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23 Avrêl 2018
@obretix: New helicopter landing areas have been set up at the base between Al Hasakah and Tell Tamr
14 minute ago
All three opposition MPs have been released from detention
15 minute ago
"We expect the speedy return of the two Greek soldiers, but reject conditions and exchanges as unacceptable," Greece PM Tsipras tells SYRIZA lawmakers
17 minute ago
Greek PM Tsipras welcomes comments by Turkey's President Erdogan on need for peaceful relations, expects return of two Greek soldiers held in Turkey soon but rules out trade-off with ex-Turkish soldiers wanted by Ankara over their involvement in the July 2016 coup attempt
19 minute ago
Opposition leader MP Nikol Pashinyan and other arrested MPs have just been released
Iran hangs five Kurds in Urmia prison: rights group
Three people were killed and as many injured as a result of a traffic accident in the Behsud district of eastern Nangarhar province24 minute ago
Three people were killed and as many injured as a result of a traffic accident in the Behsud district of eastern Nangarhar province
Pro-Assad Palestinian factions mourning fighters recently killed on S. Damascus front. Pal. National Liberation (Fatah) and Free Pal. Movement among them
New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results: elections chief
@obretix: the base in Tell Baydar ~6km to the east has been equipped with a short paved runway, well suited for helicopters and V-22 Ospreys
Student's ignore govt's 'advice', clashes continue across Kashmir31 minute ago
Student's ignore govt's 'advice', clashes continue across Kashmir
31 minute ago
Five Taliban militants have been killed and seven others wounded during a clash with security forces in the Greshk district of southern Helmand province
39 minute ago
Putin to @EmmanuelMacron: US, allies' strikes in Syria serious violation of international law
44 minute ago
Russian and French presidents agree on continuing nuclear agreement with Iran
Iranian Foreign Minister: There is no alternative to the nuclear agreement
Video urban warfare in Tadamon district (NDF vs ISIS).
Several civilians killed and wounded as result of artillery shelling on Yadudah in Daraa
56 minute ago
The Mayor of the city of Massis, with 10-15 cars has blocked the highway to Yerevan to prevent people from joining the protests in the capital
58 minute ago
17 ISIS insurgents killed, 6 sanctuaries and 9 hideouts were destroyed in ANA airstrikes in Deh Bala district of Nangarhar.
Reports of battle between Taliban and Kabul forces in KhanAbad, forces also carried out multiple imprecision airstrikes. Kunduz59 minute ago
Reports of battle between Taliban and Kabul forces in KhanAbad, forces also carried out multiple imprecision airstrikes. Kunduz
Malaysia releases images of suspects in murder of Palestinian
Yemen - The head of Al Jumhouri hospital in Hajjah told Reuters he had received 40 bodies, most of them torn to pieces; that 46 people had been injured, inc 30 children, in Saudi-led air strikes that hit a wedding in NW Yemen
Another video with military joining protests in Yerevan
Video from protest now in Yerevan
Mr. Peshawari, perpetrator of ISKP attack in Kabul yesterday1 hour ago
Mr. Peshawari, perpetrator of ISKP attack in Kabul yesterday
1 hour ago
The Kremlin: All parties must implement the terms of the nuclear agreement with Iran, there is no alternative
1 hour ago
The Kremlin refuses to comment on the possibility of supplying the Syrian government with S-300 air defense systems
1 hour ago
Kremlin spox Peskov on possible interference of Russia in the situation in Armenia: This is purely an internal matter. Why should Russia interfere?
Defense Ministry has announced that the soliders who joined the student march this morning, are indeed part of the professional army corp (Blue Berets) and that they will be punished severely
600,000 names of dead and duplicate voters removed ahead of Iraqi elections #iraqielections2018
Big rally today in Yerevan
Armenian defense ministry condemns group of soldiers who took part in anti-government protests in Yerevan and says it will take harsh legal action - statement
SAA and allies attempt to advance at Qantara front in South Hama failed so far
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sends congratulations to Kyrgyzstan's new PM Mukhammedkaliy Abylgaziyev, expressing hope to work jointly to push for new progress regarding the Beltand road initiative
1 hour ago
4 British pilgrims killed, 12 others injured in Saudi road crash
[email protected] says that relations between the US and Kurdistan are developing, "within the framework of a federal Iraq," stressing the ties are decades-strong.
Afghanistan: ISIS published a suicide attack pic of the SB who killed at least 57 at voter registration center in Kabul yesterday.1 hour ago
Afghanistan: ISIS published a suicide attack pic of the SB who killed at least 57 at voter registration center in Kabul yesterday.
Egypt- an interesting map purporting to show security forces' deployment around Sheikh Zuweid, North Sinai, taken from this report:
1 hour ago
Afghan Deputy minister of interior for security Murad Ali Murad has been dismissed from his position, a govt source confirmed
ISIS threatens to target polling stations in Iraqi elections
Armenian soldiers joined the protests
Around 200 soldiers have just joined the Armenian protests. They appear to be leading the march now
Karen Karapetyan is on his way to negotiate with Pashinyan
Hundreds of Armenian soldiers have join the YerevanProtests, reports @RFERL photographer Amos Chapple, who also snapped these images
2 hour ago
Russian Foreign Minister: We agreed with China to counter attempts to undermine the Iranian nuclear agreement
S. Damascus: on 5th day of Offensive vs ISIS and HTS pro-Assad forces renewed assaults backed by intense bombardment. Yesterday they did slow advances at high cost (several armours wrecked and 10s of killed).
NGOs: close to 700,000 people have been internally displaced by violence in Syria in 2018 alone
2 hour ago
Afghanistan Badghis - 14 policemen and soldiers killed in 2 attacks
2 hour ago
"We believe it is better to have this agreement, even if it is not perfect, than to have no agreement." – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended the Iran deal
Germany and the Netherlands have followed Austria and announced that they will not allow Turkish politicians to campaign for Parliamentary and Presidential elections to be held in Turkey on June 24.
Belgian court sentences Salah Abdel Salam to 20 years in prison
"Reject Serzh" protests having spread to Goris, Vanadzor, Dilijan, Sevan, Yeghvard, other cities and villages of Armenia
SAA targets Al-Zafarana town in North Homs with mortars
Deir al-Azur: Coalition drone targets an ISIS vehicle in the town of Abu al-Hasan near al-Bukamal
Court says the danger emanating from sole surviving suspect in Paris attacks 'remains intact.'
Yemen health officials: Saudi-led coalition bombed a wedding in northern Yemen on Sunday, killing at least 15.
TRT World has obtained documents that show the PKK terror group's Syrian offshoot, PYD/YPG, has filed a request with the US Justice Department to open an office in Washington DC
Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam guilty of attempted murder in Belgium
3 hour ago
One Palestinian killed, three others injured in an explosion in northern Gaza (Beit Lahia) reasons unknown
3 hour ago
Second Palestinian succumbs to wounds bringing death toll from border clashes to 40, Health Ministry reports
3 hour ago
Afghan armed force carried out a series of airstrikes and artillery strikes targeting the ISIS hideouts and tunnels in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.
At least two doctors have been killed, seven kidnapped and 40 others threatened over the past six months in eastern Nangarhar province. During a sit-in in Jalalabad, the doctors warned of stopping work if the provincial administration failed to ensure their security within 10 days
Strike in Vanadzor
JTS seized Blinta
US Navy carrier and escorts saunter into the Med today.
3 hour ago
Al-Arabiya correspondent: A Palestinian was killed in an explosion in Beit Lahia in northern Gaza
JTS try to capture highway area between Maarrat al-Numan and Saraqib Idlib from HTS
4 hour ago
Reports of casualties after an Israel artillery shelling targeted a number of Palestinian farmers working east of Beit Lahiya in the Gaza strip
4 hour ago
Qatar denies its military planes intercepted UAE civilian aircraft
Iran MP slams Revolutionary Guards' treatment of environmentalists, says they have been denied access to lawyers and family
4 hour ago
Turkish Interior Ministry: 42 militants neutralized last week in domestic security operations
Iran bans banks from using cryptocurrencies
4 hour ago
At least 16 security force members were killed in separate attacks in western Badghis province on Sunday night
Militants from the Islamic State have beheaded three brothers, all working in the medical profession, in Afghanistan's eastern province of Nangarhar
Iran's notorious ex-prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi finally taken into custody 4 months after being sentenced to prison over death of prisoner during 2009 protests.
A new audio statement by ISIS spokesman Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir titled "By their example, be guided"
Video from a short while ago : 4th Division / Fourth Division Ghaith Forces Rocket Targeting ISIS Positions
21 hour ago
Khamenei: Developments must continue so the Army grows to become even better, stronger, more efficient and more revolutionary in the future.
Syrian Army continue to progress in Daesh held areas in Hajar Al-Aswad
Video of police detaining protesters during today's large-scale protests in Yerevan, Armenia22 hour ago
Video of police detaining protesters during today's large-scale protests in Yerevan, Armenia
Iranian FM @JZarif tells @margbrennan: I do not believe that we are headed towards regional war (With Israel)but Israel has to stop these acts of aggression, to stop these incursions (into Syrian airspace)
22 hour ago
Death toll in Kabul bombing rises to 48; ISIS claims responsibility.
Dumayr - Busses with displaced Syrians from Dumayr and Qalamoun region arrive at the countryside of opposition-held Akhtarin in northern Syria.
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