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Middle East MAP
Syria : KIL158 in Sevastopol (Sep 1st) being loaded with military equipment now heading for Assad in Latakia
Internet connection is too slow in Turkeyn(tweets and messages on Turkey's social media)
NATO has condemned the terror attacks in Hakkari and Iğdır
2 car bombs detonated at a safe distance by Iraq's forces in Muthiq, east of Ramadi.
German intelligence confirms that ISIS used mustard gas in Iraq
Consequences of arson in main HDP party building in Ankara
An assailant who had attacked HDP building during ultranationalist rally in Ankara has been detained
As images of nationalist violence spread through social media, Turkey blocks @twitter
US State Department spox condemns attack targeting @Hurriyet
New airstrikes destroy multiple ISIL units near Marea where Syrian fighters heroically confronted ISIL assaults.
Buses in the Kurdish cities, Kurdish Restaurants and workers are also attacked
NATO SecGen. @jensstoltenberg: "I strongly condemn the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey"
Clashes in Latakia Mountains and violent clashes in the northern countryside of Hama
HDP cadres leaving their branch in Besiktas / Istanbul. Turkey
Rally of nationalists in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey - The Las Vegas Cafe & Bar in Alanya has been set on fire
128 local party offices of the HDP since yesterday have been attacked
HDP supporters gather in Istanbul-Esenler "to take on fascist mob" -
HDP: The attacks towards our people in Cizre, which have been going on for five days, have turned into a massacre.
Turkish Hürriyet daily newspaper’s headquarters has been attacked
Iraqi Air Force receives F-16s from the U.S. They are now being put to use against ISIS
Israel Official -Russia Embarks on 'Active Intervention' in Syria
Hamas: US designation of our leaders as terrorists contradicts international law
Turkish nationalists set HDP's Alanya HQ on fire in the continued pogrom against Kurds in Turkey.
Syria: 100s of protesters in Suwayda march to the governor's building in the name of Balous
Turkish PM Davutoğlu has ordered extra security measures to protect media buildings following tonight's attacks
HDP's HQ in Alanya set on fire in ongoing anti-Kurdish riots across Turkey
HDP party headquarters in Ankara has been set on fire, with people trapped inside
UK told UN of drone strike on militants in letter claiming it was 'necessary & proportionate'
A Kurd mob-lynched by Nationalist Turks in Eskisehir - Turkey
Istanbul: Aggressiv Nationalist crowds in many parts of the city. Don't know elsewhere but in Besiktas no police. This could be a long night
Lamborghini on fire burned to ashes in Dubai
Turkish Daily @Hurriyet attacked by pro-AKP protesters for second time in 2 days
HDP HQ in Ankara is under heavy attack and the police isn't performing its duties.
Central Istanbul tonight, anti-Kurdish mobs chanting "We don't want an operation, we want a massacre"
Sandstorm in Homs
Man forced entry to Kurdish kiss southwest of the statue of Ataturk in Manisa, Turkey
Daily Sabah's Istanbul headquarters attacked by stone-throwing Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) supporters
ORH spox: Sana'a is not a military priority at this point, military operations will focus on Taiz & Mareb Yemen
A group of pro Erdogan attacking @Hurriyet newspaper Headquarter, for the second time in this week.
Syria - SAA & Hezbollah launching Burkan &Daoud 2 rockets on militant positions in Zabadani tonight.
Turkish nationalists burn bookstore of HDP party member in Kirsehir Turkey
Duma Committee for F.Affairs:"Teheran is ready to open air corridor to Russian planes to Syria"
HDP Beşiktaş party building has been surrounded by Turkey nationalists
Egypt officials told Reuters that an unspecified number of Egyptian troops would arrive in Yemen today
Iraq: Islamic State (IS) fighters executed two men who are accused of being spies by blowing up a building on them.
High ranked officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Justice were kidnapped today by an armed group in Baghdad Iraq.
Egyptian and Sudanese troops reportedly being sent to Yemen
Rouhani: Iran ready to hold talks on Syria with U.S., Saudi
41 U.S. Senators pledge support for IranDeal - enough to secure the deal
Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink released from detention but yet to meet officials in police foreign department in Van, her lawyer says.
Russia Foreign Ministry Official Says Moscow Demands explanation from Bulgaria after It denied use of its airspace for flights to Syria
Huge sandstorm over Middle East
20 Indian nationals killed by Saudi-led coalition air strikes on fuel smugglers at Yemen’s Hodeidah port:
Senate Democrats have the power to block measure against Iran deal
The Il-62M 86496 night time to slip through Bulgaria
Russian rescue ship KIL158 is equipped with a 100 ton capacity gantry at the stern. Kashtan class heavy lift completed Bosphorus transit
Russian army training in the port of the city of Tartus,
Assad Scud missile launched from al-Mane'a near Kisweh in rural Damascus towards northern Syria
Baghdad gunmen kidnap Iraq's deputy justice minister
Dmitry Medvedev: Congratulations to Kyrgyzstan on becoming a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union
A US-led drone attack kills 2 in northeastern Afghanistan
Arab troops deploy in central Yemen province
U.S. Embassy in Ankara also condemned the PKK attack that killed 16 Turkish soldiers yesterday
29 ISIS 'rebels' killed in Sinai major operation
A heavy sandstorm swept across parts of the Middle East on Tuesday, killing two people and hospitalizing hundreds in Lebanon
Netanyahu to visit Britain facing pressure on stalled peace talks
Egyptian agriculture minister arrested on corruption
Bomb kills 14 Turkish police officers after strikes against Kurdish rebels
3 police officers killed by PKK terrorists in Turkey's southeastern district of Cizre in Şırnak province
Sandstorm sweeping Middle East, kills two in Lebanon
Islamic Rev. Guard fights 2 hour gun-battle with "terrorists" close to border with Turkey. 5 attackers seized, officials announce.
Turkish ground forces cross into northern Iraq to pursue PKK militants: report
Zamir Kabulov, Putin's special envoy for Afghanistan says Russia to give Afghanistan military assistance, including helicopters.
Mozdok-Latakia An-124 82035 landed in Latakia
UNHCR says it expects 400,000 people will cross the Med this year, rising to 450,000 'or more' in 2016
The Minister of defence of Greece, received the Ambassador of the USA
Bulgaria closed its airspace to Russian aircrafts to Syria
2 Turkish military battalions conduct ground operation against PKK in Northern Iraq
President: Iran 's priority now is putting an end to the insecurity & bloodshed in Syria
MFA: media reports on Russia's deal with US and Saudi Arabia to oust President Assad are fake
AKKO: Patient being hospitalized in critical condition after being shot on the "Hasusim" beach. PD investigating.
More than 1100 civilians killed in the conflict in Taiz Yemen
Syrian Rebel Groups Declare Offensive In Death_Triangle Against Army In North Daraa Countryside
Number of Saudi-led coalition troops in Yemen rises to 10,000
PKK frees 20 Turkish hostages in Duhok
Egypt in ‘major operation’ in Sinai, 29 militants killed
HDP MP says clashes intensified in Nur neighborhood of Cizre, and security forces calling people to "surrender".
In Turkey in the explosion of a minibus killed 10 policemen
Russia likely to give military assistance to Afghanistan
Lavrov: the Countries that launched conflicts, should bear the responsibility for the refugee problem
Iran will discuss peace in Syria with any country, Rouhani says
The bombardment continued, already 28 rockets,, in just a couple of hours and the number is increasing, smoke from all over the Sanaa now
Turkey intensifies airstrikes on PKK in Qandil
Police intervene in groups fighting in Ankara
Contrary to this anti-refugee propaganda,, Laith Al Saleh was never an IS fighter. He fought against IS.
10 dead in Kurdish rebel attack on Turkey police minibus: media reports
Casualties reported in PKK attack on police bus in eastern Turkey
Over 50 Turkish jets bomb PKK targets in northern Iraq: report
Heavy sandstorm across Middle East
'RAF kills British jihadists in Syria to save the Queen’ (Une Telegraph, GB)
Sandstorm on Palestinian territories today
ISIS attack near Benghazi kills Libyan soldiers
Denmark places adverts in Lebanese newspapers announcing stricter rules for asylum-seekers.
Local sources: Houthis sent heavy reinforcement to Mareb a few hours ago. Yemen
Kurdish civilians being attacked, children humiliated on the streets of Ankara tonight by nationalists Turkey
Mali : Three jihadists including an ivorian arrested in Bamako
Jerusalem: Fire-bomb thrown by Arab towards house in Armon Hanetziv area, fire caused, no injuries.
Ibb: For the 1st time, Resistance & reinforcements sent by the pro-Hadi Army have begun shelling Houthi positions with artillery. Yemen
Syria - Heavy fighting in the streets of Zabadani as SAA Hezbollah capture more territory
Peshmerga officials: US coalition killed 6 ISIS members of German nationality
Jerusalem - Israeli minibus attacked with 5 firebombs thrown by Arab terrorists, no injuries reported, Police on scene.
Gazans pay tribute to Aylan with sand sculpture
In Kurdish areas, YPG also very worried about departure of Kurds to EU. They fear "permanent demographic changes in Syria."
Rebel commander reacts to rumours of Russian intervention in Syria: Come, we have thousands like Khattab!
Yemeni women captures the moment an Saudi-led coalition air strike hit Yemen|s capital Sana'a.
Also anti-emigration billboards in Syrian rebels areas with text: "Doctors, dont emigrate, my son is sick, he needs you."
Spanish FM Margallo: ''The time has come to negotiate with President Bashar al Assad''
Turkey reopened Ibrahim Khalil crossing point with Kurdistan Region, Tourism and Trading start to spin again. Iraq
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi arrives in Nineveh coming from Syrian Raqqa Iraq
TelTamr: 1st YPG battalion of Sharabiya Arabs has 26 fighters and is named after cmmdr S. Xinis martyred in April
Lebanese army arrests 24 Palestinians
Houthi/Saleh delegates left Muscat, Oman to Sanaa after failure of the the political negotiations. Yemen
Prz Hadi rejected Houthi/Saleh's acceptance to the conditions to implement the UNSC Res. 2216. Yemen
Mother of toddler killed in West Bank arson attack dies from her wounds
Coalition air raids on residences of Gen. Mohsen Ahmar & Islah leader Hamid Ahmar terrified people n Sanaa. Yemen
"We have to evaluate the capability of the Airborne Forces for long-distance deployments and their readiness for landing on unfamiliar zones" -- Shoigu
6000 Sudanese troops are prepared to join the coalition forces in Yemen mainly in Mareb.
Demonstration in Al Atarib
"This is an absurd move and if it is supported by Greece, it will be an unfriendly move toward Russia," Jabbarov said.
Kurdish boy reportedly hit by Turkish army sniper fire in Cizre Turkey
RFF8058 (82040) from Krymsk and RFF8056 (82039) from Mozdok A124s both landed it Latakia, Syria today
ISIS Terror Group Released new Execution Video.
Russian Navy Alligator Class Landing Ship Saratov 150 just crossed bosphorus southbound with top deck full.
Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf has dedicated the Robert Bresson Award to imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov.
Thugs attacked HDP headquarters and burnt the property inside, in Balikesir city in west. Turkey
Project 1171 BSF Alligator class landing ship Saratov 150 transits southbound Bosphorus
Putin convene security council. Discussed refugees threat to Russia
Turkish army says 16 soldiers killed in Kurdish militants' attack
Trial opens of 10 accused of recruiting Dutch Muslims for Islamic State
SAA & Hezbollah continue their operations in al-Nabou'a NBRHD, NE of Zabadani
Bahrain arrests man for online ‘insults’ to troops in Yemen
UK PM: Britain spending 10 times some European countries on support of refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan of Lebanon. 2nd biggest donor
RAF drone strike killed 2 UK citizens - Reyaad Khan & Ruhul Amin - as well as a 3rd IS fighter
At least 7 people killed & 20 wounded when a bomb blast In Sheikh Omar area of Baghdad
Sarah Palin Will Join Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at ‘Stop Iran Deal’ Protest in DC
Pakistan armed drone kills three in first attack
11 civilians killed & scores injured in airstrike on residential area in Yarim, Yemen
Russian IL-76 transport heading to Syria
Lebanon general security arrests Nusra Front member
US to overhaul rebel force fighting ISIS in Syria
Pakistan says homemade drone 'kills three militants'
Tehran- Iran to send parliamentary team to Minsk, Belarus, to help it learn from "Islamic values" in shaping its laws, Majlis announces.
Chechnya a 'Model of Peace and Harmony' Says Kadyrov
France will launch surveillance flights against IS in Syria but plans no ground troops
Turkish Armed Forces kill some 2,000 Kurdish militants – Erdogan
Turkish jets strike PKK after the deadliest attack since the ceasefire collapsed
Qatar sends 1,000 ground troops to Yemen battle
Austrian president says seeks to build bridges in Iran
Syrian forces conducted military operations across Daraa, inflicting heavy losses on Takrifi militants
Turkey bombs Kurdish targets in retaliation for PKK attack killing 15 soldiers
Strike killed 11 police officers in Helmand province
France prepares for air strikes in Syria in response to terrorism and refugee crisis
PKK say they've killed 31 Turkish army officers and soldiers in the Dağlıca attack in southeastern Turkey
Syria Undated pic of Russian Yaroslav Mudry frigate (Neustrashimyy-class) w/ a Ka-27 in Tartous
In Turkey where a mob has attacked @Hurriyet headquarters this morning
Salehi: Iran 's second N. power plant is being designed & its construction will start later this year
Greece says considering U.S. request to deny airspace to Russia for aid flights to Syria
Turkey: air strikes launched against PKK targets
Hezbollah & SAA continuing their advance in South East Zabadani. Fighting building to building
Erdoğan says terror a result of voters denying AKP absolute authority
"Islamic State" seizes the last oilfield in Syria
France's Hollande now says he will visit Lebanon soon to "open new camp" for Syria|n refugees there
Asylum processes. UNHCR 2014 stats
A RuAF An-124 has reportedly landed at Lattakia
Russia foreign ministry says arms deliveries to Syria aimed at fighting terrorism
Holland: terrorism, refugees constitute a major challenge to mankind all of humanity
Turkey: the raid on Party Media Group @Hurriyet , led by the AKP lawmaker / branches youth leader Abdurrahim the boynukal
Egypt's army massive Op underway in N. Sinai after bomb hit armored military vehicle killing 2, wounding 6 others in Rafah
Absolute dust bowl in Deir ez-Zor today. Unbelievably thick sandstorm
Turkish military to send 5,000 soldiers to each of 20 towns in southeast before election in order to "sweep up" PKK
Greek authorities have seized 5,000 shotguns and half a million rounds of ammunition found aboard the Haddad 1, which was heading from Turkey to the Libyan city of Misrata.