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Middle East MAP
US Launches 2nd Airstrike After Taliban Capture Kunduz
Saudi FM: Assad must go or face 'military option'
Hungarian soldiers in Kurdistan will help training the peshmerga fighters, HU FM Szijjarto said at #UNGA
Sarkisian Addresses UN General Assembly, Highlights "Baku’s Aggression"
#Sargsyan: #Armenia has been subjected to illegal blockade by its neighbors, and we deem unacceptable such an improvident policy.
Japan announces $1.5 billion for Syria, Iraq refugees
White House issues refugee admissions allocation for FY2016
Hamas orders official evacuation of "security sites" in Gaza in anticipation of Israeli airstrikes following rocket fire into Israel.
More Video: Rockets fired from Gaza seen intercepted over Ashdod, South Israel short time ago.
IDF Iron Dome successfully intercepted the rocket from Gaza
Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 2 rockets fired from #Gaza over Ashdod, Huge explosions heard.
Sirens sounded in the southern town of Ashdod
Rocket barrage from Gaza reported in Ashdod area, south of Tel Aviv. 4 explosions heard. Unclear if impact or interception.
At least 1 rocket fired from Gaza just intercepted by Iron Dome.
Ahrar al-Sham rebels storming Mazrat al-Amal in #Quneitra province
Tyumen Resident Sentenced to 2 Years of Prison for Participation in ISIS
#Damascus-#Suwayda main highway cut off due to fierce clashes in north Suwayda country side
French FM takes a swipe at Russia: "stop media strikes on IS & carry out real ones"
Haider Al-Abadi: We need the international community to assist in stopping the flow of terrorists #UNGA #CVESummit
NATO Gen: "very sophisticated air defense" Russia deploying in Syria is not for ISIL, "they're about something else"
Pentagon's Spokesman Peter Cook: Kunduz is a setback.
In brief [email protected] announces following #UNGA, #SecDef directed his staff to open lines with Russia to deconflict on Syria
#FSA fired 3 TOWs during 4th Battalion offensive in #Qunitera blown a Shilka & 2 othr
Jabhat al-Nusra opened fire on Adana Islamic Court & Ahrar al-Sham HQ today, leaving multiple casualties. The “incident” is being “resolved"
US official confirms that Russia now has four Su-34 "Fullback" fighter/bombers in Latakia, to add to the 28 other warplanes they have there.
Map of Latest Militant Attack and Support Zones in Afghanistan: April-Sept. 29, 2015.
Chechen court sentenced Ukrainian from UNA-UNSO organization to 24 years
Daily News "Kiss my Ass ad"
Reports say Taliban have advanced to Kunduz Airport and fierce gun firing is being heard from the area.
FM @AdelAlJubeir: “We are determined to fight #terrorism and eradicate #extremism”
#Turkey’s PM Davutoğlu - “There is no difference between #ISIS & the #PKK. One terrorist fighting the other does not legitimise that group."
Afghan forces battle Taliban to retake Kunduz
#Taliban spokesman says one reason for the assault on #Kunduz was to prove the group was still united
45- years old Israeli tourist killed in a fall in Romanian mountains
The Jerusalem light rail shut down today due to a wildcat strike by drivers on one of the busiest days of the year
Russia and US share 'common goal' of defeating ISIS - Lavrov:
Elders meet in #Takhar Prov today for strategic plan to fight #Taliban
Houthi backed forces seize the district of Alwaze'yah, Taiz which borders Lahj
Obama and Iran’s top diplomat trade greetings at U.N.
Palestinians in Bab Al-Zawiyah protest Al-Aqsa attacks by #Israel-i forces
Indonesia criticizes Saudi Arabia for hajj disaster response
Anti-#YPG demonstration by Pro-#FSA in #Aleppo
First video from the Russian airbase in #Latakia #Syria
Woman with signs of violence on her body found dead in Ariel on Tuesday morning
Israeli forces deny Palestinians entry to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for third straight day
Yemen wedding party airstrike death toll tops 130, medics say
EU governments struggle to cope with tens of thousands of people trekking across Europe to find safety
Trump backs Russia, Iran efforts to fight Islamic State
#HashdShaabi Jund Al-Imam target #IS positions #Iraq
#Turkey to build #Crimea’s largest mosque
Uber makes waves across Bosphorus with speed boat service
MLRS BM-30 Smerch in Tartus, Syria
Ruslan, Hind, Hip, Fencer at Latakia
Kerry: I talked to Iran and Russia about stopping Assad's Barrel Bombing and they said they would think about it
The Ministry of the interior affairs of Tajikistan: in the mutiny was involved 2 former Guantanamo prisoners
#Russia markings removed on Su-24 deployed to #Latakia -subterfuge raises possibility of transfer to #Syria Air Force
ISIS says it killed an Italian on streets of Bangladesh
250 americans have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight
Turkey and PG monarchies support for anti-Assad forces now risks confrontation with Russia
Parwan province governor says security forces are ready to repel any threats by militants that could spill over from Kunduz
3,000 refugees have died in Mediterranean in 2015
Violent clashes between Christian and Muslim refugees in Calden, Germany
The Iranian and Austrian officials in a meeting in Vienna held a new round of religious talks on Tuesday
Turkish man dies after staying in Bursa hospital for 47 years
Vatican officials ignore journo posing as Syrian Refugees
Israeli army using tear gas against Palestinian protest near the entrance of Ramallah from DCO
Clashes and protest in Ramallah against storming of al Aqsa mosque by Israel security forces
Turkish forces kill more than 30 Kurdish militants overnight: Erdogan
#Jerusalem: #Palestinian-s threw rocks at a car of an #Israel-i family. 2 injured
#Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan army has 9 casualties
Russia ambassador to #Armenia hopes for no escalation of tension in #Karabakh
Info-Graphic Shows #ISIS Costume & It’s Indication According To Color, Shape
Clashes between Palestinian protestors and #Israel-i forces at Bayt Abel CP near #Ramallah
At UN panel, speakers call for end to Syria barrel bombs
Afghanistan Reinforcement troops come under attack in #Jar Khushk area of #Baghlan province.
Israeli war planes over Gaza
#IslamicState claims responsibility for #Baghdad bombing that killed four on Monday - statement
UN says more than 500,000 refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean in 2015; 2,980 dead or missing
UN saying up to 130 people killed in Saudi-led coalition strike on Yemen wedding
Per US adm. official, "recent stories about the creation of a #Russian intelligence-sharing alliance w/ #Iran, #Iraq & #Syria - overstated"
Shamali (North of Kabul) Commanders under the command of A.Guzar recruit to fight against Taliban in Kunduz
Islamist commander Abo Jafar Haleeb was wounded by a mortar launched by #NDF in #Latakia countryside
Taliban walking in the streets of Kunduz city center
#Kunduz. People escape from homes.
CEO Abdullah has cancelled all further UN General Assembly meetings in New York & is scheduled to return home immediately
Afghanistan. Heavy Clashes Going On Between Security Forces & Taliban In #Kundoz As Gov. Trying To Retake The City
This refugee family has been stuck at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport for 3 weeks
Afghan army launches offensive to retake Kunduz city from Taliban as the US carries out an air strike
Afghanistan army on the way to Kunduz
ISIS may target Delhi in festive season, intel agencies alert Delhi police.
Doctors in #Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud call on international organisations to open an humanitarian corridor
Islamic State Executes Tal`at al-Haji In al-`Usajli Village, #Aleppo .
A "raft economy" has sprung up to meet the needs of migrants headed to Europe from Turkey
#Afghanistan defense ministry: Counterattack underway to retake Kunduz from Taliban.
#Taliban in #Kunduz issue statement to allow NGOs to operate
Putin: 'No talk of Russian troops taking part in ground operations in Syria, and won't be talk of this in future.'
After Obama meeting, Putin doesn't rule out joining air attacks on Islamic state.
Vitaly Churkin: the United States blocked the UN security Council's statement on conflict resolution in the Middle East
Egyptian President al-Sisi tells @wolfblitzer ‘extremism’ is the biggest threat #UNGA
#China-#Iran relationship faces new development opportunities: #XiJinping
At least 18 killed and 8 wounded after 3 car bomb exploded in several places in #Baghdad #Iraq
Latest #Baghdad explosion. #Iraq
#Iraqi helicopters flying over #Baghdad after the large explosion.
#UN & NGOs relocated staff from Kunduz. Taliban set fire to UN compound. #Afghanistan
#Baghdad explosion ; 10 killed, 8 wounded. #Iraq
Several blasts in #Baghdad
Massive explosion hits #Sheraton hotel in the center of #Baghdad.
#Iraq Daesh targeted ISF on the plateau west of #Fallujah airport with 122mm GRAD and 107mm Type 63 DIY rocket's
PM Al-Abadi met Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed supporting Iraq in the fight against Daesh
Meeting of Putin and Obama at the UN
The #Assad regime shells an army base near #Turnejeh after rebels captured it
US to provide additional $59M to Lebanese Army
#Assad regime keeps barrel-bombing #Daraya just West of Damascus
#Syria - Jaish al-Fatah (south) release images from Trinjeh in the countryside of #Quneitra
ISIS recruiting 1k foreigners a month, over half of US recruits are under age of 25
Rouhani meeting with #Putin
Russian Su-34 Bomber Spotted in Latakia - Syria
Senior Palestinian official blasts Obama for ignoring Palestine issue in UN speech
Said to be an airliner/transporter accompanied with 6 fighters crossing over Hama country side
Hollande over #Syrië: "Assad is at the root of the problem, he cannot be part of the solution!" #UNGA
#Libya ASL published picture's targeting an LNA Tank with an ATGM
#ISIS claims killing of Italian national Tavella Ceseara, an AISD employee, in #Bangladesh
Saudi Prince Calls For King Salman To Be Removed: Guardian
Afghan Taliban, after taking over control of #Kunduz, have launched attack on neighboring Takhar province, battle going on
Live President #Rouhani at #UNGA :" Israel can't be allowed to be 'only impediment' to Mideast free of nuclear arms "
France will carry out 'more strikes' against IS in Syria, defence minister says
Yemen. Death Toll From #Saudi Air Strikes On Wedding Party In #Taiz Rises To 131 - Report .
#Iran: "We are prepared to assist in the eradication of terror." #UNGA70
#Iraqi army helicopter which was shot down by #IS today. #Iraq
#Putin at #UNGA: Only Assad forces truly fighting #ISIS. Supporting Syria not about Russia ambitions, cannot tolerate state of world affairs
Turkey arrest 32, some of them journalists, after a raid against offices of DIHA and Azadiya Welat in Amed (Diyarbakir).
Putin on NATO intervention in Libya: "Do you realize now what you've done?" #UNGA
"Violence, poverty, social catastrophe." #Putin blames foreign support for revolutions in Middle East. "Do you KNOW NOW what you did?"
#Jordan: Hyperconnectivity is the 7th step, advocating "internet of humanity."
King Abdullah of #Jordan says let's "reject threats on holy places of Jerusalem" together with all Muslims and Christians - #UNGA
King of Jordan says ISIL "outlaws" are but a drop in the ocean.. but even 1 drop can poison as well #UNGA
#Jordan: "As Muslims this is our fight, as it is our duty." #UNGA70
#Jordan: "One of the greatest ironies of our time that..." voices of extremists use media to propagate ideas. #UNGA70
King Abdullah of #Jordan: "I would call this crisis a third world war..." meaning global collective action on all fronts. #UNGA70
King Abdullah of Jordan speaking now at the #UN General Assembly #UNGA
Amguema class cargo ship, Severomorsk based NF's 'Yauza' transits the Dardanelles
The Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi visit to the Saudi Special Forces in #Aden - #Yemen
Coalition and pro-president Hadi militants captured Marib Dam
Obama: catastrophes like in #Syria do not take place in countries where there is "genuine democracy"
[email protected] at #UNGA: "There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like ISIL"
President Obama calls for a transition away from Syria's Assad to a new leader
We know that ISIL depends on continuous war to survive, we need to work to reject such poisonous ideology: @POTUS at #UNGA
#UNGA Obama - When a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people it brings suffering that affects us all
Obama: "There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic cult like ISIS"
Obama denounces support for child-killing 'tyrant' Assad
POTUS accuses Iran of continuing to "deploy violent proxies to project its interests" #UNGA
#Obama: "Death to America" won't create jobs in #Iran. Well, it does for the proxies he complained about, in truth. #UNGA70
Obama at #UNGA2015: "chanting death to America does not create jobs or make #Iran more secure"
Taliban shows captured vehicles of Afghanistan army in Kunduz
Obama points to IranDeal, cooperation of Russia, China to broker it "that is the strength of the international system" #UNGA
Obama addresses war in Syria at #UNGA
#Obama at #UNGA: 'Bashar al-#Assad is a “tyrant who drops barrel bombs on his own children”’ #Syria
SaudiArabia refused Iran’s request for a meeting of foreign ministers #UNGA
After seizing #Kunduz city, Taliban also seized #KhanAbad district of Kunduz province
@HassanRouhani just entered the #UNGA to deliver speech within hours
Turkey will not create processing centers for migrants and refugees trying to enter Europe
Eyewitnesses report having seen scores of bodies in the streets of #Kunduz #Afghanistan following 14 hours of fighting
#Russia Air Force Tu-154 airliner believed landed #Latakia #Syria via #Iran & #Iraq airspace
#UN SG speaking at #UNGA says that in the search from peace in #Syria there should be no impunity for atrocity crimes
The Turkish air force hit positions of Kurdish rebels in Northern Iraq
Prisoners of Kunduz jail after broken by #Taliban
Aqeel Ameesh al-Mutairy was killed during clashes with Saudi police in Riyadh
Armenian Pres. Sargsyan will join @POTUS #Obama for peacekeeping discussion in US today
New video message from #IslamicState: “Flames of the Car Bombs – Wilāyat #Baghdad”
Funeral of the #Hamas militant who was killed by the collapse of a tunnel in Shujaiyya, east of #Gaza
Turkish Airlines ranks ‘first in connecting Africa’
Egypt’s president announces planned shift to value-added tax regime
Australian ISIS fighters doubled last year
#SyAAF air raid on #IS controlled Al-Mayadeen city in #DeirEzzor countryside
Saudi Arabian airstrikes reportedly hit a wedding party in Yemeni province of Taiz, killing a group of people
Regime forces have captured Salihiyah village,near Safirah,as the offensive to break the Kuweires siege continues
Purported footage from #Kunduz #Afghanistan today where the Taliban is conducting a large-scale attack
#Iranians demonstrate in front of #Saudi embassy in #Tehran #MinaStampede
Soviet tanks used by Syrian government then stolen by ISIS, on display in Kobane
Lavrov will meet Kerry later today
Japan to offer $810 mln to support refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq
ISIS claims to shoot down military helicopter near Tikrit
#Turkey's Davutoglu sees no transition period for #Syria's Assad
Taliban seize government buildings, hospital and part of #Kunduz city. Heavy fighting is still ongoing. #Afghanistan
Syria peace talks will begin in October and will include US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt.
#Jerusalem: new clashes erupt at #TempleMount w/ young protesters barricated insiste #AlAqsa mosque
Syria contact group including Russia, US could meet in October: Moscow
Turkish forces shot dead ambulance driver in Beytüşşebap
#Putin hopes for cooperation with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United States in the fight against #ISIS
Battle in Karabakh last night. 7 Armenian soliders killed, 3 Azerbaijain'
Taliban lay siege to key Afghan city of Kunduz
North-West district of Damascus came under mortar fire - Russia Media
Taliban Fighters Inside Hospital Of Kunduz, Afghanistan After Taken Control .
New clashes as Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque compound
President Rouhani will leave New York over Mecca incident
Rebels shelling regime & hezbollah militias in Nubul & Zahra shiite villages in Aleppo Governorate, Syria
20 Turkish soldiers wounded in PKK bomb attack in Bitlis, eastern Turkey
New clashes at al-Aqsa Mosque compound
Clashes at al-Aqsa mosque again
#Hamas member dies in tunnel collapse in #Gaza's Shujaiyya neighborhood
Women held as sex slaves in South Sudan 'rape camps'
The #Taliban attack #Kunduz city since the early morning. At least 14 security forces, 7 civilians killed so far. #Afghanistan
Barrel bombs rain on Darayya, Rif-Dimashq Governorate, Syria
#Saudi vehicle being blown up by #Yemen-i forces in #Jizan #Saudi Arabia
Pro-Hadi Yemeni Army Brig. Gen. Mohamad Abid Al-Sayyadi; commander of Al-Sadrin base was wounded in a traffic accident #Yemen
Fresh clashes at break out at #Aqsa compound
#Putin said that #Russia is not going to participate in the war in Syria
Explosion hits speed boat carrying #Maldives president Abdulla Yameen. Spokesman says "the president is unharmed."
At least 3 #Israeli Airstrikes Hit #Syrian Army Positions On #Golan Heights - Report
#Yemen: Houthi's targeted a convoy carrying the assistant to the 18th Brigade Commander in Jizan (Border Patrol)
#Iran unveils indigenous recognition #drone: Report