Map. History of Middle East conflict

25 September 2017
Turkish Air Force drone UAV tracking north of Iraq
SDF commander says they target 'hostile forces' with heavy weapons in retaliation after bombings earlier.
Islamic State attacks the SDF hold Koniko oilfield in the Deir Ezzor province with GRAD rockets(GRAD-P)
Iraqi Ministry of Defense: a large-scale military exercises with the Turkish army started on the border between the two countries
Airstrikes hit Atarib city western Aleppo
In Ağrı, the gunmen opened fire on the minibus: 3 dead, 2 injured
AK Party MP from Gaziantep Abdülkadir Yüksel has died due to a heart attack
N. Hama-S. Idlib: powerful RuAF airstrikes on Lataminah and Jebel Zawiyah.
N. Hama-S. Idlib: powerful RuAF airstrikes on Lataminah and Jebel Zawiyah.
Kurds in Iran marching in support of today's KRG referendum on Kurdish independence - which Tehran strictly opposes.
Egypt activists launch "25 days" for rights activist @Alaa AbdelFattah as he faces yet more jail time in upcoming sentencing #FreeAlaa
Kurds in Iran are on the streets to support KRG referendum in Iraq
Pentagon: Kurdish referendum 'distraction' from ISIS fight. "This is an issue for Iraq, they are going to have to sort that out,” spox says
Civil Casualties reported in Arbin, Damascus as government shells the area
Civil Casualties reported in Arbin, Damascus as government shells the area
Iranian Kurds in the town of Sanadaj marched in support of the Kurdistan Region, protesting Iran
Ballot boxes sealed throughout Kurdistan Region as voting ends in Kurdistan Referendum.
Inherent Resolve:Sep 23-24, Coalition forces conducted 85 strikes consisting of 167 engagements vs ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Government still shelling Beit Jin with artillery and helicopters (Mi-25) and renewed attempt to advance in farmland.
Hashd al-Shaabi forces say they are prepared to do battle in Kirkuk after Iraqi PM ordered troops deployment in disputed areas.
Photos from the continued Turkish Army drill on the border with Iraqi Kurdish Region today.
SDF claims it has responded to government/Russian agressions, after numerous warnings
Pro-Assad-forces try to advance in desert from Humaymah to ISIS held T-2 Pump station 70km west of AbuKamal
Voter turnout in Khanaqin in Diyala Province is 90%, according to Kurdistan Referendum Commission
Polls just closed in Kurdistan Referendum: 76% Participation
The Egyptian iron man “Ramy Elsebeiy” BigRamy has won the Arnold Classic Europe 2017 arnoldclassic
Iraqi government redeploys various divisions from the outskirts of Hawijah to Tuz Khurmatu PMU as reinforcements.
The end of military training between Egypt and Saudi Arabia «Faisal 11»
E. Damascus: fierce clashes and shelling continue on Jobar and Ain Terma fronts after government launched simultaneous assaults on 4 axes.
PKK attack kills Syrian refugee in southeast Turkey
Kirkuk governor declares a curfew will be imposed Monday night after referendum polling stations close.
Scenes of clashes MMC/SDF with Daesh in North Raqqa, Andalus District yesterday
15 killed and dozens of wounded civilians in a new toll of Russian raids on the city of Jisr al-Shughour west of Idlib
Syrian Observatory: At least 27 civilians killed in Russian raids on the Northwest Idlib province
The Egyptian army is installing 30-meter observation towers equipped with night-time surveillance cameras at checkpoints and ambushes in the Sinai to monitor remote movements through cameras
Child killed and several other civilians were wounded as result of airstrike in Muhanbal, Idlib
Rudaw has footage of clashes between Shia militia and peshmerga in Tuz Khormato: one driver died and peshmerga wounded
Idlib: Russian Airstrikes Hit Saraqeb City
6 civilians were killed as result of airstrike on Jisr al-Shughur in western Idlib countryside
IHEC extends voting deadline for KurdistanReferendum for one hour across Kurdistan region
RSAF @SaudiHawks88 team display at Malta Airshow
At the request of parliament, Iraqi PM Abadi has ordered troops to disputed areas to 'protect citizens.'
The popular market in the town of Sarakeb After the Russian air raids
U.S. Central Command:[email protected] Strike Update: Near Raqqah, 29 strikes engaged 7 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 20 positions
TASS: Ryabkov: The death of a Russian general in Syria was a consequence of the US's duplicitous policy.
NE Damascus FSA forces destroy government tank and military bulldozer on Manasher axis in Jobar
Kirkuk governor Karim; I ask people of Kirkuk to be calm,no celebratory gunfire. Keep ur bullets for when it is necessary to defend the city
SDF Seizes al-Kubar town western Deir-Ezzor from ISIS
The body of Doku Umarov discovered in Ingushetia - REN TV
Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister meets Belarusian Ambassador
LTG Nakasone: we can't take eye off Iran-can hit financial industry, can hack unclass networks, destructive attacks in Mid East #ISWSC17
Syria Clashes between SDF and ISIS now in Andalus neighborhood at northern entrance of Raqqa city
Death of Russian general in Syria is result of US hypocrisy – Moscow
Iraq PMU (Hashd) leader says small clashes occurred between Peshmerga and PMU in Tuz Khurmatu, Saladin province.
Airstrike on Halouz village in Latakia
Airstrike on Halouz village in Latakia
RuAF hit center of Jisr al-Shughur town in western Idlib with 6 bombs
RuAF hit center of Jisr al-Shughur town in western Idlib with  6 bombs
OIR Spokesman: SDF reported indirect fire nearby their locations. @CJTFOIR deconflicting with Russians, passing info to ensure compliance with agreed deconflicting measures
Egypt's Sissi to Netanyahu: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Would Create New Reality in Mideast
Turkish Higher Authority for Broadcasts to have emergency meeting at 3pm to take out @Rudawkurdish from Turk-Sat.
Russian Ministry of Defense denied strikes on SDF
Russian Airstrikes hit ISIS-held district of Deir Ezzor city
Russian airplanes launch air strikes on Benin at Jabal al-Zawiyeh in southern countryside of Idlib
1 killed, 5 wounded in PKK attack in Şemdinli
UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says “Iraq’s future lies in dialogue” and that his country is prepared to help.
Britain’s Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson urges “all parties to remain calm, work together to defeat ISIS.”
IHA: 4 suspected PYD/YPG members detained after illegal border crossing into Turkey from northern Syria
Syria rejects Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum
Erdogan and Putin agreed during a telephone conversation on the unity of Iraqi and Syrian territories
SNHR: Russian Forces killed 2 civilians in al Kafir village in Idlib, Sep 25
Turkish President Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Putin discussed the Kurdistan Referendum over a phone-call.
SAA and allies establish full control over Um Al-Rish and Rasm Al-Naqah villages in east Homs/ Hama CS.
Yemen Houthis detain U.S. citizen in capital Sanaa - local sources
Kurdistan’s referendum is the declaration of war against the unity of the people of Iraq — Iraq’s VP Nouri al-Maliki.
Intense raids today morning on Mayadin city
Russian Planes have bombed SDF positions in The Conoco gasfield
Ongoing operations to capture Umm al-Rish, East Homs
At least 3 civilians killed due SyAF/RuAF raids yesterday on Kafar Halab West Aleppo
Syria government forces started new offensive in Reyhan area (prev. truce with JaishalIslam), capturing farmland
Artillery shelling by @ShamLegion on locations of pro-Assad fighters in Aleppo.
Iraqi Afaq TV: Iraqi Parliament votes on requiring PM to deploy forces in Kirkuk.
Iraqi parliament votes to close all borders of Kurdistan Region with the outside world following today's independence referendum.
Philippines Marawi - Marawi siege to end in less than a month: army
Jaish al Islam are confronting pro-Assad militias in Howsh al Dahra and al Rayhan fronts in Eastern Ghouta
Report: with General Asapov killed or wounded 5 more top Russian officers. Whole command group of Deir-ez-Zur op
Airstrikes on Jisr al-Shughour now. Idlib countryside
SDF statement strongly condemning attacks by Russia and government on SDF forces NE Deir Ezzor by airstrikes and artillery. Number of fighters killed at Textile factory and Conico plant
Iraqi PM orders security services "to protect citizens being coerced" in Kurdistan
10 People Killed eastern Deir Ezzor in al-Mayadin city by US-led Coalition raid
Erdogan threatens to halt oil exports from Iraqi Kurdistan via Turkey
Rocket bombardment of the city of Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib this morning
Rocket bombardment of the city of Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib this morning
Airstrikes hit Bidama town in Idlib
Airstrikes hit Bidama town in Idlib
Activists recorded 140 airstrikes - mostly Russian - hit Idlib/ Hama/ Aleppo across all areas since early morning
Russian airstrike on Al-Sirmaniyah village in Ghab plains
Erdogan: We will not hesitate to carry out a military operation in Iraq if necessary
Erdogan: We won't allow a terrorist state on our borders and we'll enter "suddenly one night" to prevent it
Russia and Pakistan held joint military exercises in the North Caucasus
US-backed Syrian SDF says will use "legitimate right to self-defense" in response to attacks
Erdogan: We will close our border with northern Iraq in both directions in the coming days
Parsons Green tube attack: police make seventh arrest One has been charged: 18-year-old Ahmed Hassan
Erdogan: the army has taken the necessary measures on the border with Iraq
President Erdogan: We do not accept referendum in Kurdistan region
Qatari FM: China, Russia support Kuwaiti mediation to solve crisis
More families from besieged Orqibet arrived in North Idlib
Qatari Foreign Minister: # Qatar has called on the countries of the blockade to provide evidence of their allegations, but they did not provide one evidence
RuAF hit town center of Saraqib Idlib
Raqqa: Airstrike targeted the city
Airstrike targeted Sukuyk town in Southern Idlib
Six of Syria Democratic Forces members were injured in a Russian bombing in the suburb of Deir al-Zour. SDF sources announced.
Lieutenant General Asapov is the most high-ranking officer killed in action in the entire history of modern Russia
Two civilians were killed by air strikes on the village of Al Kufayr in the western Idlib
SDF captured Sor town’s silos from ISIS in Deir-Ez-Zor countryside.
Locals of Bashiqa at a polling station in the town.
Russian forces now using MLRS and mortars to shell SDF positions
Queue at a polling station in Khorsabad, Ninewa.
4 airstrikes targeted Morek city in Southern Idlib, no casualties
A bomb on an Egyptian plane in Paris and an investigation with three passengers
We are working with Russia and Iran to establish a new de-escalation zone in Afrin, Syria. Turkish PM says
Iran decided to close border with Iraqi Kurdistan
The trial of Morsi and others in the storming of prisons is postponed until October 2
Iran closes border with Iraqi Kurdistan: foreign ministry
Six terrorists were killed and 65 terrorist caches destroyed in raids by the Second Army north of Sinai
Military spokesman: Law enforcement forces in the Second Army Field continue their efforts to combat terrorist activity in North Sinai
Russian bombardment against US-backed SDF positions in eastern Deir Ezzor continuing, casualties reported.
Russian warplanes bombing SDF positions in the recently captured Koniko oil field area east of Deir ez-Zor
@PMBarzani: "Hearing @HaiderAlAbadi's threats Sunday reminded me of the threats from the old government of Saddam. We did not expect this type of language."
Renovation of the underground infrastructure starts in towns of Tahtilat, Souran and Dabiq
President al-Sisi leaves Cairo for UAE on official visit
"We will only coordinate with Baghdad moving forward" Turkish PM @BA_Yildirim says
PM Yıldırım: Iraqi forces will participate in Turkey's military exercises near the border with Iraq
Today, the trial of the accused is considered the case of "Ansar al-Sharia Brigades"
11 civilians were killed and 15 others wounded in intensive air raids by Russian aircraft at night on the towns of rural Idlib.
Palestinian PM to visit Gaza next week for reconciliation efforts: statement
Turkey suspends Peshmerga training program in Bashiqa.
Turkish PM: We are considering imposing sanctions on Iraqi Kurdistan after decision to go ahead with referendum
Officially a statement given to north Sinai schools to stop collecting fees from people and exempt book,school expenses
The arrival of a number of transport vehicles loaded with food and flour to the city of Rafah in northern Sinai shortly after the army allowed the passage of ambushes
Egypt's refused allow a funeral for Mohammad Mahdi Akef, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader who died in prison
Russian warplanes another raid on Saraqib city with air-to-ground missiles
Daraa: government forces stationed in Khirbet Al-Ghazaleh violate ceasefire, attacking Dael and Abtaa with Shilka machine guns
Palestinian government announces holding its meeting in the Gaza Strip mid-week
OIR Spokesman: ISF kept up the fight to #defeatDaesh thru the weekend - 66 villages captured near Hawija and Sharqat; >850km2 cleared
Turkey minister denies Iraq border closed, says tight controls in place
Co-head of Syrian Kurdish administration: 'our borders are open to Iraqi Kurdistan and we will support and defend it'
Libya- on Sep. 22 the LAF claimed to have conducted airstrike against an SDB column in Saddadah
Kurdish President Masoud Barzani casts his ballot for an independent Kurdistan.
Armed with Kalibr SS-N-27 missiles, Russian Naby Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Grigorovich transits Bosphorus en route to Eastern Med Syria
4,000 local observers, 140 foreign observers, 320 journalists observe the Kurdistan Referendum at 1,400 ballot stations across Kurdistan.
Syrian Army start new attack in Jobbar, Ain Tarmah Axis
HRW accuses US-led coalition of not taking adequate precautions to minimise civilian casualties in Syria
SCD: Our volunteers have saved 2 girls in western countryside of Aleppo after airstrikes targeted their house two hours ago
Night bombardment near Saraqib town
Night bombardment near Saraqib town
Trump new Travel ban suspends/limits nationals from: 1-Chad 2-Iran 3-Libya 4-North Korea *5-Syria* 6-Venezuela 8-Yemen 9-Somalia
US forces in Syria have increased surveillance of Russian troop locations following Moscow's suggestion that US troops could get caught in Russian military operations
Suweida24 reporting dozens of local SAA troops refused orders to go to Hama, asking local officials to keep them in Suweida
Qunietra loyalist militia Liwa Suqur al-Quneitra sending fighters to the Hama front from the south.
Russia is to set up a new large military air base in Syria's DeirEzZor
Hama and Idlib - RuAAF In last hour has been bombing Morek, Lataminah, Tamanah, Latmin, Saraqib
Many Russian air raids across Idlib towns
School for orphans opened in Ihtaymilat after renovation. Also ongoing work for another school in Akhtarin in northern Syria.
From today's attack on western countryside of Aleppo by Russina warplanes.
IS shows some details about the attack against LNA units in Al Fuqaha checkpoint, between Sabha and Zillah, including beheaded soldiers.
Photo from the Mi-28N Cockpit with a view of the Palmyra Castle
Graduation of 600 soldiers from US/Turkey-backed Hamza Division
Graduation of 600 soldiers from US/Turkey-backed Hamza Division
Iranian AF TFB.3 and 6 pilots and F-4Es are ready at Hamedan to assist Iraq AF again to deal with any possible threat from Iraq's Kurdistan
OIR Spokesman: @CJTFOIR committed to defeating ISIS. More than 85k km2 cleared, 6M ppl captured. Mosul Raqqa. Comrades who say differently = dense.
Algeria in the Tell, militant killed and AK + other objects seized by the ANP
On 16 September in DeirEzZor a Vehicle Carrying 3 Russian Servicemen was ambushed. Known Killed: Vladimir Tarasyuk and Colonel Rustem Abzalov
French cement company Lafarge made payments to armed groups, including ISIS, to keep a plant running in Syria
Gorran urges supporters to support the referendum.
Iranian President to Abadi: Kurdish Referendum is danger to the unity of Iraq and the stability and security of the region.
Free Idlib army shelling Grad Missiles on Syrian army positions in northern Hama
IS retakes control of parts of al-Firdous neighborhood inside Raqqa city after heavy clashes against the SDF.
RT: Russian lieutenant-general killed in ISIS shelling near Deir ez-Zor, Syria - MoD
Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed information that General Asapov was killed in Syria
PM @HaiderAlAbadi chairs meeting of the National Security Council in Baghdad, discusses proposed illegal referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Video From Today - Arrival of some SAA Reinforcements to one of the Northern Hama Towns
D24: At least a boy was killed due artillery shelling by Assad forces on Khasham town East Deir Ez zor
Anti-IS coalition targeted a car belonging to IS on Mazraa road in Boleil town in eastern Deir ez-Zor.
Anti-IS coalition raids on Siwar in northern Deir ez-Zor and dozens of civilians have escaped after the area has been announced as a military zone.
Today: Libyan Islamic State releasing its first professional video in 2017 and Pentagon announcing new strikes against Libyan Islamic State
General of 5th Russian army Valeriy Asapov was killed with his interpreter and 2 colonels in mortar attack on HQ near Deir-Ez-Zur
Video show moments of targeting IS positions by Coalition aircrafts in Raqqa city
FOOTAGE: IRGC's UCAVs launch 4 missiles on ISIS along Syria - Iraq border: 1 and 2: HQ, 3: Tank, 4: Gas station
Hundreds of families in besieged Raqqa are trapped in the football stadium. They escaped to the stadium and IS surrounded them. Now the SDF is trying to get into the football stadium and IS is using the families who sought refuge in the stadium as human shields.
Russia's state TV: "RF Ministry of Defense produced photographic evidence that proves cooperation between the U.S. and ISIS."
Three VBIED attacks by IS today on SDF locations in 17th Division Base, Remyla and Fardos neighbourhoods.
Iraq asks foreign countries to stop oil trade with Kurdistan over #KurdishReferendum
The Alliance of Arab and Turkmen Tribes calls on Turkey and others to intervene to stop YPG/PKK expansionism in Deir Ez Zor, Raqqa and Hasakah.
Reuters: Iraqi government calls on the Kurdistan Regional Government to hand over border crossings and airports
President Erdogan met with Iranian President Ruhani.
4.6M earthquake felt in Bodrum
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 2km N of Kos, Greece