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26 4月 2018

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"We're continuing the fight" per SecDef Mattis "We're going to expand it and bring in more regional support, is probably the biggest shift that we're making right now" re Syria
Intense shelling ongoing as reports of a military action by HTS, Hurras al Deen and Jaish Izzah in Hama
2 時 前
Asked at Senate hearing about withdrawing from Syria, Defense Sec Mattis said there will be a "re-energized" fight in the Middle Euphrates River Valley against ISIS
The issue of Nagorno-Karabakh must be resolved exclusively in a peaceful way - Zakharova
Whatever US does, must be able to confront "all of the challenges we face from Iran"per Gen Dunford "It's the nuclear threat. It's the missile threat. It's the cyber threat. It's the maritime threat. It's the sponsorship of proxies"
Israel - Iran war? "I can see how it might start. I'm not sure when or where." per SecDef Mattis "I think that it's very like in Syria because Iran continues to do its proxy work there through Lebanese Hezbollah"
ISIS claims murder of 3 soldiers in South Damascus battle
2 時 前
Mattis says no decision has been made by Trump to withdraw from Iran deal. Reviews ongoing at moment.
Russian SAM Tor M2 spot in Syria for the first time2 時 前
Russian SAM Tor M2 spot in Syria for the first time
2 時 前
Iran, China posed to adopt joint strategy against U.S.: MEHR
Gunmen attack a church in Nigeria, killing at least seven, Xinhua reports, citing local media
ISIS attack on Iraqi Federal Police barracks in Daquq district in south Kirkuk province leaves 2 police dead and 3 injured.
Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow is concerned about the statements of Trump and Macron on the Iranian nuclear agreement
At least 3 dead and 10 missing after a bus carrying students got swept away by flash flood waters on a highway in southern Israel.
Khamenei's adviser Ali Akbar Velayati: We will not accept any amendment to the Iranian nuclear agreement
The Syrian inhabitants of Tadef city, located in northern countryside of Aleppo, reject Turkish proposal of returning to their homes under the supervision of Russians.
Saudi FM @AdelAljubeir meets Lebanon PM @saadhariri during the Syria future conference in Brussels —SPA
9 children missing in flash floods that swept a school bus in Negev desert, south Israel 2 teens died yesterday, 1 near his home in Bedouin encampment, 2nd was a 17 y/o Palestinian girl who died in the desert hills east of Bethlehem in the West Bank.
"The OPCW is not a theatre." UK won't be attending the Russian event today with alleged survivors of alleged chlorine attack in Douma - @UK_OPCW
S. Damascus: deployment of Tiger Forces and T-90s started on 8th day of Offensive vs HTS and ISIS in attempt to speed up advances which were so far very slow and costly.
Armenian FM arrived in Moscow to discus situation in the country
5 時 前
Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced his support for Erdogan in the upcoming presidential elections
5 時 前
10 aid workers missing in SouthSudan's Yei region in unclear circumstances - UN humanitarian official
Video of the gas cylinder from the Douma attack filmed on April 8th, not previously published.
Video of the gas cylinder from the Douma attack filmed on April 8th, not previously published.
Pakistan army says a soldier and 3 militants died after militants fire raided Pakistani border post in Mohmand Agency from across the border. "Pakistani troops effectively responded," an army statement said
More Russian airstrikes on cities in North Hama
More Russian airstrikes on cities in North Hama
5 時 前
A 16-year-old boy was detained this morning in the northern West Bank and brought in for questioning over suspected involvement in a "price tag" attack earlier this month. He has since been released.
Protesters block traffic in Armenia's capital Yerevan after the opposition accused the ruling party of refusing to cede power following the resignation of veteran leader Serzh Sarkisian
Iranian Revolutionary Guards deputy commander: Israel lives in a state of fear because of the presence of "Resistance forces" on its borders
6 時 前
[email protected] Hutchison: In Syria, we're trying to work with Turkey in a way that will continue momentum in fight against ISIS
Deputy commander of IRGC: Iran is capable of strategic strike on its enemies in the region
[email protected] Hutchison on Afghan elections: "We are very very concerned that these elections go forward and that they be recognized as legitimate." She says Afghans are increasingly seeing that their lives are better for the years NATO has been fighting there, eg girls in school
[email protected] Hutchison: We know there are domestic politics in all NATO Allies that must be worked through. We value Italy's contributions to NATO greatly, including to @ResoluteSupport
Talks between Pakistan, US under way over bilateral ties: Pakistani Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal
Syrian army shelling outskirts of Al Habit town in Southern Idlib with artillery
6 時 前
Greece will keep its cool to 'dangerous' Turkish provocations, PM says
Russian airstrikes on Kafr Zita in North Hama
Russian airstrikes on Kafr Zita in North Hama
Iran media confirms arrest of British-Iranian scientist and peace campaigner Abbas Edalat; says he was part of 'infiltration network'
6 時 前
13 Afghan soldiers have been killed and nine others injured in a Taliban attack in northern Kunduz province
6 時 前
Deputy govenorof Logar province was killed in a Taliban smbush
ARF ministers and governors resign
Bahrain's King has spared the lives of four Bahrainis sentenced to death by military court for allegedly plotting to kill the head of the country's armed forces, commuting their sentences to life imprisonment.
7 時 前
Militants open fire at CRPF vehicle at Anantnag. Search and cordon operations underway
Incidents like Skripal poisoning/support for the Syrian government have "created a situation where tensions are higher and relations between Russia and NATO are more difficult than they've been in many years," says @jensstoltenberg. He says that makes dialogue more important
"We all should welcome" President Ghani's offer of reconciliation talks with the Taliban, says @jensstoltenberg. He expects foreign ministers to recommit resources to Afghanistan, a key issue Friday
7 時 前
Greek PM says Greece is remaining calm in the face of 'dangerous' provocations from Turkey challenging Greek sovereignty
We will close the ForMin with a meeting on the Western Balkans and NATO's Open Door policy: discussing the progress made by BiH, Skopje and Georgia - @jensstoltenberg
NATO Foreign Ministers will also address Afghanistan and our renewed commitment with troop increases and financial support - @jensstoltenberg
We will launch a new training mission for Iraq at NATO summit in July. Foreign Ministers will agree further details tomorrow, planning for a training mission of several hundred - @jensstoltenberg
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg adds Syria and Skripal poisoning to list of concerns the alliance has about Russia, as foreign ministers come to town Friday
Pakistani-Afghan National Security Advisors hold talks on bilateral issues7 時 前
Pakistani-Afghan National Security Advisors hold talks on bilateral issues
SOHR: Syria govt wants to exert more pressure on ISIL in southern Damascus; ordered rebel groups in neighboring suburbs of Babila, Beit Sahm and Yalda to hand over frontline positions with ISIL or face bombardment
Syria state media - govt forces pushed into Hajar al Aswad, a Damascus neighborhood held by ISIL from different directions and captured buildings on several streets and tunnels. Dozens of ISIL fighters killed in the battles
7 時 前
NATO SecGen: A few years ago, NATO was responsible for countering Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghans themselves have responsibility for security. Important progress. We continue to train, advises, assist and provide funding.
7 時 前
Khamenei: Friendship with the unbelievers brings misery to Muslims, like the friendship some Muslim states have with the Zionist government, exchanging kind words and establishing economic or political relations.
NATO SecGen: We'll close ForMin with meeting on Open Door policy to discuss progress by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Former Republic of Macedonia. We'll also discuss Ukraine.
7 時 前
Khamenei: This is because we have forgotten to value friendship between the believers; we don't act according to Quran. If we do, we will gain dignity. This is the path to Muslims' happiness.
NATO SecGen: Ministers will address situation in Syria and NATO plans to scale up training in Iraq. @FedericaMog will join to discuss NATO-EU cooperation.
7 時 前
NATO SecGen: We will launch new training mission for Iraq at NATOSummit in July. Currently planning for several hundred to train Iraqis and help build military schools to help prevent reemergence of ISIS.
7 時 前
Khamenei: Look at the calamity Yemenis are afflicted with. Their wedding celebrations turn into mourning ceremonies: people are bombarded on streets, at bazaars and mosques; in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria the brutality is revealed in a differently.
7 時 前
Khamenei: Today there's an internal war in our Islamic region, as unwise and reactionary govts of certain countries have entered into wars against other countries.
President of Armenia National Assembly Ara Babloyan announced that on May 1 @ 12pm the RA National Assembly at a special session will discuss the issue of Prime Minister's election. Note that the deadline for nominating candidates for Prime Minister is April 30
8 時 前
More than a dozen Afghan soldiers have been killed in a Taliban attack in northern Kunduz provincev
Saudi Apache target allied forces forces.
MP opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan announces temporary freeze on civil disobedience actions blocking the roads to stop people from participating in these actions with covered license plates + to restore order among rogue drivers participating in the actions
Houthi ATGM strike hit pro-Hadi forces vehicle.
Houthi fighting against Sudanese army and pro-Hadi forces in Aleb district.
Lieberman to a Saudi electronic newspaper: The current Iranian government is living the last days
8 時 前
Khamenei: Muslims should stand firmly against the U.S. and other domineering powers' bullying. If they don't observe that, they will be humiliated.
Protest actions continue in Yerevan
Protest actions continue in Yerevan
8 時 前
Pakistan says Indian Army resort to heavy fire at LoC, killed two civilians
Report: Iran's Khamenei urges Muslim nations to unite against U.S.
Israel defense minister threatens that if Iran attack Tel Aviv, Israel will attack Teheran
German parliament approves a draft resolution recognizing the Jewish State of Israel
Armenia's parliament will elect the new prime minister on May 1, says the speaker of the parliament
At least nine Afghan security force members were killed in a Taliban attack on Wednesday night in Faryab province
8 時 前
Khamenei: The issue of Quran is a perpetual issue of the world of Islam and Islamic ummah (Nation). If the Islamic nation turn away from the Quran and not benefit from it, they will suffer a blow— just as they did previously.
PM Abadi arrives Erbil
Russian air raids targeting the city of Kafr Zita.
8 時 前
Khamenei: That the U.S. president shamelessly says, 'without the U.S., heads of some Arab states cannot maintain themselves even for a week', is a humiliation for Muslims.
2 Armenian top officials have arrived in Moscow for talks
Pompeo expected to travel to Israel next week as a new secretary of state.
Jaish Islam denies existence of any agreement or offer to move into Raqqa city which is under control of SDF/QSD
SAA and allies capture scrap plant in Ma'adhiyah neighbourhood in edges of Hajar Aswad and advance in factories area, south of Damascus
EU say nearing plan to save Iran nuclear pact
9 時 前
Armed Taliban on Wednesday attacked security check posts in various areas in Parwan province. According to Parwan security officials the Taliban attacked three security check posts in three districts of the province. Alozai Ahmadi, a security official in Parwan province, said that during the clash two insurgents were killed and three others were wounded.
The Hamas-affiliated engineer gunned down in Malaysia last week was involved in negotiating weapons deals with North Korea and was assassinated as part of a broad operation by Israel’s Mossad spy agency to dismantle a Hamas project that sends Gaza’s foremost scientists, engineers, and academics overseas in order to advance the group’s weapons programs, the New York Times reported
Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan said the Taliban’s announcement Wednesday of their spring offensive underscored the group’s “responsibility for the insecurity that destroys the lives of thousands of Afghans each year.”
Republican Party held session last night; met with former President/PM Serzh Sargsyan and acting PM Karen Karapetyan. Said they are prepared to discuss any issue with opposition Pashinyan without preconditions and Serzh Sargsyan will be replaced as party chairman
A young woman was stabbed to death by her brother in Faryab province on Wednesday in what appears to have been an honor killing
Report: Armed gunman attacks Iranian Interests Section in Washington
9 時 前
Five Palestinians arrested overnight by Israel security forces
Liberman to meet with senior US officials in Washington on Thursday
9 時 前
The former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil has claimed that the Taliban group recruits fighters from Shaikh Abdul Ghani religious seminary or Madrasa for its spring offensive
Libya: Haftar's Highly Anticipated Return Home Expected on Thursday
Shelling at Hajar Al Aswad front
Amidst conflicting press reports, Iraqi Security Media Center denies that ISIS has seized control of villages south of Kirkuk city.
South of Kirkuk city, Iraq, ISIS attacks Federal Police detachment on outskirts of village, killing 2 police and injuring 3.
ISIS attacks 3 villages in Daquq district south of Kirkuk city, Iraq. Villagers flee.
Islamic State claims the attack on an intelligence officer and the destruction of his vehicle with an improvised explosive device near Kahtaniyah village in Dibs district of #Kirkuk #Irak
South Damascus: Intensive air force bombing on Yarmouk camp and southern Damascus areas.
DShK recovered south of Riyadh today
Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has arrived in Sulaimani as he campaigns for re-election
E. Ghouta: Jaish Islam released its farewell video, showing destruction of its whole armoured fleet in Douma and its anti-aerial systems 9K33 Osa.
E. Ghouta: Jaish Islam released its farewell video, showing destruction of its whole armoured fleet in Douma and its anti-aerial systems 9K33 Osa.
Afghan journalist Abdul Manan Arghand's last Facebook post was about new flowers he had grown at home. He was assassinated on his way to work in Kandahar this morning. Already buried, even before 24 hours had passed since his writing about a new spring.
Czech president: The time has come to move our embassy to Jerusalem
Berlin wears kippah solidarity march in the German capital against Anti-Semitism and intolerance.23 時 前
"Berlin wears kippah" solidarity march in the German capital against Anti-Semitism and intolerance.
Right now, @Batoyan is addressing the tens of thousands (paraphrased): Armenia's population is 51 percent women and I want to thank them for taking part in civil disobedience and for being the guarantors of the peaceful nature of the movement
@OPCW release: the team "collected samples at this site. These samples will be brought back, together with other samples, to the OPCW laboratory in Rijswik. They will be split and dispatched for analysis by the OPCW designated labs"
Macron: Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons
Macron: We should not abandon Iran nuclear deal without better option
23 時 前
A few hours later, Russia's embassy in Denmark tweets a story saying @OPCW found no chemical weapons, with the story citing the "Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff"
Right at the rally in Republic Square, they announced that Nikol Pashinyan will be the 'people's candidate' for prime minister. "We, the Armenian people expect that all factions in parliament will choose 1 candidate consensus."
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