Libya- Qatar Air Force transport aircraft unloads medical supplies in Misrata Commander of United States Army Europe Gen. Ben Hodges is on visit in LvivISF PMU discover tunnel system which spans 7km from al-Karmah district - edge of Fallujah Images of @Max33Verstappen 's Q1 crash. #F1 #MonacoGP Verstappen's car being cleared from the track Q2 F1 #MonacoGP Turchynov: Putin is now openly blackmailing Ukraine, threatening attacks if not follow Kremlin demandsFrench Armée de l'Air Mirage 2000-5 in Cold Lake, Alberta for Exercise MapleFlag 2016 Russian jets w/multiple air strikes on civilians in Huraytan Syria Onboard view Max Verstappen crash at FormulaOneWorld 2016 MonacoGP Canadian CP-140 Aurora deployed to RAF Lossiemouth at request of UK was also used to search for Russian submarines And the wall hit of Verstappen at MonacoGp ISF have taken control of al-Mukhtar village, IS commander Wedah al-Halbousi was killed during clashes Fallujah Erdoğan:I condemn the US for supporting PYD,YPG.This is not what was promised to us.I believe that there should be honesty in politics 2d Cavalry Regiment conducts a combined static display with Romanian army in Brasov, Romania Russian Media: During the meeting with the Holy Kinot of mount Athos Putin sits in the seat of the Byzantine emperors N. Aleppo update: hvy clashes on KafrKalbin axis as Rebels try to reopen supply route to besieged Marea where they stopped some IS SVBIEDs Incident at Livepool one shopping area, suspicious object found. bomb squad on there way Aleppo - FSA destroys the fifth ISIL IED on the outskirts of Marea’ city in the northern Aleppo countryside Rebels FB from Marea denies SDF took over Sheik Isa Sultan Murad during the capture of Tatiyah from ISIS in N. AleppoPutin visits mount Athos Putin began his pilgrimage on mount Athos IS fired 2 rockets landing near Gaziantep Airport, Turkey responded by shelling IS positions in northern Syria FSA retake Niyarah, Tatiyah, Naddah and Sandaf villages. Kaljibrin & KafrKalbin towns still ISIS-held. Aleppo Russian Parliament's Defense Committee asks Putin to launch unilateral strikes against Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria Greek representative in NATO Assembly committee: Instead of Macedonian we want to be used Slavic Macedonian term in reports Turkey is responding by carrying out artillery strikes against ISIS Sheikh Issa town west of Mare' has reportedly been taken by SDF in north Aleppo countryside Iraq's forces will advance from J. Khalidiyah to Saqlawiya, near Fallujah, cutting off a major Da'ish supply line. 80+ Da'ish gunmen have been killed by Iraq's forces in Jazirat Khalidiyah, E. of Ramadi, in a huge op.

History of Middle East conflict

28 May 2016