning by Jaysh al-Nasr - shows them launching rockets towards SAA areas
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq: we refuse to be incorporated into the Iraqi Armed Forces. We must be independent. We refuse to disband.