Map. History of Middle East conflict

26 June 2017
SE Damascus: FSA taking over Rujm Surayhi from government (Bir Qassab area), immediately followed by airstrikes.
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman affirmed that Israel will not tolerate a spillover of projectiles coming into Israel from Syria, at a meeting with Israel's parliament on Monday.
Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford has arrived in Afghanistan to weigh next military options, meet with coalition leaders.
Recent Syrian MoD video from the Syrian Desert shows a technical-mounted Grad MLRS identical in design to a rebel launcher in N.W. Syria.
Israeli army says stray bullets from Syria have caused fires on Israel's controlled side of the Golan Heights. Flames visible here near an old minefield
Commander of Dhi Qar Battalion, 3rd ISOF BDE, Iraq CTService, injured in Mosul battle.
IS claimed 2 suicide bombing attacks in Babylon Governorate of Iraq
Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City: Iraqi General
Iraq's special forces have made significant progress in Mosul's old city, retaking the First Al-Farouq neighbourhood.
Marawi siege: 70 Philippines soldiers killed since May 23, nearly 480 others wounded; enemy killed - more than 270
East Damascus: violent clashes resumed in Jobar after yesterday's pause as pro-Assad try to advance.
Syria: Israeli army bombard Syrian government positions in Asha, Qalaa and Herfa areas northern Baath city, Qunaitra province
Ohio government websites hacked with ISIS Islamist propaganda
Massive fire breaks out near National Paints in Sharjah
Kamov helicopter over Daraa today
Armenian Air Force Su-25 low fly by. A video I took today
Bahrain accuses Qatar of military escalation in Gulf row
Iraq joint operations officially announce Al-Farooq neighborhood in Mosul Old city completely captured by Counter Terrorism forces
Philippines VP visits refugees fleeing fighting, Duterte unseen in days
Philippines, Marawi - 6 civilians rescued, 1 body recovered after 'humanitarian pause' in Marawi
Quneitra: the new Israeli strike on a government position (Golan regiment) reportedly left 2 killed and 3 wounded.
Russian Komsomolska Pravda reporting that mercenary Artem Gorelov from Izhevsk was killed in "big operation with 11 KIA, 15 WIA". Artem fought at Donbas in Ukraine earlier
Residents queue in Al Waer as Russian soldiers hand out aid parcels
SW. Damascus: Quneitra's clashes extended to Beit Jinn area where a chopper dropped an incendiary bomb last night.
Quneitra: video showing government shelling Baath City front with heavy artillery
SOHR: New explosion shakes Idlib city and continuous clashes east Hama
Israel reportedly sends reinforcements into Golan Heights
Raqqa: Since entering Raqqa on June 6, US-backed SDF have seized about 25% of the city from IS, monitor tells @AFP
2 RuAF SU-30SM flying low heading from Hmymim to South. Like last time, they both look armed.
Opposition forces have launched a new attack in the Golan Heights today. Sources claim they are attacking the area around Tal Ahmar
FSA was also able to control several positions amidst counter-attack to take back area of Bir Qassab from government.
"Raqqa is surrounded, its fall is just a matter of time. But no-one is pretending it will be easy, patience is needed” - @rupertthjones
South Syria: FSA announces destruction of a T-72 amidst continuous clashes, shelling and airstrikes in Bir Qassab area (SE. Damascus).
#WrathOfEuphrates SDF footage Of captured Qadissiyah district from ISIS ,South West Raqqa city
Source in Damascus: opposition groups affiliated with Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham are defecting to Ahrar Al-Sham to avoid being labeled terrorists
Syrian Army has reportedly reached the area around the T-2 Pumping Station. Ministry of Defense released a video.
Supreme Leader of Iran Khamenei calling upon all Muslims to embark on a Jihad to destroy Israel.
#WrathOfEuphrates SDF video inside El Barid district, west Raqqa city
Syrian Ministry of Defense says Assad's forces have captured Duliayat in Syria's southeastern desert/Deir ez-Zor Province
Iraq Mosul - Only 800m left to announce victory on IS in Mosul: army
Iraqi intelligence said "The plan by ISIS sleeper cells/ sympathizers was to take control of the camp and turn it into hostage situation"
Iraq intelligence and Forces carried out night raid on mutiple locations in Al-Jadaa IDP camp south Mosul, mutiple suppressed weapon seized.
Damascus - Clashes between SAA and rebels in Jurud Falita, western Qalamun
US Air Force - Rivet Joint RC135V Patrolling over the Eastern Med Syria
Israeli army says UNDOF camp adjacent to border hit by gunfire; no errant mortar from Syria hit Israel
#WrathOfEuphrates SDF took control of new Raqqa bridge from ISIS, south Raqqa city
SAA captured Bir Dulaiyat area in East Homs
SMART new agency releases video regarding Jaish Muhammad's offensive in Quneitra Syria
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 47km SE of Gharm, Tajikistan
Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 - 44km N of `Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Government forces arresting 83 pro-YPG civilians including women
Rebels destroyed 2 ISIS Tanks this night in Yarmouk basin.
@AP video journalist @BramJanssen detained while filming Istanbul Pride today
Spanish Church accuses Qatar of meddling in bitter fight over Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
Some of the deployment by the Turkish Armed Forces towards the border
Ahrar Al Sham report an ISIS-affiliate T-55 destroyed by a landmine on the outskirts of the town of Hayt Daraa
Image of the newly captured neighbourhood of Qadisiyah. Raqqa city.
Turkish Armed Forces continue to sent more artillery units towards the border with areas held by YPG in Syria
Qunaitra: Video from a Syrian Army Soldier showing them assaulting Masht al Zuhoor / Al Mashtal today.
Rebels captured ISIS BMP fighting vehicles after the failed offensive
.@HaraldDoornbos: Landscape around Raqqa and surroundings actually very beautiful. Took this pic of shepherd from car.
Iraq Counter Terrorism units are right next to the ruins of Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul Old city, ISIS has snipers watching the site.
West Mosul infiltration: The situation was dealt with by Counter Terrorism units and Rapid Response Division. Forces surrounded the area and conducting search ops now.
Syrian Army soldier Ali Aboud was killed yesterday Due To Israeli air strike in Quneitra
Suicide bombers, car bombs discovered now sleeper cell attack all in freed areas of Mosul in last few days
SDF has captured the village of al-Farikh. South of Raqqa city.
#WrathOfEuphrates SDF captured Qadisiya district in western front, Raqqa city from ISIS after violent clashes.According to @cihan_shekh
SDF has captured Qadisieyah District and it's entirely under control of SDF, making it the 6th captured neighbourhood in Raqqa city.
Now IS is calling on social media supporters to wait for new claims and spread them.
Roads are full of cars trying to leave Mosul.
Tel Ruman, Wadi Jahar, Tanak neighborhoods are all being attacked as we speak - captured months ago from IS hands
Video of people fleeing west Mosul as possible ISIS sleeper cell attacks in previously retaken areas.
ISIS says there is a collapse of the Iraqi army and announced attacks on 3 other districts in Western Mosul. Iraq
According to activists, ISIS allegedly captured al-Yarmouk district, violent fightings occuring now in al-Risalah district. Mosul Irak
ISIS recaptured the entire al-Tanak district in Western Mosul after a big counter-offensive. Iraq
Thousands currently fleeing west Mosul as ISIS sleeper-cell possibly retook the Hai-Al-Tanak neighborhood.
ISIS said it launched a large-scale attack against iraqi army positions in al-Tanak district, in Western Mosul. Iraq
Yisrael Beytenu appeal Conversion law to cabinet, delaying passage to Knesset
In a phone conversation with Iran's President Rouhani, Qatar emir says he is ready for expanding the relationships with Tehran
IDF: In response to several Syrian projectiles launched towards Israel, Israeli army targeted 2 Syrian government artillery positions and an ammunitions truck
Sec. of State Tillerson says Qatar has begun "careful review" of Gulf state demands amid dispute, notes areas for "ongoing dialogue."
KRG security confirms detentions of YPG fighters who were planning to go to Qandil; they'll be sent back to their countries
Two thirds of Mosul Old City retaken from IS group: senior commander
In 70 years of country's existence no Indian PM visited and this is frther expression of State of Israel's military,economic and diplomatic strength: Israeli PM
Police warning to disperse #Pride2017 "It is a prohibited gathering, we will have to intervene"
Next week, Indian PM, my friend, Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel, This is an historic visit to Israel: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Soldiers from the SAA are reporting the Israeli military attacked their positions near the Old Government building in the Golan
Syrian Brig General Fouad Kaddour died in East Homs today. Hes been a primary commander there since the recent fighting started in Dec '16
Russia's state TV: "It's crowded in Syria," Russia "essentially created a no-fly zone for Americans."
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan come to a mutually acceptable solution on the disputed sections of the border
Villages in Northern Hama under shelling
Villages in Northern Hama under shelling
Bombardment of Eastern Damascus this morning
Bombardment of Eastern Damascus this morning
Police prevents anyone from entering Istiklal Avenue with anything resembling 'rainbow' prior to #Pride2017.
Statement by @JewishAgency Chairman Natan Sharansky on Suspension of Western Wall Agreement
Police siege on Taksim Square entrance of Istiklal Avenue prior to #Pride2017 march on #IstanbulPride.
Israeli air force reportedly striking targets in Syria following mortar impacts in the Golan
Today, Hiftar received the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Deputy Chief of Staff with a military delegation in east Libya.
Israeli PM @netanyahu hails Indian PM @narendramodi's upcoming visit as 'very significant step' in strengthening bilateral relations
Israeli army says number of mortars have landed in Israel's Ramat HaGolan due to fighting in Syria. Second day in a row
IDF: Moments ago, several projectiles fired from Syria hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights. No injuries reported.
#WrathOfEuphrates: SDF try 2 isolate Division 17 from North Raqqa city, whereas MMC fighters try to finish encircling city in south part
Iran says arrests 50 suspected of links to militant groups
Harakat Hizbullah An-Nujaba convoy in the Syrian badiya along the Iraqi border.
Erdogan says Saudi - UAE demands are violations of international law, an attack to sovereignty of a country. "We support Qatar's stance"
IS claims to have killed 2 soldiers of Puntland region in Jarwr area