Map. History of Middle East conflict

25 February 2018
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"We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen, which have claimed dozens of innocent lives," says @PressSec in statement.
Helicopters dropping bombs on Shafoniya town in Eastern Ghouta
Many fighters of Daesh with their families surrendered to SDF around Hajin town E DeirEzzor
Turkish helicopters are heavily bombing the center of Jindires and the vicinity of Tataran
Assad forces controlled TalShaieer and Fafin villages N Aleppo after retreating of SDF/YPG from the area
Today in Kirkuk, according to Kurdish/Iraq media, IS is still attacking Khabaza oilfield
Syria urges UN to include Afrin in ceasefire deal
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman: The day will come when Saudi Arabia leave Yemen defeated
Jaafari accuses Britain, France and U.S of planning to divide Syria
Egypt (Wilayat Sina') claims repelling an Army offensive W. al-Sheikh Zuwaid near (Qabr Umeer) village, claiming several KIAandWIA. Also claims 4 conscripts and 2 officers killed with snipers.
Copy of the UNSC resolution 2401 about the 30 days ceasefire in Syria
British UN envoy: The developments in Ghouta are hell on earth and a war crime
The coalition have carried out a second massacre in Deir Ezzor this week, killing and wounding many civilians in Al Shaafah town
UK delegate: We will not sit idly in the face of the ongoing violence in Syria
UK UN envoy: The situation in the eastern Ghouta is very bad and the Syrian government regime is bombing in a barbaric way
Warplanes continue to bomb Eastern Ghouta after UNSC voting
US UN envoy : Russia and Iran must respond to stop atrocities in Syria
UNSC Unanimously voted for a 30-day cease-fire in Syria
UNSC unanimously adopts Syria resolution for 30-day ceasefire
Resolution on Syria was unanimously adopted by 15 votes
Sweden UN envoy: It is time for the Security Council to show its responsibility collectively
4 artillery points near Hader destroyed as result of retaliation fire from Turkish checkpoint near Al-Eis
Syrian Civil Defense: attack with incendiary ammunition on Al Shaffoniya in Eastern Ghouta
Agreement reached on the first procedural paragraph in the draft resolution on Syria
Eastern Damascus: Rebels bombed today Dumeir Airbase with Grad rockets.
Reports of Iranian militias shelled Turkish checkpoint near Al Eis
Dozens killed, wounded in south Yemen attacks claimed by Islamic State
Syrian Ambassador Jaafari heads into UNSC ahead of possible delayed vote on Syria ceasefire
North Afrin: pics by @khalidaboalmjed from Ancient Town of Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) showing the Roman bridge and hexagonal mausoleum
Pretty chilled Saturday over at UN headquarters. The meeting on Ghouta was supposed to start at 12pm but barely anyone has arrived.
NW. Idlib: HTS is very close to frontline between OliveBranch and YPG, seeing town of Jindires. Opposed to OB forces, it calls them "EuphratesShield gangs".
[email protected] on way into UNSC vote on Syria ceasefire - "Today we're going to see if Russia has a conscience."
Turkmen Division at Dunbali village south to Rajo
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the area of Sheran.
Armed opposition bombing the Dumair military airport near the eastern Ghouta
Turkish war planes attack on central Jinderes district
First satellite images show two Russian 5th generation Sukhoi Su-57 at Khmeimim air base in Latakia, Syria. Via @imagesatint
This video, from Eastern Ghouta shows @SyriaCivilDef team putting our fires caused by incendiary munitions . 23/24 Feb.
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles13 sat pre
Hundereds of Turkish security forces are waiting to participate #OperationOliveBranch in Afrin with armoured fighting vehicles
Daraa: 18th March Division (part of Bunian Marsus Op. Room) striking government positions in Daraa Mahatta.
ANHA confim 3 dead government fighters in Rajo after airstrike
RuAF Tu-154 RA-85155 escort for fighter jets from Latakia back to Astrakhan on the shortcut route today14 sat pre
RuAF Tu-154 RA-85155 escort for fighter jets from Latakia back to Astrakhan on the shortcut route today
Dozen of Turkish aircrafts bombing Jandaris
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The High Peace Council on Saturday announced its backing for the Afghan government’s move to close the Taliban’s office in Qatar but said the body was ready for talks wherever the rebels wanted
Another 11 YPG fighters were killed by Olive Branch forces in Afrin region, the militia reports
AfrinOp: as OliveBranch forces possibly confronted yesterday pro-Assad fighters near Rajo, some of them reportedly killed today by Turkish bombardment on same front.
Turkish jets shell recently deployed pro-Syrian government forces in Raju, northwestern Afrin, one killed
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Turkey says U.S. decision to open embassy in Jerusalem damaging peace
FSA captured Dunbali in Rajo district from YPG
Eastern Ghouta: Intense air strikes and ground to ground missile attacks. L39 seen bombing the area.
Eastern Ghouta: Intense air strikes and ground to ground missile attacks. L39 seen bombing the area.
Turkish army is also bombing Rajo district
FSA Forces Captured Syrian Flag and burned it.
15 civilians were killed in Douma since morning today by more than 7 airstrikes
Turkish jets shell Kurdish YPG targets in Jindires, southwestern Afrin. Turkish forces trying to enter the town.
Unconfirmed: Turkish Warplanes Targeted NDF(Syrian Army) Forces in Jinderes and Rajo.
Heavy clashes are taking place at Omarah and Arabwaran villages/Shera. Turkish army's bombardment is also continues in the same are
Turkish army units covered by warplanes trying to enter Jandaris, southwestern Afrin.
South Syria: aftermath of Israeli airstrikes on suspected Iranian base S. of Damascus (Kiswah), 2nd area targeted early December 2017.
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At least 23 people are killed and over a dozen wounded in multiple suicide bombings and attacks in Afghanistan, the latest in a series of assaults in the war-torn country
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Hajilar and Ebukib villages near Jinderes from the YPG.
Syrian government air raids killed a further 32 people in rebel-held suburbs east of Damascus on Friday
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ISIS claims Kabul suicide attack, says dozens killed or wounded. The official death toll is one dead and several wounded
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Daesh claims responsibility for a suicide bomb in Afghan capital that killed two persons and wounded seven others on Saturday morning
The death toll has risen to at least 3 civilians killed in Harasta after Russian airstrikes targeted residential neighborhoods in the town.
Heavy clashes sustained around Jinderes town for the whole night. Olive Branch Forces, supported by T129 Attack Heli's , captured Abu Kab and Hacılar villages
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An Afghan official says at least 18 soldiers have been killed after their checkpoint came under attack by Taliban insurgents in western Farah province
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Kabul: The ministry of interior's deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi has confirmed three dead in a suicide bombing in Kabul's PD 9 in Shashdarak area bordering the Green Zone on Saturday morning
Rudaw says Kirkuk is not safe as Iraqi forces are withdrawing from south and southwest Kirkuk and quotes a PUK official saying ISIS in charge of 40% of south Kirkuk. NRT quotes another PUK official saying the city is safe
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Turkish army claims 1931 militants were killed during Olive Branch operation
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IS affirms "45 Afghan intelligence personnel were killed and wounded as a result of the suicide attack in the city of Kabul"
FSA "Jaysh al-Nasr" seized Abu Qib village on eastern side of Jinderes in south western Afrin from YPG
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A Farah provincial council official Dadullah Qani on Saturday said at least 20 Afghan National Army soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in the province
Turkish war planes are bombarding the center of district Jindires and the village Erebweran of district Shera
Photographs from the village of Abu Kab captured this morning.
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Security forces quickly cordoned off the area in Shashdarak after at least one person was killed in Saturday's suicide bombing
Unknown armed group attacks house of police official in Kirkuk province, Iraq.
SyAF/RuAF air strikes this morning. This photo is showing a air strike on Irbin