Map. History of Middle East conflict

22 November 2017
Hariri visits his father’s shrine in first stop after returning to Lebanon
Lebanon's Saad Hariri arrives in Beirut for the first time since resigning as Prime Minister on Nov. 4.
Saad al-Hariri plane arrives at Beirut airport
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri Arrives at Beirut Airport
A second pilot is now reported killed in DeirEzzor, suggesting the fall/crash of an aircraft in E. Syria.
UN says referendum issue is resolved, urges KRG to accept court ruling
Syrian Army begins operation to close ISIL's Deir Ezzor pocket
Lebanon's Hariri departs Cairo on way back home
Hariri thanks Sisi for supporting Lebanon stability ; stresses importance of “disassociation policy”
East Hama: ISIS militants captured the following villages from HTS: Suruj, Abu Khanadiq (rep. recaptured by HTS), Abu Marw, Judaydah, Wasitah, Ayban
SW. Damascus: important government mobilization (Arab Nationalist Guard, 4th Division, Palestinians etc.) allowed them to make advances in Mount Hermon and take several hills.
Saudi King Salman and Putin spoke about econ ops, mutual coop in fighting terrorism, regional stability - foreign min: statement
France can play productive role in Middle East - Iran president
Egypt: Presidents al-Sisi and Michel Aoun confirm the importance of maintaining the stability of Lebanon and preserve national interest in a phone call.
Egypt | Four high-risk "terrorists" were killed in northern Sinai
Turkey charges three Bulgarians with migrant smuggling
Ahrar Al-Sham mourns one of its commanders in E. Ghouta, In Harasta
Albukamal: ISIS Released New Video Footage Of The Battles In The Outskirts Of The City.
Ankara sends extradition request to Germany for the return of Adil Oksuz, a main suspect in last year's deadly coup attempt
Libya : Libya parliament (Tobruk) votes yes to UN peace plan. Spokesman says it agrees to give up command of army to new 3-strong presidential council in Tripoli
Guided artillery strikes with Russian UAV laser target designator against ISIS targets during Syrian Army military operation in Abu Kamal.
TIP seized a T-62 from government near Mustarihah. Russian markings clearly visible.
Lebanese PM Hariri to head to Egypt amid political tensions
One Israeli army officer suspended from command, another reprimanded, following shooting incident near Nabi Salah in October that resulted in the death of a Palestinian wrongly suspected as an assailant
Rouhani tells Macron Iran 'not seeking to dominate' Mideast
Rouhani: We reject the adventures of some inexperienced princes because they are detrimental to the security of the region
Free Syrian Army officers in northern Syria declare their solidarity with Dr Riad Hijab and scepticism over the Moscow Platform’s role in upcoming Riyadh conference
Russian President Putin will talk with SaudiArabia’s King Salman following Bashar Assad’s unplanned meeting in Russia
Egypt: deployed IEDs dismantled, IED making material attempted to be smuggled foiled by counter-militancy efforts in North Sinai
ATGM strike on one of the government tanks by HTS in Arfah - Hama
PUK failed to complete the quorum for Kirkuk provincial council meeting in Kirkuk.
NE. Hama: HTS took out a tank with a TOW in Arfa.
Iranian president declares end to Islamic State
In their meeting, Putin and Assad agreed that the military operation in Syria is coming to an end and emphasized the need to launch political process, statement by Kremlin says
Syrian government leader Bashar al Assad (L) meeting Russian President Putin in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, November 20, 2017