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21 กันยายน 2018

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Aleppo: In response to SAA shelling on al-Bab, FSA is targeting Assad's Army on Tadef front.
Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Al-Houthi militias did not attend the Geneva negotiations and this undermines the course of the settlement
Motol Fire: Be'eri
[email protected]: I will Chair the United Nations Security Council meeting on Iran next week.
Two civilians injured by shelling of the SAA with mortars on the Al Bab, East Aleppo
North Syria: government shelled the town of Al-Bab, wounding several civilians. TSK artillery targeted sources of fire on Tadef front.
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet on the sidelines of the 73rd UN General Assembly in New York next week. They will discuss Cyprus, bilateral relations and the 8 Turkish soldiers who have sought asylum in Greece
Israel provided Moscow with proof it was not responsible for the downing of a Russian plane in Syria, an Israeli military official said
India cancels New York meeting with Pakistan: official
Ten pro-Hadi soldiers and officers were killed in Houthi ambush in Bayda province.
Molotov fire: Nirim
According to Chief of Joint Headquarters of CSTO Colonel-General Anatoliy Sidorov, Daesh transferred 2,500 fighters from Syria to Afghanistan and Pakistan this year.
Lavrov: Russia and Turkey military agree on borders of demilitarized zone in Idlib
US Ambassador to UN says Iran has established a training center in Iraq to train and finance militias.
12 killed, 14 wounded in north Mozambique jihadist attacks: local source
Molotov Fires: Erez, Near Sderot train station, Yakhini.
Lavrov: Jabhat al-Nusra should leave the demilitarized zone in Syria by mid-October
Saudi-led coalition raids on al-Haethi tracking base in Sana'a2 hour ago
Saudi-led coalition raids on al-Haethi tracking base in Sana'a
Demonstrations in the towns of Al-Bab, Azaz, Sadjou, Atarab, Al Jinah, Dar Ta`izzah in Aleppo province, Sarmada, Hazanu, Killi, Qarqaniah, Kafr Sajnah, Al-Fatira, Maarat Al-Nu'man Idlib province
The UK will be contributing £250M towards recruiting a cyber-force to combat the threat from Daesh, following successful UK cyber-attacks against the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.
Demonstration in the city of Kafr Nabl in the countryside of Idlib, reiterated demands of the Syrian revolution and refused to reconcile with the forces of the government
Artillery shelling on Khuwayn village in Southern Idlib countryside
3 hour ago
Turkey orders detentions of 110 soldiers on suspected Gulen links
Syria: following recent deal between Turkey and Russia, some families who fled recent bombardment on S. Idlib countryside decided to come back.
Turkey expects international community to contribute to political process in Syria – Kalin
4 hour ago
Hama: Demonstration in the city of Latamna calls for the fall of the Assad regime and the return of the displaced people
Erdogan spokesman Kalin: "We are waiting for the Manbij roadmap to be implemented without any delays, as planned."
Turkish presidential spokesman says joint training and patrol with US in Syria's Manbij will begin soon
Lt. Gen. Michael X. Garrett, U.S. Army Central commander, meets with the US and Egypt-ian military officials in Cairo, Egypt.
E. Syria: IRGC-linked Jaafariyah Force announces the death of a prominent leader (Riad Harmalani) in clashes vs ISIS in Deir ez-Zur desert.
IAF on Russian plane downing: 'Syrians launched dozens of missiles, incl SA5, over 30 min. Their air defense 'went mad', launching W into Med, S towards Lebanon, and E deep into Syria' This could sugg heavy Israeli EW/cyber, Syrian incompetence, or both
Preparations in Gaza Strip to participate in the Friday "breaking the siege" within the activities of the 26th week of the Great March of Return, which began on March 30, amid calls for the largest participation.
The Maghaweir Al Thowra supported by the International Coalition continues its military training to increase their combat readiness and be able to protect themselves from any attack We continue to protect civilians in the 55 km zone and will continue to fight
In El-Tarf, in east Algeria, authorities uncovered a clandestine ammunition factory and seized 825 rounds. In Mila, also in the east, authorities confiscated 9 shotguns, 5,670 rounds, and black powder.
A new US patrol on the dividing line with the Euphrates shield near Aoun al-Daddat village north of the town of Manbij.
Israel warns Hamas: If the flotillas don't stop, we will restrict the fishing limit.
SDF express their joy after liberating Bagouz, stressing their morale is high and they continue to progress. "IS is trying to block our progress through car bombs, but all their methods didn't prevent us from liberating the village. Today, we're in the outskirts of Sousse"
Artillery shelling targeting al-Khawain village, southeast of Idlib.
Iron Dome deployed in southern Israel and Gaza region.
Slogan for today's protests following Friday prayers in Idlib - " no constitution no reconstruction until Assad leaves power "
The Armenian Armed Forces, using heavy machine guns, violated the ceasefire 88 times - Azerbaijan
Pro-Assad network of @AlMayadeenLive reports that Russia has rejected the Israeli report on the shooting down of the IL-20 in Syria
Three dead members of the Sultan Murad squad after their car was shot by unknown persons on the road Raju West Afrin in the countryside North Aleppo
Israeli army assessment is that Iran will speed up its arms shipments to Hezbollah. Israel says when a shipment arrives it will be intercepted.
Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah commends the public forces who took part in the safety of Ashura ceremonies in Kabul along with government forces on Thursday. He says it is a clear example of people's cooperation in the country's security.
Commander of Sham corps wounded in explosive device blast in Saraqib
Some more artillery pieces captured near Hodeidah
Jammu and Kashmir: Three policemen who were kidnapped by militants in south Kashmir's Shopian, found dead
Shabwani Elite Forces are currently engaged in violent clashes with al-Qaeda operatives in the area of ​​"Khura" in Shabwa and fall of the number of dead from al-Qaeda and 4 wounded from Elite forces
Three Special Police Officers (SPOs) who were abducted by militants in Shopian of South Kashmir have been killed. Dead bodies have been found.
Explosives hurled at Israeli army soldiers during overnight clashes with Palestinian units at the security fence.
Islamic State Claims Killing 8 ISF In Clashes In Shaykh Hamad Village Northeast Of Shirqat District.
Climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL76 RA78847 RFF7340
US State Department: We will hold the Iranian government responsible for any attacks on our facilities in Iraq
Turkey is massing troops near Tel Abyad
Turkey is massing troops near Tel Abyad
US State Department: Concerned about the humanitarian situation in Egypt, including freedom of expression and the press
The court has again rejected the request that the police officer who shot Kemal Kurkut to death during Newroz celebrations in Diyarbakır be arrested
Confiscated weapons in Baghuz
E. Syria: multiple soldiers killed in E. Homs desert amidst reports of an ambush carried out by ISIS. 1st one was a Republican Guard's Colonel from Quneitra prov.
Kremiln spox: Russian President Putin and Russian National Security Council members discussed issues related to the security of the Russian military in Syria following the downing of the Russian IL-20 aircraft there
Amikam Norkin, the commander of the Israeli air force, is in Moscow. He has brought the Israeli data on the crash of the Russian Il-20 that cost the lives of 15 Russian soldiers. According to the Israeli side, the meeting has been constructive. The Russian side is silent for the time being.
UK at UNSC: UK committed to a two state solution, best way to achieve this is through negotiations.
France at UNSC: Macron will speak with Abbas in Paris on Friday.
3 civilians were killed by unidentified gunmen near the town of Harbnoush north of Idlib.
18 hour ago
UNSMIL holds meeting for ceasefire committee, diplomats as violence rocks Tripoli
An IAF aircraft carried out an attack on a cell that fired Molotov cocktails in the northern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory
Molotov fire: Nachal Oz
Mladenov states the obvious, Israeli has not stopped settlement activity.
18 hour ago
Reports of an Israeli army drone targeting an area in eastern Gaza moments ago. Israel
Volkswagen denies US ambassador claims it will end all business in Iran
Libya Situation in Tripoli: heavy clashes between Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and militias.
1 rioter seriously injured East to Rafah
18 hour ago
Airstrike East to Gaza city
Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF capture Al-Bagouz Faqani town.
HTS executed 5 Daesh members in Southern Aleppo
SAA shelling area of Tall Othman, Hama with artillery
19 hour ago
Turkish National Security Council: Operations targeting terrorists outside the country will continue
19 hour ago
The Turkish National Security Council stresses the importance of the agreement with Russia on stopping the attacks on the "zone of reducing tension" in Syria
The White House confirms: Trump will meet Netanyahu next Wednesday in NY. Trump will also meet Egyptian president Al-Sisi
Ambulance and emergency: recovered 9 dead and 13 wounded in clashes in Tripoli Libya19 hour ago
Ambulance and emergency: recovered 9 dead and 13 wounded in clashes in Tripoli Libya
Indiscriminate civilian shelling continues as Tripoli militias continue to break ceasefire with impunity
Spokesman of Rescue and Emergency Service: "today's clashes in Southern area of Tripoli, 9 killed (2 civilians) and 13 wounded (4 civilians).
19 hour ago
Batch of incendiary balloons were launched from Gaza towards Israel
19 hour ago
Israeli troops firing on rioters East to Gaza City. Flares deployed
Mortar shelling targeting the southern outskirts of the town of Al-Latamneh from the Zlin checkpoint in the northern outskirts of Hama.
19 hour ago
Idlib - An evening demonstration in Ariha, Idlib cs. To call against the terrorism of Assad. And to show refusal of reconciliations and to demand the overthrow of the government.
Commander of 1st ISOF, CTS, Maj. Gen. Fathil Barwari, has passed away from a stroke.20 hour ago
Commander of 1st ISOF, CTS, Maj. Gen. Fathil Barwari, has passed away from a stroke.
An IED that was attached to a baloon that was launched from Gaza had exploded near a home in Mlilot, Sdot Negev regional council (south to Netivot )
Su-30SM overflying a drone over Maarrat al-Numan.
The head of the trade union department of the Yemeni Rally for Reform in Aden governorate, Dabwan Ghalib, survived an assassination attempt by an improvised explosive device planted by unknown gunmen in his car.
20 hour ago
Azerbaijan: Combat firing was conducted in the course of large-scale exercises.
Azerbaijan: Combat firing was conducted in the course of large-scale exercises.
NASA scientist Serkan Golge imprisoned in Turkey on what US has said are trumped up charges is given reduced sentence. @statedeptspox says they welcome the news, but "he should be freed immediately."
Iran's Letter to UNSC on the inflammatory statements by Netanyahu, boasting about the nuclear weapons capability of the Israeli government and threatening Iran with nuclear annihilation: Member states should not condone or tolerate such nuclear blackmail in the 21st century
21 hour ago
Netanyahu warns Hezbollah leader to 'think twenty times' before confronting Israel or risk receiving 'unimaginable lethal blow'
.@RoyalNavy Gibraltar Squadron fires warning flare after Spanish Guardia Civil vessel got too close to nuclear submarine HMS Talent, which was departing the Rock with a local tug. GBC understands the flare followed repeated radio warnings to back off.22 hour ago
[email protected] Gibraltar Squadron fires warning flare after Spanish Guardia Civil vessel got too close to nuclear submarine HMS Talent, which was departing the Rock with a local tug. GBC understands the flare followed repeated radio warnings to back off.
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