Map. History of Middle East conflict

17 October 2017
Turkey "must stay oriented towards the European perspective" with the West and with NATO, says @atsipras.
Abadi: Soon we will announce the liberation of all Iraqi territory from ISIS
Iraq PM says Kurdish independence vote now "a thing of the past"
US drone strike inside Pakistan kills 31, including 18 militants of the Haqqani network
British spy chief says Islamist militants can execute deadly attack plans in just days
Terror threat evolving "at a scale and pace we've not seen before": UK Security Service chief
Turkey Mersin - Criminal court has now imposed a gag order upon the prosecutor's request.
Turkish parliament approves extension of state of emergency for another period of 3 months
MI5 Director General Andrew Parker has warned of a "dramatic" jump in the scale and pace of the terror threat facing the UK
Iraqi Kurdish President Mesoud Barzani issued a statement
[email protected]: ISIS not yet defeated in Raqqa. "Clearance operations continue and we expect our SDF partners to hit pockets of resistance"
Collapse at coal mine in Turkey's Sirnak province, workers trapped,at least 6 dead
Domestic intelligence chief says Britain is facing the worst terrorist threat of his 34-year career.
PUK leader after statement: we expected Barzani to officially declare failure of his referendum; to apologise to Kurdish people; and resign.
[email protected]'s Joseph Penington: US interests in Iraq are defeating ISIS, stability, energy flow to markets and curbing bad Iran's influence.
Brett McGurk visited Ayn Issa today with the Saudi minister Thamer al-Sabhan (former Ambassador to Iraq) and joined 3 different meetings
Yemeni media: two pilots killed as UAE aircraft crashes in Yemen
NE. Hama: HTS confirms it detonated a car bomb targeting an ISIS gathering on Sarha front and took back Sarha Shamali and nearby farms/hills.
Al-Mahattah and al-Shahabat areas are part of al-Husayniyah area and both under Syrian army control too
How do they celebrate victory in Raqqa? With donuts, of course. Same spot where IS did it’s victory laps three years ago. @BBCNews
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “ I deny all the rumors of splitting Kurdistan into 3 region”.
Taliban overruns 2 districts in southern Afghanistan
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “ I am committed to what i said before which is enforcing the federal law across all of Iraq”.
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “The referendum its a thing of the past and we call for dialogue under the Iraqi constitution”.
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “ We made the borders peacefully unlike the others that wanted to achieve that with blood”
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “ I am calling on the Kurdish politicians not to break up the #Peshmerga into groups that loyal to them”
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi : “ Our Kurdish citizens have asked us to free them from the dictator”
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: " The #Iraqi flag is for all the Iraqi people and it must be raised across all of Iraq”
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi: “we will not start a civil war, i said this one and i will say it again”
#Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi : “ I told the #Kudish commanders the referendum will hurt the people”.
Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi we will announce all the Iraqi land completely captured soon.
Peshmerga, Iraqi forces agree on pre-Mosul operation borders: Peshmerga Ministry
Deir Ez Zor: Arabic RT Reporter Video- SAA Crossed Euphrates captured Thayban/Zeiban and that town will be starting op for Bokamal OP
@PressSec: “Sign of real leadership.” @AmbDermer praises @realDonaldTrump’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal
Deir EzZor: SAA crossed the Euphorates River and captured Thayban town east of Al Mayadin city
One civilian killed and three police wounded in three explosions in Kabul city on Tuesday evening, officials confirmed
Israeli cabinet decides it won't engage in peace talks with Palestinian unity government
Prosecutor says 12 wounded in explosion in Turkey’s Mersin
Bahrain: Government announces completion of deal with Lockheed Martin for 16 F-16V fighter jets
Police bus was targeted by explosion in Mersin
Qatar's citizen arrested at Lahore airport while trying to smuggle 9 falcons worth Rs50m
3 injured in Kabul city blasts this evening – eye witness
Syria Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources announcing completion of a new gas pipeline to from repaired wells near Hayan to the Ebla plant
Anadolu says there has been a bomb attack against a police bus in Mersin, Turkey.
Photo: Kabul explosion near to the Ministry of Information and Culture.
Explosion reported in Mersin
PUK retreats from Bashiqa. Uncertain about KDP.
Civilian was killed this morning by a random shot in the city of Arish
Direct orders from Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi to the Army 16th Div and 53 PMU brigade to regain control of Mosul dam.
PMU and Iraqi forces retreat from Kalar and Parwaz Khan border crossing with Iraq, at least for now KRG
Iraqi forces regained control of Rabia town after seizing Rabia border crissing and the flag has been raised on all govt department
A military campaign of the lightning forces on the area of Baaloa and villages south of Sheikh Zuwaid targeted combing the areas and the extent of the terrorist caches and their hideouts,
SAA captures Harmalah, Jub 'Eed, 'Abd Al-Amir, Rawdah, Wadi Mazluf-Azeeb-Hasw Rumayl, Seeb Dam and Mount Tanahaj(+300 km²). East Hama countryside
HTS armored assault on Mustarihah in NE. Hama. Unable to stop it most ISIS fighters fled, leaving only a rear-guard (later executed)
Spokesman for U.S.-led coalition says pockets of Islamic State militants remain in Raqqa
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday congratulated Sooronbai Jeenbekov on his election as president of Kyrgyz Republic
SDF Spokesperson Talal Silo confirms that the ISIS rule in Raqqa has come to an end. Operations now under way to clear mines, stragglers.
Afghanistan's deputy interior minister says the Taliban have killed 71 people in attacks in Ghazni and Paktia province
Syrian Army captures all villages from Dier Ezzor to Al-Mayadeen
Moments of joy in Raqqa where ISIS was once more defeated by YPG-led SDF and US-led Coalition
Kirkuk: German FM @sigmargabriel calls on all sides to immediately stop military operations and avoid escalating the conflict
The Raises of Martyrs number of the terrorist attack on Sunday on the foundations and ambushes (volcano) in the area of Karam Qawadis to 13 martyr names of martyrs
Iraqi oil ministry confirms all oil facilities in Kirkuk province now under government control following clashes with Kurdish forces
SAA/NDF recapture all surrounding hillls from the eastern side -Al Awamid Hill and Qaratayn Farms which overlooks train railway
According to activists, last convoy of #ISIS fighters in #Raqqah left their positions near the city's stadium, heading to #DeirEzzor. #Syria
Iraqi Oil Ministry announces its intention to build a new oil refinery in Kirkuk and strengthen oil production from the current fields
Baghdad: oil fields in Kirkuk became under the control of the central government
Polish President Duda says hopes Turkey will join EU
General Murad says 48 security force members, 110 civilians were wounded in Paktia attack
Deputy interior minister for security Murad Ali Murad says 21 security force members, 20 civilians lost their lives in Paktia attack
SDF leaders stated that 99% of Raqqa was clean from IS and the cleaning operations around the Hospital were now started
Peshmerha Command: On 16 Oct, PMF - part of Iranian Quds Force, backed by Iraqi forces, conducted a large-scale operation on Kirkuk and surrounding areas.
PM Tsipras looking for strong relations with the US, as a reliable alternative to US tensions with Turkey.
Ex PM Maliki’s TV claims Iraq army to enter Erbil in the next 48 hours and evict Kurdish leaders Barzani and Talabani
3,250 killed in Raqa battle, including 1,130 civilians: monitor
Minister Shoukry meets now with H. E. president of Slovenia - Borut Pahor
According to sources, 21 police force members, 21 civilians were killed and 48 soldiers, 110 civilians wounded in today’s Gardez attack
A car breaks into the ambush «Sphinx» in the area of the pyramid .. chase 3 minutes shot
ISIS leaving Raqqa hospital
Iraq controls the checkpoint on Mosul - Erbil road after Peshmerga retreated.
Iraqi forces declared full control of Rabia border crossing.
. Reinforcements from the Second and Third Army to secure schools, churches, banks and vital installations in North Sinai
Advisor to Kurdish President: US also to blame for loss of Kirkuk, US knew in advance attack was coming and didn't warn us.
Advisor to Kurdish Pesident: we hold Iran responsible for loss of Kirkuk, Iran Revolutionary Guard was on ground.
Netanyahu: Israel will not recognise Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal
SDF spokesman Tallal Silo; Our forces seized full control the city and soon we will have a press conference to inform you about it. Raqqa
Iraq Peshmerga retreated from Dibis dam 40km south of Erbil
Peshmerga withdraw from Rabia area in Ninawa province, Iraq.
Egyptian F M Spox: FM of Egypt and Slovenia begin talks in the capital of Ljubljana. Discussions include bilateral relations, regional situations and the signing of memoranda of understanding
OIR Spokesman: SDF control 90% of Raqqa; fully take Al-Naim circle, once infamous ISIS setting for public executions/murder
NRT says PMU is beating Kurdish Civilians in Kalar- Youth is throwing stones on them
Following the liberation of the National Hospital in Raqqa, SDF fighters take down Daesh flag raised in the centre of the city.
SDF Announced Full Control of Al-Raqqa City
Kurdish flags removed or painted over in Tuz Khurmatu by Iraq's League of Righteous PMUs.
Russia evacuate consulate in Erbil
Oct.16, Coalition forces conducted 2 strikes consisting of 2 engagements against ISIS militants in Iraq and1 strike(1 engagement)in Syria
ISIS stormed Wadi al-Waer and pro-Assad-forces retreated
Peshmerga retreat from Rabia and Zumar districts north east of Sindshar near Syrian border
President @masoud_barzani to address the nation today regarding latest developments in the Region
Daesh completely cleared from last strongholds in Syria's Raqqa, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says
Vanquished Peshmerga forces digging trenches and piling berms 40km north of Kirkuk
Israel's @netanyahu meets with Russia's Defense Minister, tells him Israel won't allow for an Iran(ian) presence in Syria
8 PKK Members were Killed by TAF in Northen Iraq and 2 Turkish Soldiers soldiers in Northen Iraq.
Interfax: Russian Interior Ministry reports deaths of hundreds of Russians fighting in Syria for ISIS.
32 killed, over 200 wounded in attack on Afghan police: official
Egyptian nationality was arrested in the port Misaad and was with his car loaded with laundry powder hiding the amount of 5700 Libyan dinars and 40 thousand Egyptian pounds Egyptian passports, Thuraya laptop and documents. He also found two military uniforms with Bdat and signs of the Egyptian army
Syria's democratic forces captured Raqqa Stadium from ISIS
Palestinian tribes condemn the targeting of the Egyptian army in the Sinai
CT event in Brussels - MEP @CharlesTannock hits the nail on the head: Russia role in Syria has far from helped to defeat ISIS
Death toll from US drone strike in Pakistan rises to 26: officials
Peshmerga withdraw from the Khanaqin on the Iraqi - Iranian border
PKK-tied media accuses Erbil of having negotiated a deal with Baghdad to withdraw to 2003 borders #Iraq
Qatar Emiri military force plane carrying medical aid lands at Mogadishu airport
Iraqi forces seized KDP headquarters in Khanaqin Diyala
SDF spokesman in Syria says will capture last two Raqqa areas from ISIS in coming hours
Gwer town in southwest Erbil will be taken by Iraqi Forces today
Iraqi Security Forces at the entrance of Bashiqa town.
Philippine President Duterte declares liberation of Marawi city from militants after nearly 5 months of fighting
Yazidi PMU captured the Snuny north to Sinjar
A new type of cluster munitions found by civilians the Uxo team responds in Idlib
Condolence of ISIS of the terrorist element, it was mentioned that he was a prominent element in the Qassam Brigades before splitting up and joining the Sinai terrorist organization
Hashd Al-Shaabi militiamen claim to control Bashiqa, near Mosul.
Two drone strikes reported on Pakistan-Afghan border
Police Special Forces units and Commandos are leading operation in Gardez City as clashes continue following deadly bombing
US-backed Syrian forces take hospital in Raqqa, leaving IS militants cornered at stadium, spokesman says.
Thousands of civilians stream back to Kirkuk, day after fleeing as Iraqi troops pushed Kurdish forces out of the city.
Foreign troops helicopters at scene of ongoing attack on police training center in Gardez
Kurdish Peshmerga withdraw from Mosul's Makhmur district, southwest of Erbil
Security officials said two vehicles, a truck and a Humvee, were used in the suicide bombing at Paktia police headquarters
Peshmerga commander in Bashiqa tells Rudaw we are defending our position. Wait for some hours
The Iraqi Army has entered Khanaqin north Diyala without no clashes.
Kurdish forces will retreat to no-fly zone decree "Resolution 688" which adopted by UNSC .
Photos published by the organization of the state of Sinai terrorist from the failed attack on the points and concentrations of the army forces (ambush volcano) Karam Qawadis area, southwest of the city of Sheikh Zuwaid
The martyrdom of 4 policemen, a woman and a staff member after the terrorist elements opened fire on the security forces of the National Bank in the center of the city of Arish just recently
Kirkuk: all seems quiet and life is coming back to normal in downtown. University and Schools are open.
NRT quotes a military source saying the Peshmerga have retreated from Makhmour in southwest Erbil
Iraq forces declare full control of all the oilfields in Kirkuk.
More than 17 civilians have been injured in clashes in the center of the city
Hear the sound of gunfire coming from the center of El Arish
Footage of a large number of killed elements in the attack on the points and ambushes in the area of Karam al-Qawadis south of Sheikh Zuwaid.
Iraq federal police units have entered Baashiqa after Peshmerga withdrew from it
Five soldiers were killed and 20 others wounded in the terrorist attack on ambushes of law enforcement forces
The Taliban claim responsibility for the three attacks Tuesday morning in eastern Paktia, western Farah and southern Ghazni provinces
In a 3rd attack, in western Farah province, police report the Taliban attacked a govt compound in Shibkho district, killing three policemen
In a second attack in southern Ghazni province, insurgents storm a security compound in a suicide attack, killing at least seven police
Iraqi forces enter Jalawla, Khanaqin in Diyala province
Deputy governor says at least 20 people killed and over 70 wounded in deadly twin bombing in Gardez City Tuesday morning
A suicide and gun attack on a police training centre in southeast Afghanistan kills at least 15, wounds over 40: hospital officials
SDF capture National Hospital the main IS HQ in central Raqqa, as well as 95% of Raqqa city
SDF captured National Hospital inside Raqqa city.
Rudaw reporter on Sehil Bridge near Duhok says he has seen no Peshmerga retreating from Sinjar region
Officials confirm Paktia police chief Toryalai Abdyani killed in Gardez City suicide bombing at police college
Kirkuk: ISOF repelled IS infiltration attempt on Dibs district and have crossed Zab River, reportedly recaptured Hassan Bey and Afana oil fields
[email protected]_mcgurk arrived in northern Syria.
SDF/PKK arrested two Americans and accused them of being "worse than ISIS" for joining a Christian militia
President Rody Duterte declares Marawi City now captured from militants and rehabilitation will begin.
Iraqi forces enter Sinjar from two axes
Egypt invited to Astana talks on Syria as observer — source
Several reports suggest pro-government forces have now been ordered to head towards the city of Sinuni north of the Sinjar mountains
Following Kirkuk, Ezidi PMU forces enter Sinjar city and take over Peshmerga positions after Kurdish fighters abandon the town overnight
Paktia - A source told TOLOnews the first vehicle detonated in the twin bombing in Gardez City was a Humvee, Afghanistan
Two Car Bombs Rock Gardez City of Paktia
Iraqi PMUs take over Sinjar in northern Iraq after the Peshmerga withdrew
After Kirkuk, reports on Iraq security forces and Hashd militia entering Sinjar as Kurdish Peshmerga withdrew. Seems bloodless, no clashes
KDP Peshmerga heading toward Erbil and Duhok, while PUK Pesh toward Sulaymaniyah, in total 14 Brigades
People are fleeing Dibs after abandoned by Peshmerga- The man in the video says we are on the way to Erbil
Eastern Damascus: Jaysh al-Islam announce they have repelled a SAA attack at Zariqia front, followed by heavy clashes.
Bai Hassan, Avana Dome, Baba Dome, Jambur, Khabbaz, NOC HQ all under fed security and, tomorrow, operational control
It's old informationFake - image from 2016
Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani planning Kirkuk attack on Peshmerga positions, pictured with Hadi Al-Ameri, prominent leader of Hashd.
Barzani Hussein: Without informing anyone, the PUK force withdrew suddenly from Mallah Abdullah where they were stationed and vacated the route for entry.
Pentagon threatens to end Iraq train-and-equip mission
Turkey releases employee of US Consulate in Adana detained since February. Moving to diffuse diplomatic crisis.