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22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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11 minute ago
ISIS attack on Iraqi Federal Police checkpoint fails in Qadud district 40 kilometers south of Kirkuk city. 1 ISIS killed.
12 minute ago
Reports over the past hours that several shells fired from Egypt landed in the Rafah area. Some mistakenly reporting it as possible attack from Gaza
Smoke rises from Quneitra in southwestern Syria as rebels destroy their arms stocks prior to their departure, in a picture taken on July 22 from the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. @jalaamarey for @AFPPhoto
South Syria: ISIS says it repelled another assault on Tell Jumou front. The 5 Tiger Forces fighters killed yesterday died in car bomb blast on Jalin front. Al-Quds Brigade announces it also lost 3 men there.
Now in front of Iran's Islamic government Parliament in Tehran, retired staff of Iran Army are protesting because of months of unpaid pensions. They are chanting "Our Enemy Is Here, The government Lies and Says That It's America".
Second video of today protest of retired personnel of Iran Army as well as teachers due to months of unpaid pensions and also low wages in front of Iran's Islamic government parliament. They chant: "Our expenses is in Dollar, but our pensions is in Rial".
5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Kurdish province of Kermanshah. It was felt in different areas in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) and the Kurdistan Region.
The United States Geological Survey reported that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred at 1:07 PM local time (10:07 UTC) with an epicenter located 35 km northeast of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran at a depth of 5.7 km.
People of Borazjan, Bushehr province have blocked the roads to their city while are protesting against the Iran's Islamic government due to 8 days of unavailability of drinking water and power outrages. Security forces are on their ways to suppress the protests. Iran Protests
46 minute ago
[email protected] confirms YPG evacuated Afrin to prevent further civilian casualties. "We were well aware of this which is why we decided that the people of Afrin had to leave the city, in order to avoid further massacres."
.@Nurimahmud1 Areas such as Ghouta, Daraa, Idlib, were sacrificed for the occupation of Afrin. In this regard, there was an agreement with Russia46 minute ago
[email protected] Areas such as Ghouta, Daraa, Idlib, were sacrificed for the occupation of Afrin. In this regard, there was an agreement with Russia
Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi: "White Helmets" evacuees exited through Golan. Request was for 800 people, but actual number settled on 422.
48 minute ago
Isis claims to have thwarted a SAA assault near Tall Jumu.
48 minute ago
IDPs convoy resumed its travel towards Idlib after being blocked by Iran ian-led militias since 7 AM (reason(s) remain(s) unclear).
Photo from Ghasm village west of Bosra al-Sham
South Syria: waves of "Golan" rockets pounding Yarmouk Basin - Daraa.
Opposition fighters are burning the Quneitra border crossing along the Israel-Syria border
Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 - 35km NE of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
2 hour ago
UK MFA Jeremy Hunt: Fantastic news that we - UK and friends - have secured evacuation of White Helmets and their families - thank you Israel and Jordan for acting so quickly on our request. The WH are the bravest of the brave and in a desperate situation this is at least one ray of hope
Al-Jazeera: More than 1,000 settlers broke into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque since the morning
Iranian semi-official news agency: Magnitude 5.7 earthquake jolts town in country's south.
In a speech to Iranian diplomats, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned the United States against provoking Tehran, saying that conflict with the country would be "the mother of all wars."
5 hour ago
Quake reported in Tsfat
Suspected Boko Haram jihadists in the Lake Chad region kill 18 people, wound two and kidnap 10 women in a village south of Daboua, Chad military source says5 hour ago
Suspected Boko Haram jihadists in the Lake Chad region kill 18 people, wound two and kidnap 10 women in a village south of Daboua, Chad military source says
3 militants were killed in Kulgam early morning today. They were involved in abduction and killing of one police constable (Mohammad Saleem) yesterday. Bodies of the militants and 2 AK-47 rifles recovered. One militant was associated with LeT, other two were locals: SP Vaid, DGP J&K
Pakistan Foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua has reached Kabul, to attend meeting on APPAPS: FO Spokesperson5 hour ago
Pakistan Foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua has reached Kabul, to attend meeting on APPAPS: FO Spokesperson
Jordan government said it had authorized the United Nations (UN) to organize the passage of 800 Syrian citizens through Jordan to be resettled in western countries.
SOHR: more than 20,000 people fled ISIL controlled pocket in Daraa to govt controlled territory in province due to intense govt airstrikes and shelling - 10,000 people believed to remain in Yarmouk Basin
3.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Tiberias region of Northern Israel moments ago.
Magnitude 4.7 and 5.7 quakes strike southern Iran: state TV
Rouhani: The United States should know that the war with Iran will be the "mother of all wars"
Arab coalition jets destroy the operations center of the Houthi militia west of Sarawah in the province of Marib
Iranian militia intercepts convoy of displaced from Quneitra near Homs
Two children were killed and a third wounded as a result of a bomb explosion in the Khair Khana area of the capital Kabul on Sunday5 hour ago
Two children were killed and a third wounded as a result of a bomb explosion in the Khair Khana area of the capital Kabul on Sunday
Multiple Russian airstrikes were reported overnight in the Yarmouk Bassin against the ISIS-affiliated Jaish Khalid Ibn Walid
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS sniper attacks killing an officer and a soldier near Sheikh Zuweid and al-Arish, and a double-IED attack that damaged a minesweeper and killed a soldier in Rafah, near the Sinai-Gaza border
IQAF wiped out a group of 10 ISIS in the Tuz mountains with the possibility that the militants had a hand in the highway killings weeks back.
Reports that Coalition sent a detachment to the Green Zone.
Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 - 55km E of Lar, Iran
The Israeli army operation that took place around midnight was under media blackout in Israel until in an attempt to make sure all the WhiteHelmet workers and their families were safely evacuated from Syria.
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 50km E of Lar, Iran
Israel's military said the "exceptional humanitarian gesture" came following the request of the US and European countries and in accordance with the directives of the political echelon.
The Israeli army confirms that overnight hundreds of @SyriaCivilDef White Helmets and their families were evacuated into Israel from southern Syria. They were then transferred to neighboring Jordan.
Evacuation of White Helmets plus families still ongoing at Syrian Israeli border. Plan is to drive asap to Jordan. - @BILD
A Palestinian media channel released new footage of some balloons launched towards Israel.
An attack by ISIS on the village of Kanoos in the Sharqat area of ​​SalahALDin province (Tikrit)
Climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124 RA82032 RFF8053
U.S. launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders
South Syria: in total ~2,500 ppl (including ~1,500 Rebels) left Quneitra today. Last Rebels still destroying their equipment while new convoys should move tomorrow. Israel i drones flying over area tonight.
Israel evacuates 800 White Helmets and families from Syria
Arab coalition: 119 dead and 17 prisoners of the Houthi militias in the provinces of Saada and Hajjah in the past 48 hours
The Arab Coalition: The Yemeni National Army, with the support of the Coalition, is moving toward Baqam in Saada and Sa'ad in Hajjah
Isis claims to have destroyed a SAA tank and killed around 25 soldiers near Tal al-Jamua, in Western Daraa.
Rioting reported near al-Quds University in Abu Dis
Baghdad: Broke out, this evening, between two tribes within the area of ​​seven palaces used light weapons and medium weapons
ISIS has officially changed the structure of its "provinces" in Iraq and Syria. Instead of provinces like " Barakah" and " Raqqah" in Syria, all such areas fall under its "Shaam [ Syrian ] Province" (referring to Syria). Same for Iraq.
Seth Frantzman @sfrantzman: My photos moment Syria artillery strikes Tel Jamou today at 15:00 despite government claims they had taken the hill earlier they were still pounding it all afternoon, ISIS had taken control of the former military base and strategic area in February 2017
17 hour ago
3 PKK militants in Hakkari have been neutralized
18 hour ago
Russian Ministry of Defense: militants in Idlib continue to violate ceasefire regime
ISIS claims second targeted assassination in one day. A policeman has been killed in Mogadishu
Ghulibati a-Rum changed the graphic of the claims.18 hour ago
Ghulibati a-Rum changed the graphic of the claims.
South Syria: moment when a Tochka missile was fired on area of Shajarah. While Tell Jumou still bombed tonight, ISIS claims a tank was destroyed with ATGM near Jalin.
South Syria: busses arrived in town of Nawa to evacuate people refusing surrender terms.
Controlled explosion in western Baghdad. Iraq's security forces disposing of recently captured Da'ish ordnance and ammunition.
South Syria: 22 more busses with over 1,000 people left Quneitra while ~450 Rebels and their families also left Mahajah (N. Daraa) heading to Idlib.
Isis claims to have destroyed a SAA's shilka vehicle with an ATGM In Tall Jumu, Yarmouk Basin.
Another weaponized drone was shot down moments ago over Jableh by Russian Air Defenses.
Isis claims to have thwarted a SAA assault in Jlayn and Tell Ashtara. Some soldiers were killed and wounded.
Agreement suspend in Ufaniya - Jubata al-Khashab region in Quneitra as rebels refused to surrender and shelling SAA
Isis claims to have destroyed a SAA tank with an ATGM.
Houthi trophies after battle in Sirwah area.
Houthi fighter with prosthesis leg on the frontline in Sirwah.
South Syria: photo showing pre-emptive bombardment on ISIS-held fortified Tell Jumou (~610 m high). Yarmouk Basin - Daraa.
Mossad says it helped foil an Iranian terror attack in France
The Egyptian government raises natural gas prices by up to 75% starting next August
SAA has controlled Ayn al-Basha, Majduliyah, Rasm al Halabi, Zubaydah, Ruwayhinah
N. Syria: IEDs dismantled in Fuah and Kefraya. Villages and outskirts are full of explosive traps (which already caused several casualties).
Syria: photo from Quneitra. Golan in background (Mt Avital), ruins of Hamidiyah in center.
South Syria: Tochka missile fell on Shajarah and what looks like a barrel bomb dropped by SyAF on same village. Yarmouk Basin. Daraa.
This morning, plans for joint operation of Iran and Turkish Air Forces against PKK/PJAK terrorist camps in Qandil,Iraq was studied in Iran's Armed Forces Joint Chief of Staff following to the massacre of 10 Iran ian border guards last night.
South Syria: removal of main barriers between Baath City and Hamidiyah as government is preparing to take control of those areas on border with Golan. Quneitra.
One civilian was killed "Subhi Salloum" by an unknown explosion in the road between Ariha and Mastomah in southern countryside of Idlib. WhiteHelmets teams rushed to the scene and worked to retrieve the victim, secured the area, and moveed the damaged vehicles to open the road.
Gaza: More balloons launched towards Israel (some Palestinian media channels report more than 300).22 hour ago
Gaza: More balloons launched towards Israel (some Palestinian media channels report more than 300).
Palestinian sources report an artillery strike against an outpost near Shujjaiyah, east of Gaza
Humeimim: An AN-124 Russian cargo plane took off from France and landed at 9:00 am today in Humaimim. Russia and France said they had agreed on a joint humanitarian plan
Syrian Army has entered Rusm Al Halabi village in Quneitra
Azerbaijani soldier was killed as result of ceasefire violations from Armenian side - Azerbaijani Defense ministry
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