Maldives Police has seized Chief justice Abdulla Saeed at his residence.

Map. History of Middle East conflict

24 June 2018
More than 14 civilians were killed and many others injured so far in Khan Al Sibl town and Maasaran town in Idlib countryside, after missiles by the Russian warship fired, warplanes dropped barrel bombs targeteted the civilian homes.
4 month ago
1 Palestinian, 19, reported killed in clashes w Israeli army outside Jenin. Israeli army raided Burqin village twice today, hunting for Hamas cell.
SAA launched attacked on Irbin, mine-clearing line charge is being used
Idlib: earlier today 11 Rebel groups announced formation of an Unified Operation Room to counter government offensive on E. fronts of Greater Idlib. It includes Ahrar, Faylaq Sham, Zinki and all FSA groups (excepted Central Division).
SE. Idlib: Russian strikes ongoing, heavy cluster bomb attack this night on village of Maasaran, near impact site of RuAF Su-25.
4 month ago
Palestinian wounded in clashes with Israel dies from his wounds, health ministry says: Ahmed Samir Abeed/(Obeid) from Jenin (Burkin) was shot in the head by Israeli army forces using live fire. (Other reports say he was 19)
Documents found on the Russian pilot(codes of airfields)
4 month ago
Turkey President Erdogan had phone call with French President Macron
[email protected]_russia source told @novaya_gazeta the pilot killed in Syria was indeed Roman Fillipov from Crimea who served in the Ukrainian Air Force and joined the Russian Air Force after the annexation
Dead and wounded among civilians as result of bombing by helicopters of Maasran town in Idlib
Turkish warplanes are heavily bombarding YPG targets in the northwestern countryside of Azaz.
Heavy clashes between SDF fighters and the Turkish army around the village Khalil of Shiye district
4 month ago
Clashes between the Turkish army and the YPG at Sawsak village in Tell Abiad Western countryside
4 month ago
The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is preparing plans for disengagement from Israel
Russian MoD released footage showing 2 of the Kalibr cruise missiles launched on area of Khan Al-Sibel (SE. Idlib). Turns to be double tap on same place/building (inverted order).
Islamic State has started using it's armed drones in Idlib.4 month ago
Islamic State has started using it's armed drones in Idlib.
HTS claims downing Russian Sukhoi Su-25 warplane in idlib countryside using shoulder-mounted anti airplane rocket, and posted video of its downing and the aftermath
Many civilians injured after +18 airstrikes, 32 Surface-to-Surface missiles and 140+ artillery shells targeted Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta
Airstrikes on Maarat Dibsah near Saraqib
10 dead as an initial result of the bombing of missiles from the Russian battleships on Khan Sabil City east of Idlib
[email protected] volunteer rescue a little girl from the rubble after Surface-to-Surface missile targeted the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta
Su-25 "06" blue - RF-95486 that was lost today in Syria
On this video we can track as missile from MANPADS hit the Su-25
On this video we can track as missile from MANPADS hit the Su-25
US Embassy in Beirut: The 8 Bradleys delivered to the @LebarmyOfficial today increase the size of the LAF's Bradley force and increase the LAF's capability to conduct joint combined arms maneuver
Leopard tank Destroyed by ATGM of YPG today.
Another video showing with more clarity moment when RuAF Su-25 was hit with a MANPADS while also targeted with AA guns in SE. Idlib countryside.
Javad Zarif:The US Nuclear Posture Review reflects greater reliance on nukes in violation of the NPT, bringing humankind closer to annihilation. No wonder the Doomsday Clock is at its most dangerous since 1953. Trump's obduracy in killing the JCPOA stems from the same dangerous imprudence.
4 month ago
Maldives Police has seized Chief justice Abdulla Saeed at his residence.
Government took over 3 more villages from ISIS in NE. Hama countryside, still progressing from West As-Saan axis.4 month ago
Government took over 3 more villages from ISIS in NE. Hama countryside, still progressing from West As-Saan axis.
4 month ago
Turkish Army says that at least 899 militants were neutralized since the start of Olive Branch operation
4 month ago
13 Turkish soldiers killed and 57 soldiers wounded since the beginning of the Operation Olive Branch in Afrin, according to Turkish military
4 month ago
Russian Defense Ministry: 30 militants of the Syrian opposition were killed in a raid on the area where the plane was shot down in Idlib
Civil defense teams working to evacuate the injured civilians after artillery shelling on Douma city in Eastern Ghouta
Turkey lost 7 soldiers today during the operations against YPG in Afrin, including an attack by the militants to a border station
More ATGM attacks carried out by YPG/J in Afrin area. Turkey announced 5 of its soldiers killed today (most of them in multiple Konkurs strikes).
200 tons of explosive remnants of war destroyed in Misrata
Russian pilot shot down over Syria's Idlib killed on ground resisting capture, according to activists
Protest in Binnish today against Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) after they killed a protester, Hossam Horani, yesterday. HTS also burned the revolutionary flag protesters had raised in the city.
Protest in Binnish today against Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) after they killed a protester, Hossam Horani, yesterday. HTS also burned the revolutionary flag protesters had raised in the city.
Israeli military bulldozers deployed in Burqin village4 month ago
Israeli military bulldozers deployed in Burqin village
4 month ago
New barrage of cruise missiles launched
Syria blasts US accusations on chemical weapons use as 'lies'
4 month ago
The death toll in Afrin ATGM attack to a Turkish tank rose to 5. Turkish military says 5 soldiers killed.
Video showing parachute after Su-25 shotdown
SE. Idlib: video confirmation Russian Su-25 was shot down with a MANPADS
4 month ago
Russia works with Turkey to get back the Russian pilot dead body - Ministry of Defense
4 month ago
Ministry of Defense: Su-25 in Syria was shot down with MANPADS, pilot killed
@obretix: RuAF Tu-154 [RA-85042] from Latakia/Hmeymim on its flight back to Russia just passed overhead Su-25 crash site in Idlib
4 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense confirms Su-25 downed in Syria, pilot killed
Heavy blasts all over Jebal Zawiyah and nearby areas amidst reports Russia fired cruise missiles towards S-SE. Idlib province following RuAF Su-25 shot down.
This found with the pilot
Russian Su-25 jet shot down in Syria, paper found in the pilot's pocket is an (unsigned) recommendation for state award for Major Roman Fillipov, authored by Russia's air group commander Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Aksenov
A Russian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet has been shot down near Idlib in Saraqeb in north Syria
SE. Idlib: pics showing wreckage of downed Russia|n Su-25.
Egyptian Authorities blocked AMP Project. AMP Is an open-source websitepublishing technology designed to improve the performance of web content .It is widely used by blocked news websites in Egypt to bypass blocking. Egyptcensors
FSA Jaysh al-Nasr | Sukhoi Su-25 Russian warplane shot down as a result of Anti-Aircraft fire on the outskirts of the village of Maasaran in Maarrat al-Nu'man district Idlib
FSA Jaysh al-Nasr | Sukhoi Su-25 Russian warplane shot down as a result of Anti-Aircraft fire on the outskirts of the village of Maasaran in Maarrat al-Nu'man district Idlib
Crash site of the downed RuAF Su-25 in Idlib.
From January 26-February 1 the US-led coalition conducted 41 strikes against ISIS targets in Syria (40 near Abu Kamal) and no strikes in Iraq
Pro-opposition outlet claims the aircraft was shot down using an Igla anti-aircraft missile
Opposition forces have shot down a government jet carrying out airstrikes against Saraqib
At least three security personnel killed in Swat suicide attack: Pakistan Army
Video footage showing the smoke rising after shooting down the Russia-n SU25 warplane in Syria's Idlib and showing also the pilot while landing in an area believed to be Khan al Sobol
ISPR says a suicide bomber carried out an attack on Army unit sports area at Kabal, Swat. 3 security officials embarrass Shahadat while 7 other injured
Syrian opposition forces shoot down a Russian warplane while bombarding Saraqeb city in Syria's Idlib. Reports says that the pilot threw him self out of the warplane and landed in Khan Al Sobol area
Israel has secretly conducted over 100 air strikes against jihadists in the Sinai peninsula with Egypt's approval, the New York Times reports
4 month ago
Afghan president leaves open possibility of talks with some Taliban
Pressure mounts on Poland to back away from Holocaust bill
4 month ago
After espionage activities Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi actively using diplomatic cover to recruit radicalised youth for terror training in Pakistan for bloodshed in the Kashmir valley – Top J&K Police Sources
4 month ago
Blast in Swat casualities feared ten people injured. Blast occurred in Sharifabad area of Kabal tehsil
4 month ago
Local officials on Saturday said five guards of a political party have been killed and four others wounded in a Taliban attack in Sherin Tagab district of northwestern Faryab province
4 month ago
Afghan Foreign ministry spokesman Mustaghni says the first item on today's agenda at the meeting had been about Pakistan's suspected involvement in the recent attacks in Kabul
4 month ago
Next meeting between Afghanistan and Pakistan foreign secretaries will be held on February 9 in Islamabad
YPG fighters attacked Turkish army beneath Bursaya mount, Afrin. 6 soldiers wounded.
NW. Daraa: Rebels resumed operations against ISIS offshot Jaish Ibn Khalid with heavy shelling and clashes along Hayt-Tell Jumou front.
Civil defense teams working to extinguish a fire that broke out in an apartment after warplanes airstrike on Douma city in Eastern Ghouta
E. Ghouta: despite tough conditions and government up-armoured tanks (including T-72 Shafrah) few meters away from its positions, Jaish Islam still able to force retreat despite apparent lack of anti-armour weapons.
SyAF Su-22s dropping bombs on Harasta in Eastern Damascus.
Eastern Damascus: Irbeen under SyAF airstrikes this morning.
Syrian army captured Talhan and Abu Al-Kusur villages, North-East Hama
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says three conferences will be held after Kabul Process – first in Tashkent on regional consensus, second discussions between Afghan and Indonesian religious scholars, and third a conference in the Gulf on economic support, employment and migrants
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says the severity of the Kabul attack was because of the success of the HPC, not the failure of Afghans
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says Helmand war is an opium and heroin war; it is not a war by Helmand residents but he also says 20 terrorist groups in Afghanistan are being trained outside the country and do nothing but kill innocent people in Afghanistan
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says all government departments need to work to bring back all Afghan refugees from Pakistan as soon as possible
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani also called on anti-government groups that come to the negotiating tables to deal with "peace" honestly - otherwise government will again go to war against them
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says there should be a differentiation between those who accept peace and those who continue war. "The door of peace for those who created the tragedy (in Afghanistan) is closed," he says. "We will chase them anywhere they hide. Afghanistan will take revenge
4 month ago
Afghan president Ghani says at meeting hurdles in the way of peace must be identified and that the HPC needs to take a clear stance against the price of war Afghanistan
4 month ago
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also address meeting, says recent attacks were the announcement of war against the people of Afghanistan because 'criminals' claimed the responsibility for the attacks. He says the time for militant groups has come - to join peace or be suppressed
4 month ago
High Peace Council's chief Khalili says they will start negotiations with anti-government armed militants who want to negotiate - he also commends the Afghan security forces for defending the country against threats but says peace process is the only way to achieve lasting peace
4 month ago
High Peace Council's chief Khalili says one of the reasons that people align themselves with the Taliban is because of shortcomings in government. He recommends government bring reforms so as to prevent people from joining militant groups
4 month ago
High Peace Council's chief Khalii says people have consensus on two issues: the need for peace and reaching peace through an Afghan-led process
4 month ago
Head of High Peace Council Karim Khalili says at general session of the council that a negotiations process is the only way to ensure enduring peace in Afghanistan
Syrian Army captured Tal Tuqan - the place where Russian Mi8 was shot down in Idlib
E. Idlib: following latest string of SyAF airstrikes, local council of Tell Mardikh (Saraqeb's S. outskirts) delcares village is a disaster area.
FSA says they've formed "follow-up committee and investigate the allegations" following a video showing FSA fighters mutilate and mock a YPG female fighter's body, and they "won't hesitate to punish who proves to be involved in the incident".
E. Ghouta: government facing serious difficulties since last Summer to overrun Jaish Islam's defenses in Hawsh Dawahirah. 3rd mobile bridge (MT-55) lost in latest assault (left).
YPG fired at least two rockets on Azaz town, eastern Afrin, casualties reported.
Turkish artillery heavily bombarding Rajo, Belbel villages and also the center of Jandris.
4 month ago
Lebanon's Ad-Diyar paper claims Putin has okayed the sales of 500 MiG-31 and MiG-35 jet fighters to Iran in return for a daily transfer of 10 million barrels of oil. It says thousands of Iranian pilots will go to Russia to spend a 3-year training course for MiG-35
4 month ago
Israel has started shelling Rafah in the south of Gaza
4 month ago
2nd rocket was launched from Gaza to Israel
4 month ago
Gaza is being bombed right by Israeli airforce.
4 month ago
Israeli airplanes hit targets in South of Gaza
4 month ago
Another Incoming rocket siren activated in dozens of southern Israel communities boarding Gaza Strip.
The sound of the sirens in the vicinity of the Gaza
FSA Sham Legion announced the capturing of Bilal Koy village from the YPG.
4 month ago
Turkish tanks targeting the positions of the Syrian Democratic forces in the city of Tel Abiad north of Al-Raqqa
Reports say FSA captured the Bilal Koy from YPG
Islamic State claims the killing of 2 SDF militiamen in the cities of Shaddadi and Markadah in the Hasakah
ISIS jihadists killed 4 Hashd Al-Shaabi PMU militiamen in the villages of Dabb and Tal Khadija in Kirkuk Province
HalabTodayTV: Turkish-backed rebels control the village of Biku in Raju area after clashes with Kurdish units
Photos taken earlier of Federal Police units during their searches in Gharib village, which has been the focal point of ISIS attacks in recent days.
North Korea earned $200 million from banned exports, sends arms to Syria, Myanmar - U.N. report
Government forces targeted artillery area in Hula in the northern Homs countryside
Northern Aleppo: YPG targeted FSA in Azaz city with heavy machine guns
4 month ago
Israeli army: A short while ago, following sirens that sounded in the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council, a projectile fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel was identified.
Olive Branch fighter, providing food to dogs left behind in Bulbul town in the countryside of Afrin
Turkish warplanes and artillery units are heavily bombarding YPG targets around Rajo and Jinderes.
4 month ago
Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern Israel communities in Shaar HaNegev bordering the GazaStrip.
4 month ago
Afghan forces uncover ISIS hideout in Kabul district
According to Manbij Military Council (MMC) the Turkish backed forces are attacking with heavy weapons the village al-Hosheriye in northeastern of Manbij
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