Map. History of Middle East conflict

21 August 2017
Russian Media: fighters of Vagner PMC in Syria have problems with weapons supply and salaries since Spring
18 civilians killed and 56 wounded in the bombing which targeted #Raqqah today
SDF captured an ISIS car bomb (SVBIED) in Rawda district/neighbourhood of Raqqa
Close-up screenshot of Igla-S launch tube seized by Lebanese authorities from ISIS
Screenshots of Igla S and MILAN launch tubes seized by Lebanese authorities
Police confirms Younes Abouyaaqoub, van driver who stormed La Rambla killing 13 people and later stabbed a man, has been shot.
Russian media Fontanka.Ru publishes list of 40 Russian mercenaries killed in Syria
Video of clashes of government forces against ISIS in Central Syria
Video of clashes of government forces against ISIS in Central Syria
WH official: At the request of @POTUS, @VP Pence will be speaking to Afghanistan's President @ashrafghani prior to the speech tonight
3 civilians were wounded as result of shelling on Tel Rifat in Northern Aleppo
Barcelona terror susspect Younes Abouyaaqoub was shot dead by police at a petrol station in the Subirats area west of Barcelona.
In Bayda province, clashes between the Houthis and AQAP / IS are intensifying. Yemen
ISIS reporting an operation in north-west Raqqa involving an Indian suicide bomber, Abu Yusuf al-Hindi.
Kadyrov summoned the head of the UFSB of the Chechen Republic on the letter of the citizens to the Prosecutor General
Secretary Mattis: My thoughts and prayers are with the sailors and the families of the USS John McCain.
Clashes between SDF and Daesh around the Old Mosque in the eastern side of besieged Raqqa
Younes Abouyaaqoub, author of Barcelona attack has been arrested
Destruction in Maadan town is about 70% due the heavy raids by SyAF/RuAF in the last 60 days
Fight between locals and Syrian refugees in Konya; 1 Syrian lost his life, 1 wounded.
The court in Grozny held a rally against "terrorism".
Russian MoD: Our air forces conducts 60-70 raids on daily basis on ISIS positions in Deir Ezzor Syria
YPG volunteers from Spain on Raqqa frontlines: We will make ISIS pay tor what they did in Barcelona
Five Russian kids whose parents were killed fighting for ISIS are still in Mosul
Official Incirlik air base website announcement about the UAV crash.
ISIS claims responsibility for the assassination by gunshot of Aden's neighborhood mayor East of Mosul. Iraq
SDF advanced some 100 metres on Qusad Al-Mu'taz Street, located west of al-Mansour district. Raqqa, ISIS corpses litter the street.
Tunisia: ISIS/Jund al-Khilafah claims destroying a TAF armored vehicle carrying soldiers at Jebel Mghila, Kasserine/SidiBouzid border
SDF formed 2 axis and surrounded al-Atiq mosque, liberation is imminent. Raqqa
Egypt has delivered the last consignment of humanitarian assistance to South Sudan today
Syrian Army advance Northeast Sukhnah taking some heights and points
SAA and allied forces capture multiple ruling points/hills 10 km to the northeast of Sukhnah city in East Homs CS
Troops recapture five villages in Tal Afar
General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces: Governorate Aleppo completely freed from terrorists
Lebanese Hezbollah 100 mm KS-19 SPG
Lebanese Hezbollah 100 mm KS-19 SPG
Steady stream of e-mails containing reports from Islamic State's Amaq Agency on their subscription
ISIS releases pictures of clashes with Syria government forces in Hama pocket east of Salamiyah town
Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani speaks on independence referendum, says we are merely pursuing our democratic rights in the region.
Abu Omar al-Iraqi responsible for SVBIED in northeast of Tikrit yesterday in Iraq
The Prison Service in Mursi's Re-Trial: All books were burned in the January 25 revolution
"We are interested in making significant progress in the Russian industrial zone project in Egypt and we are consulting with our Eurasian partners to participate
Egypt - Banks begin to implement the decision to hold the funds of 16 brothers and 15 companies owned
Counter-terrorism forces captured the villages of Tal Rahal, Jabara, Hussein Idris, Mullah and Majid southwest of Tal Afar and raise the Iraqi flag
Map showing location of camps hosting 10s of 1000s of displaced people from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. Awful conditions across many of them.
Civilians captured from Raqqa fired on by Daesh/ISIS gangs: 1 injured
The USAF UAV crashed in Şanlıurfa's Viranşehir corn fields
An UAV that belongs to USAF crashed once again in Turkey's Şanlıurfa
Former US VP @JoeBiden told Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani: We will see a Kurdish state in our age.
President @Masoud_Barzani reiterates that referendum on independence will not be delayed, says all efforts failed with Baghdad.
ISIS_Hunters captured Huwaysis. Encirclement at Uqayribat area shrinks
Catalonian police chief: "solid evidence" that imam linked to twin terror attacks was among dead in explosion in Alcanar
Pakistan resumed cross-border shelling and fired 85 rockets to districts in Kunar Province Sunday night, Afghan local officials tell
Up to 40 insurgents killed in U.S. airstrikes in Helmand Province, local officials tell
Death toll in Spain attacks rises to 15: Catalan govt
Lavrov: Russia and Egypt are working together to form a unified opposition delegation
On Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, there was a skirmish between drug traffickers and Tajik border
Yesterday, two cargo planes carrying cash - one from eastern Libya and the other one coming from western Libya - landed in Brak al Sathi AB.
Israeli forces detain at least 17 Palestinians (incl brother of teenager shot dead Sat + 6 minors) overnight
The red alarm siren in southern Israel was due to a flase alarm, no rockets were fired.
Lavrov: We have reached advanced stages with Egypt on the establishment of the station Dabaa
Lebanese Minister of Interior: We have foiled a Lebanese suicide bomber attempt onboard a flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi
An incoming rocket alert siren went off in the Yad Mordechai and Netiv Ha’asara communities near the Gaza Strip. Israeli army says it's investigating
Red alarm sirens in southern Israel
Report that Iraq Fed Police and PMU 900 meters from 1st neighborhoods of Tal Afar
Iraq Fed Police: we penetrated 19 kilometers from West towards Telafar and approaching ISIS defense in populated
NATO official: Secretary Mattis discussed Afghanistan with @jensstoltenberg Sunday. "We look forward to President Trump's announcement"
US-led air strikes killed 27 civilians Sunday in Syria's Raqa: monitor
First Lieutenant Sadaki Sobhy Receives Sudanese Minister of National Defense
First Lieutenant Sadaki Sobhy Receives Sudanese Minister of National Defense
Safaga Customs foils attempt to smuggle spy plane, gunpowder shots and hunting rifle
240 Egyptian cargo trucks crossing Salloum port en route to Libya
His Majesty King Abdullah II receives US Secretary of Defence James Mattis Jordan
Border Guard destroys 38 drug farm in Abordis, South Sinai
An unprecedented security calm in the cities of North Sinai
Qabr Mullā Jāsim captured.
Shukri: There is a similarity in the vision between Egypt and Russia at the level of many issues of common interest
Shukri: We look forward to a decision by Russia to resume flights between the two countries
The press conference of the foreign ministers of Egypt and Russia started in Moscow
Taliban forces hold parade on Afghanistan's Independence Day with spoils of war including US-manufactured armored vehicles, HMMWV
1000s of people march in Efrîn to protest isolation of PKK leader Öcalan and to demand his freedom.
Press conference of Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov
Iran FM Spox: Gen. Bagheri's visit to Turkey started a new phase of the bilateral relations and was a leap in Iran-Turkey relations.
US admin. needs to take proper measures in regards to recent racial tension: Iran FM spokesman
Navy rescues 6 sailors from drowning on Port Said coast
Muḩsin al ‘Abādī captured by Iraqi forces this morning
Prevent the unloading of a Romanian wheat shipment containing poppy seeds in Safaga
Marseille - Driver arrested, motive unclear for now
Car strikes pedestrians at bus stop in French city of Marseille, killing at least 1 and injuring several others
.@ISIS_Hunters have captured Huwaysas, SAA gaining momentum, will liquidate the Uqayribat pocket in approximate 2-3 months
Turkish President Erdogan signals joint operation with Iran against the PKK
Turkish President Erdoğan says more effective struggle against Kurdish militant PKK, PJAK groups possible through joint action with Iran
Turkish President Erdoğan says discussed with Iran military chief joint action against terror groups
Berlin: 9 injured after smoke bomb goes off at Kurdish event
Video: Lebanese army presses on with anti-Daesh offensive
Syria: Several government soldiers killed after shelling hit their positions in Bashkoy village northern Aleppo, Says HTS
SDF forces managed to kill 6 militants,following clashes in Muroor neighborhood west of Raqqa city,and 5 others in Al Nahda neighborhood.
President Barzani: We will not create an exclusively Kurdish nation-state. Its citizenship will be democratic, pluralistic and diverse.
Minister Shoukry starts consultations with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Moscow
Catalan police notifies police across Europe of attack fugitive's identity as Younes Abouyaaqoub, as the search for him widens.
Two peshmergas injured in an attack in Tuz Khurmatu
Happening in Raqqa operation: Strategic advance of SDF MFS YPG in the south-west front with @coalition despite ISIS landmines
Live stream of TalAfar Operations show smoke emerging from the city
President Sisi receives today Sudanese Minister of Defense at the Federal Palace
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's talks with Moscow begin
Security of the eastern control of the most dangerous gang formation specialized in the theft of cars under duress
Today, Sisi receives the President of Somalia to discuss strengthening cooperation
Iraq Fed Police, supported by PMU, gain control of ISIS tunnel network West of Telafar, 250 meters long.
KDP delegation arrive in Slemani city, scheduled to meet with Gorran party to discuss Kurdistan independence referendum
UN: 30K civilians flee Telafar within hours of start of military operation
Death of a conscript and wounding 5 others in an armored explosion in Rafah
Airstrikes on IS convoy west of DeirEzZor. Acc to claims 200 IS members killed and 20 vehicles destroyed
Federal police forces backed by the PMU regain control of the village of Qabr Mulla Jasim
Finland Turku - Main suspect in Friday's knife attack has been named as Abderrahman Mechkah.
Philippines Basilan - Vietnamese hostage who was taken by AbuSayyaf rescued in Philippines: military
It was reported that hose was observed in Beykoz and its surroundings and rainfall started.
Over 200 suspected ISIS militants arrested in one month, Kirkuk police say
PMU artillery / brigade 26 is pounding important targets in the outskirts of Tall Afar
Official in Spain confirms on Catalunya Radio that 22-year-old Moroccan Younes Abouyaaquoub is the attacker at large.
Spanish police say driver of Barcelona rampage van identified
Syrian army, Hezbollah control strategic hill in Joroud al-Jarajeer in West Qalamoun
Trump's Afghan strategy expected to allow deployment of 4,000 extra US troops
Catalonia government official: Investigators' main theory is that Abouyaaqoub was the driver of van in Barcelona attack
USS Porter received fuel and supplies during RAS Aug 19 from Turkish oiler TCG YB Kudret in Black Sea
Over 100 countries are following European constitution because it is being monitored by special courts: Danish Afghanistan
We should have a mechanism and monitoring commission for the implementation of the Constitution: Danish
There was always difference over constitution of the country and it has its problems: Danish
Power must handed over from central government to governors and provincial councils: Danish
Federal system is unaffordable in the current situation for Afghanistan: Danish
Iraq ISIS fired Guided Missile caused considerable damage to Iraqi Forces Abram Tank in outskirts of TalAfar City yesterday, West of Mosul.
Russia's defense ministry says its air force destroyed more than 200 ISIS militants near Syria's Deir al-Zor - Interfax
Azerbaijan counted 119 shelling from the Armenian side in Nagorno-Karabakh
Heavy clashes ongoing close to Khum Aab district governor's compound in Jawzjan province, official confirmed
Mosque members in Ripoll. Number 44 is the most wanted man in Spain today.
Over 12000 Syrians from Turkey have crossed the border to northern Syria for Eid al-Adha feast
IS fighters freed Muslim prisoners, men and women, in Marawi city
Pro-IS militant account released a batch of pictures showing Maiteeg in Sirte with quote: "today, under the lens of our sniper".
Lebanese @RedCrossLebanon teams accompany @LebarmyOfficial on operations against ISIS near border to provide medical assistance, evac
Police in Munich have raided the home of a left-wing activist who posted the flag of Kurdish militia YPG to Facebook
Photos: clashes with ISIS in Eastern Homs on Deir-ez-Zur border
White House says Trump to address nation Monday night on strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia.
Hayet Tahrir AlSham arrested media activist Ali al Mar’ei near Hazareen village in Idlib on Aug 20
Unknown location
FSA Eastern Lions Army rebels release details about Assad government pilot (Ali from Homs governorate), show pilot receiving medical treatment
Armenia's 9K720 Iskander missiles.
RoRo Cargo Alexsandr Tkachenko delivered firefight and crane vehicles to Tartous Syria returning to Novorossiysk Russia
SAA Tiger forces Storm Tiebh village and the clashes inside it . Tiger forces may capture the village tonight .
SAA Tiger forces advance to Surround ISIS in Second area north Sokhneh. SAA Tiger forces capture the mount around Tiebh village
Trump to address nation on Afghanistan and South Asia on Monday night
SAA captured Taybeh North of Suknah, Eastern Homs
FSA groups of North Syria declare their support of FSA Southern Front groups in the Badia launching a campaign to capture Deir Ez Zor. Groups listed include Sham Legion and JAI, seen as a significant sign of continuing to adopt FSA symbolism over former Islamist identity
Qatar to build World Cup stadium shaped like Arabian cap
Al-Qa'qa Brigades reportedly strike again, killing 8 Islamic State fighters in an Albukamal ambush
Finnish police carry out raids and question main suspect of the knife attack in Turku on Friday that killed two people
Chad: Military convoy attacked near Libya border, 3 vehicles destroyed, 1 missing and dead
Images from today's TalAfar operations west Mosul Iraq.
Cañon City: 3 students from Afghanistan are missing from the international correctional training facility
Reports of spillover fire into Israel. No reports of injuries or damage yet. Israeli army still sorting out details
Finnish YPG volunteers Ariel and Bagok condemn terrorist attack in Turku Finland, say 'We are winning this battle' against Daesh (ISIS)!
224,000+ people displaced from the Raqqa area since April. Up to 25,000 trapped inside city as fighting intensifies.
Latakia: HTS has blown up an government forces tent in Northern Latakia today.
.@SenatorCardin: "I don't believe putting more American soldiers in Afghanistan is the answer."
.@SenatorCardin: "Our objective needs to be that we have a government in Afghanistan that can maintain some semblance of security."
ISIS English claim says 40+ killed during @coalition bombing on Raqqah city today
The 10th Brigade of PMU reaches the outskirts of the western neighborhoods of Tal Afar
ISIS propaganda video shows what does Marawi looks like currently and some anti American spins below
.@Ayaan: "You cannot defeat the idea of ISIS if you won't talk about the idea itself."
PMU and the security forces are liberated the villages of Battisha, Al-Alam, Khafajah, Halabi al-'Aliya and Marzeef east of Tall Afar
The federal police with support of PMU liberate the villages of Najjar and Hanash in the eastern axis of Tal Afar while advancing from Tel Zalat
PMU and Iraqi army control the southern part of the Zambur mountain range and cut the Tal Afar-Mahalib road
Marawi: Along with Maute brothers and the highest leader of the Islamic State in this part of the world - Emir Isnilion