PLAAF August 1st Aerobatic Team 7 J-10s along with 2 Il-76 bound for Dubai to perform at #DubaiAirshow17.

Map. History of Middle East conflict

24 June 2018
Jaish Izza wiped out a tank with a TOW on NE. Hama front (Zughba)
UNSC will be discussing the latest developments in Yemen in a unplanned closed session this coming wednesday
Saudi whistle-blower, believed to be a member of the royal family, said MBS plotted w Trump against Qatar and MBN, deposed Crown Prince
Report saying that Baghdadi fled Rawa to Bukamal.
Saudi whistleblower claims Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bought $550 million yacht in 2016 from Trump associate/has close ties with @POTUS
King Mohammed VI: We are committed to developing the regions and supporting development projects in the desert
Intense SyAF/RuAF raids on villages and towns south of Aleppo. A center of civil defense was targeted too
IED explosion hit reporters of Zvezda, NTV and Russian military in Deir-ez-Zur. All wounded evacuated to Hmeimim
Military shelling by Assad forces and Iranian militias on Kafar Hot and Ees villages South Aleppo
Israeli MFA cable instructed Israeli diplomat to support Saudi Arabia over its war with the Houthis in Yemen
The cable sent from the MFA in Jerusalem to all Israeli embassies toes the Saudi line regarding the Hariri resignation. The Israeli diplomats were instructed to Demarch their host governments over the domestic political situation in Lebanon. The cable said: "You need to stress that the Hariri resignation shows how dangerous Iran and Hezbollah are for Lebanon's security"
Four journalists from the NTV and Zvezda TV channels and five Russian military engineers were seriously injured in the IED explosion in Deir ez Zor #Syria
Saudi FM: Accusations claiming that Saudi Arabia forced Hariri to resign are worthless. Hariri can leave the Kingdom any time he wants.
Houthis shut down all the gas stations in the capital Sana'a suddenly
The Israeli president, with the King: Spain is a United country for us, and His Majesty is a symbol of that unity
NE. Hama: pics showing Jaish Izza blowing up tonight a tank with a TOW in Zughba village.
Yemeni TV station linked to Houthi rebels released footage of the Riyadh-bound ballistic missile that was intercepted by Saudi Arabia7 month ago
Yemeni TV station linked to Houthi rebels released footage of the Riyadh-bound ballistic missile that was intercepted by Saudi Arabia
The Mistral Class LHDs don't just provide a massive capability boost for Egypt. They will also boost that of its allies on joint operations7 month ago
The Mistral Class LHDs don't just provide a massive capability boost for Egypt. They will also boost that of its allies on joint operations
Saudi prince Turki bin Mohammed bin Fahd (grandson of King Fahd) has fled to Iran seeking asylum
Saudi Al-Sabhan says The Lebanese are capable of stopping Hezbollah's aggression
The flag of IRGC-led Kataib Hezbollah on top of tank, allegedly in the border town of Qaim.
5 injuries from @SyriaCivilDef men and many ambulances were damaged, After double raids targeted east Ma'arat al-Nu'man. Idlib
SyAF/RuAF raid on TalDaman town West Aleppo
Saudi Minister Al-Sabhan: We’ll use all diplomatic and ‘non-diplomatic’ means to stop Hezbollah
Thamer al-Sabhan, former Saudi ambassador to Iraq: "We will treat the Lebanese government as one that has declared war [against us] because of the Hizbollah militia.
Saudi Minister For GCC Affairs Al-Sabhan: @KingSalman told @saadhariri details of the Hezbollah aggression against Saudi Arabia
AlSabhan to AlArabiya: Lebanon is hijacked by Hezbollah militias and its backers, Iran
AlSabhan to AlArabiya: Lebanese government should be aware of the danger of Hezbollah militias to Saudi Arabia
Al-Jubeir: @saadhariri "basically said enough is enough. I'm not doing this," and resigned, "and we support him fully in that decision."
NE. Hama: while clashes continue near Zughba HTS set off a SVBIED on Qahira front.
Two civilians killed by artillery bombardment of the pro-Assad forces on Hawijah Kate in Deir-ez-Zur
Deir ez-Zor, one more (up-armored) T-55 captured
Russian airstrike targeted the Civil Defense Center in Abu Ad Duhur city in Idlib
Video of raid today on Jalaa village East Deir Ezzor
Regarding Abbas's summons to Saudi, @raialyoum1 reports Saudis want Abbas to join anti-Iran Hezbollah coalition
HTS's Elephant rockets as part of pre-emptive shelling on Balil and Um Turikiyah in NE. Hama countryside.
ISIS Drone and IstaBreeze I-500 Wind Generator found by SAA today in Deir ez-Zur
Saudi Air Defense Systems intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthis7 month ago
Saudi Air Defense Systems intercept ballistic missile fired by Houthis
SDF is 17 Kms from the Syrian-Iraqi Border in Deir Ez Zor Governorate
Hama: SAA and Allies Vacate Um Khuzeim, Um Treikiyah, Al Baleel Villages after a heavy attack and reports of chlorine used
7 month ago
3 PKK Members surrender to security forces in Şırnak Silopi, PKK Fighters Come From Northern Iraq.
FSA Al-Ezzah Army fighters captured Balil and Tall Abo Doloo villages and one of the government POWs taken in East Hama
Statement from the Embassy of Turkey in Washington, DC, November 6, 2017
Yemen Gov. forces took control of the largest and last military camp used by AQAP in Abyan, located in the eastern mounts of al-Mahfad.
Hama: Rebels captured villages of Al-Balil(البليل), Umm Turaykiyah(أم تريكية), Umm Khazaym(أم خزيم،), Umm Khazaym Hills, Abu Al-Dulu(أبو الضلوع) and Al-Maesira( المعصر)
India cracks open Iran sea route to Afghanistan, bypassing rival
US Embassy in Turkey statement about the Re-opening of Limited Visa Services in Turkey.7 month ago
US Embassy in Turkey statement about the Re-opening of Limited Visa Services in Turkey.
Hama: HTS repelled government assault on Sarha
UAE Minister of State: The rocket attack on Riyadh makes Iran's missile program a priority
Pakistan FM voices Iran's readiness to supply power, gas to Pakistan
Head of Israeli army border defense force, Brig.-Gen. Morderchai Kahane, was suspended for 2 weeks in mid-Oct
Pakistan's army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa also met with FM Zarif and PM Rouhani. The unannounced three-day visit is the first by a Pakistani army chief in over two decades
Rebel assault widened with pre-emptive shelling on other locations.
Pro-Hezbollah @AlakhbarNews titles pic of @saadhariri "The Hostage." Caption: " resignation proves he is hostage of [Saudi's] MBS policies."
Video circulating on social media from inside the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, where Saudi Crown Prince is holding 11 Princes and 40+ officials
HTS announces control of Um Turikiyah, Balil and Tell Um Khazim in joint assault tonight S. of Abu Dali. Tank seized and another one was hit with TOW ATGM
HTS took over Umm Turaykiyah in north eastern Hama
"Baghdad is determined to dismantle the Kurdistan Region and abolished the Kurds' rights": Gorran MP in Iraqi parliament
Saudi King Salman visits Prince Mugrin in his palace in Riyadh to pay condolences after passing of his son Prince Mansour, Dep Gov of Assir
7 month ago
U.S Mission in Turkey says resumes processing visas on limited basis- Mission email seen by Reuters
At least 3 children killed in raids on Jalaa village E DeirEzzor
Javad Zarif:KSA bombs Yemen to smithereens, killing 1000’s of innocents including babies, spreads cholera and famine, but of course blames Iran.
Foreign Minister of Bahrain: Iran is the real threat to the region and it must be curbed and this danger removed
Clashes between Assad forces and rebels at Bleramon area NW Aleppo
NE. Hama: Rebels are heavily shelling all government positions located on Abu Dali front.
The SDF are on the verge of capturing the Bassirah city in the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor
Rebels Repelled YPG Attack in Halvancı Village North Manbij
Yemeni army (pro-Houthi/Saleh) showed anti-ship missiles AL-MANDAB 1.
Fighters of #SDF warned civilians in #Raqqa about demonstrating against them like in #Manbij
Western sources: the jamming of Hariri's convoy in Beirut days before resignation was made with Iranian-made devices
Al-Jubeir: We reserve the right to respond to Iranian interventions in a timely manner
Al-Jubeir: The Kingdom will not allow any infringements aimed at its security
One Saudi security officer killed in exchange of fire with gunmen in Qatif
Al-Jubeir: Iranian interventions harm the security of neighboring countries and threaten international peace and security
Saudi Arabian banks have begun freezing accounts after detaining businessmen and princes: sources
PUK senior member Aras Talabani brother of Lahur Talabani participated the funeral of Qassim Sulaimani’s father in Tehran. Pic via Xwakurk
NE. Hama: HTS struck with an ATGM (likely Fagot) a tank on Shakushiyah front.7 month ago
NE. Hama: HTS struck with an ATGM (likely Fagot) a tank on Shakushiyah front.
SW. Damascus: SyAF helicopters bombed this morning Tell Bardiyah and Maghar Al-Mir areas (Mount Hermon).
Iran rejects Saudi blame over missile, alleges war crimes
Pakistani’s General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff was given a guard of honour before meeting with top brass of Iranian Military in Tehran
Government forces captured Sarha Shamali in east Hama
7 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan to visit Russia, Kuwait on November 13, 14
Deir Al Zour Asayish Forces have found an IS mine store in the Hamida village freed by SDF fighters some time ago
7 month ago
Israel to clear 80 dunams of land in the WestBank to expand settlement of Karnei Shomron
Warplanes carried out 3 airstrikes so far targeting Mugher al-Amir area in Jabal al-Sheikh region in West Damascus countryside
7 month ago
Turkey’s President @RT_Erdogan scheduled to visit Russia on November 13th.
Lebanese Interior Minister: Hariri may return to Lebanon within days
7 month ago
Iraqi crude exports from Kurdish region halted - port agent
SAA in Deir Ez-Zor use loudspeakers Red Crescent vehicles to issue a final warning for all on Hawija Kitta Euphrates Island to surrender
Pakistan Army chief welcomed in Iran, to discuss regional security, stability
Tehrain: Saudi Arabia's accusations against Iran over Yemen have been caused by the failure of the war to achieve any tangible results
Army and SSNP captured Sarha village in Hama
Tehran: Yemeni targets Saudi Arabia in an independent Yemeni decision and is considered self-defense
Saudi King swears in new ministers of planning, economy and national guard replacing the ministers jailed in "corruption" purge
Iranian Foreign Ministry: We recommend Saudi Arabia to stop its war in Yemen and launch a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue
Units belonging to Iraq's Hashd have withdrawn from Al-Qa'im, on the border with Syria. Mission over. Iraq's army in control
PM Barzani says KRG ready to hand in oil exports to the Iraqi Gov if the Federal Gov pays the KRG 17% of Iraqi budget.
7 month ago
Israel host largest-ever Blue Flag aerial exercise with Greece, Poland, Italy, USA andfor the 1st India, France and Germany
Former US Secretary of State @JohnKerry says Israeli PM urged Obama to bomb Iran, but that doesn’t stop Iran developing a bomb, deal does.
7 month ago
Israeli forces open fire on fishermen, raze lands in Gaza
Turkey’s Defence minister Nurettin Canikli visits Turkish military base in Doha as part of official visit to Qatar7 month ago
Turkey’s Defence minister Nurettin Canikli visits Turkish military base in Doha as part of official visit to Qatar
SAA shelled IRAMs rockets targeting Harasta town, no casualties among civilians reported so far in Eastern Damascus countryside
2 Netanyahu associates detained for questioning in German shipbuilder submarine affair
14 Kurdish MPs facing death sentence threats for referendum
Paradise Papers on Assad cousin, Rami Makhlouf: Makhlouf was a shareholder in four Lebanese companies created between 2001 and 2003, before Syrian troops officially withdrew from Lebanon in 2005
SDF arrested many civilians in al-Mansorah town for Conscription
7 month ago
Army repelled attacks to Sukhnah-Deir ez-Zor and Panorama-Mayadin road, both roads are safe
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Abu al-Kamal city in Eastern DeirEzzor countryside
Assad loyalists claim Kurdish YPG shelling government held neighborhoods in Aleppo city with mortars
Pakistan's military chief in Iran for security talks
SAA positioned at al-Halifaiyah checkpoint shelled heavy artillery targeting al-Latamenah town in North Hama countryside
If Baghdad is prepared to give the Kurds its 17% share of Iraq’s national budget, we are prepared to give them oil revenue, @PMBarzani says.
Kurdistan’s @PMBarzani says Baghdad has violated the Iraqi constitution by drafting budget without recognising Kurdish entitlement.
PLAAF August 1st Aerobatic Team 7 J-10s along with 2 Il-76 bound for Dubai to perform at DubaiAirshow17.7 month ago
PLAAF August 1st Aerobatic Team 7 J-10s along with 2 Il-76 bound for Dubai to perform at #DubaiAirshow17.
“We look at the situation as issues facing a household that must be dealt with” — @PMBarzani on Erbil-Baghdad relations during presser.
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting Mesraba town now in Eastern Damascus countryside
7 month ago
Abbas to visit Riyadh
Al Mayadeen reporter @khalediskef says SDF / YPG arrested many locals in Manbij after the massive protest against compulsory conscription
Lebanon justice min says President Aoun will not take steps re Hariri before he returns, his resignation "must be voluntary in every sense"
7 month ago
Turkey's Defense Minister visited the Turkish military base in Qatar
UN says a quarter of Yemen's population near starvation. Half a million under 5yrs severely malnourished. 2,135+ people killed by cholera.
King Salman receives Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri
Lebanese President: Political leaders responsive to calls for calm after PM’s resignation, strengthening security and national unity
Iraq's supreme federal court rules no region or province can secede after Kurdish independence bid - statement
Hardline Iranian newspaper Kayhan covers Houthi missile attack against Riyadh airport, says Dubai is next
Russian airstrikes reported against the villages of Ramla and al-Muayzila in southern Aleppo, government has been trying to advance there Syria
Saudi-led coalition closes Yemen's land, sea and air ports after a missile targeted Riyadh
SDF fighters captured Al Khajah, Al Hujnah, Tayib Al Fal and Sukkar villages
Hezbollah and Syrian Army units are 30 km to Al-Bukamal after reach the Iraqi border
Saudi search teams have located the main crash site near Yemen border7 month ago
Saudi search teams have located the main crash site near Yemen border
Video of Prince Mansour bin Muqrinamd and other high ranking officials just before taking of in the helicopter that crashed.
Saudi news agency appears to be down
Peshmerga are carrying out random arrests against young Christian men in Teleskuf, civilians are asking for help.
Saudi Arabia: $30 million in exchange for information to arrest Abdul Malik al Houthi
Saudi Arabia announces list of 40 Houthi leaders wanted for terrorism
7 month ago
Turkish NGO urges help for Rohingya orphans
@SaudiNews50 is confirming helicopter crash in KSA killing Saudi Prince Mansour bin Meqrin and other senior officials on duty
A UH-60 helicopter crashed carrying Deputy Gov. of Asir Prince Mansoor bin Mogrin, Mayor of Abha, Undersecretary of Asir and others.
IS posts infographic on "Impact of the attack on the CID Central Building in Aden"
Saudi media: Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and Asir police chief killed in helicopter crash
Helicopter transporting eight Saudi officials including Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin, reportedly crashed near Abha KSA
Arab Coalition Spokesman Colonel Turki Al-Maliki: The Houthis planted over 50,000 land mines near Saudi Arabia borders
Saudi-led coalition spokesperson claims rocket launcher used to target Riyadh airport by the Houthis was made by Iran
Yemen Coalition: Al-Houthi militia uses Iranian-made ships
HTS up-armored 4x4 SVBIED used against loyalists at Hader, N. Quneitra
Yandare attack: 2nd policeman succumbed of his wounds in hospital
1 YPG Members were killed in Afrin Region.
Suicide bomber hit police checkpoint in Ingushetiya, 1 policeman killed, another wounded. Counter-terror operation declared
Internal ministry of Yemen: CID building is under control, intruders were neutralized
Turkish Communist Party leader Erkan Baş's passport has been confiscated at the airport while on his way to Moscow.7 month ago
Turkish Communist Party leader Erkan Baş's passport has been confiscated at the airport while on his way to Moscow.
FSA Qiyam Movement claims the responsibility of them targeting "Abu Adel" the newly appointed leader of MMC in Manbij by an IED
SAA T-72 with the Viper-72 thermal sight that ISIS captured from Deir Ezzor airport previously, now back with the SAA
Libya- photos from @thelibyatimes purportedly showing GPS-guided 155mm shell fired at Warshefana, SW of Tripoli
3 Saudi soldiers were killed by Houthi-Saleh forces on the Yemen border.7 month ago
3 Saudi soldiers were killed by Houthi-Saleh forces on the Yemen border.
Libya- LAF airstrikes targeted the "last militant stronghold" in Sidi Khalifah, central Benghazi
Tehran officials agreed to open Parvez Khan border crossing
Reinforcements from Iraqi 9th Armor Div arrive in West Anbar after liberation of Qaim.
Libya- 5 people wounded in failed assassination attempt of GNA's MoI undersecretary in Sidi Khalifa, northern suburb of Benghazi
7 month ago
Nasrallah: I again call on calm and preserving Lebanese integrity, cooperation between Aoun and Berri, other institutions to end this crisis
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Despite attacks there is valiant Yemeni defence, they should look at their aggression on Yemen before talking about Lebanon
3rd armored vehicle claimed to be destroyed, 1 SB killed, 3 wounded in ongoing clashes near the CID building.
7 month ago
Nasrallah: They did it in Yemen bcoz it is a border area but how will they attack Lebanon? From Syria? Palestine?
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Another rumour, is that Crown Prince is preparing for a 'Decisive Storm' operation in Lebanon, but I say this has no basis
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Today more than any time before, an Israeli decision to go to a war takes into consideration the regional situation
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Israel decision does not care about Lebanese politics
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Another rumour that caused anxiety is threat of Israeli invasion, Israel will not invade until they are sure they will win quick
7 month ago
Nasrallah: This rumour could be used as reason to prevent return of Hariri to Lebanon
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Regarding Hariri assassination rumour; Arabiya spread it saying Leb security foiled plot, Leb institutions all denied it
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Anyone that wants to bring us back to an unstable situation must be called out
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Prez election brought us into a peaceful stage
7 month ago
Nasrallah: We must stick together, no one in Lebanon wants to go back to situation like it was years ago
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Prez Aoun from the start is meeting with everyone along with Berri and are carrying out their duties
7 month ago
Nasrallah: We call on staying away from sectarian protests
7 month ago
Nasrallah: This will affect Leb in general manner but will not affect our standpoint
7 month ago
Nasrallah: There are some ppl in Leb who see this situation to chase their own political interests
7 month ago
Nasrallah: My meeting with the members of the Saray to combat the Occupation was celebrating 20th anniversary of founding, nothing w Hariri
7 month ago
Nasrallah: We call for calm and patience for a clearer image and for Leb ppl not feel anxiety and trust rumours
7 month ago
Nasrallah: When large number of Saudi officials and emirs are targeted then the PM's situation must be looked into
YPG Bombard Darat Izza Town with Artillery and Mortar Shells.
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Today is it being discussed in Lebanon whether or not Hariri is under arrest
Armed attack of unknown gunmen against the local police and anti-terrorist forces in the neighborhood of Qadisiyah inside the center of Kirkuk.
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Or is it to do with their problem with Hariri's personal views? Or is it a Saudi attack on Lebanon to tackle Iran?
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Problem is in Saudi. Is it an internal issue, financial or about power? Is Hariri stuck in between Emir infighting?
7 month ago
Nasrallah: It is key to dealing with escalation. It is not bcoz of internal issue, Hariri met with everyone with no problem
7 month ago
Nasrallah: No one should rush to conclusion because we must understand reason behind the resignation
7 month ago
Nasrallah: We will not discuss what was discussed in resignation statement because it is a Saudi statement
7 month ago
Nasrallah: We question context of resignation and stress Lebanon's integrity. Saudi interferes while blaming others of interfering
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Hezbollah did not want this to happen. We wanted situation to continue as it was, not necessarily pleasing everyone
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Everyone was surprised. From Prez to Future bloc. It caused rumours and threats
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Why was he not allowed to return and resign inside Lebanon? His speech was not Lebanese, it was written by a Saudi
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Nothing is confirmed. However, conditions shows it was Saudi not Hariri decision
7 month ago
Nasrallah: He then went to KSA and resigned. It was broadcasted on Al-Arabiya and not on (Pro-Hariri) Future TV
Kirkuk governor calls for Iraqi PM to send reinforcements to Kirkuk after today's terrorist attack.
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Hariri originally stressed to ministers that KSA respected Leb integrity and was going to give aid to Army etc
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Days ago, Saudi official talked about Lebanon and Hezbollah and threatened etc. Hariri was then called to KSA
Israeli military has announced it is holding the bodies of 5 militants who were killed during digging of a terror tunnel from Gaza
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Tonight I will discuss issue of Hariri's resignation, other issues will be discussed during next speech
The Iraqi Air Force is bombing ISIS positions near AlBukamal inside Syria
According Jabar Yawer from Peshmerga Ministry, 60 Peshmerga have been killed and 150 wounded in confrontations with Iraqi army and PMU.
NE. Hama: HTS fired an ATGM targeting a 130 mm field gun on Shakushiyah front.7 month ago
NE. Hama: HTS fired an ATGM targeting a 130 mm field gun on Shakushiyah front.
Saudis say bank accounts of those arrested in corruption crackdown to be frozen
SOHR: Escalated airstrikes on Quriyah andgovernment forces renew their targeting to the northern countryside of Homs
NE. Hama: 111th governmentnt of FSA Jaish Nasr destroyed with a TOW a bulldozer while HTS confirms government failed to advance S. of Abu Dali.
Investigation of a Libyan officer threatened to strike Egypt militarily
Heavy clashes between SAA and HTS S. of Abu Dali Hama
[email protected]: ISIS is recruiting in cyberspace and recruiting in our own backyard. This makes us less safe and it needs to change.
OIR Spokesman: PM @HaiderAlAbadi salutes ISF and raises Iraqi flag near Al Qaim. Daesh pummeled again by a superior, increasingly capable Iraqi force.
Lebanon: US an France and Saudi Arabia vacate their embassy staff in the Lebanese capital Beirut.
President Michel Aoun says he won't accept Hariri's resignation until he returns to the country
11 weeks of government effort to reach Harmala tunnel between Jobar-AinTerma via sat. Rebel tunnel bombs (black) vs government earthworks (red).
East Damascus: Faylaq Al-Rahman took out another up-armoured bulldozer (Shafrah armour) on Jobar front. Tank nearby
Sources in Kirkuk also said ISIS targeted Saraya al Salam HQ
Iraqi PMU faction "Kata'ib Hezbollah" using a T-90 tank during al-Qa'im battle
At least 5 killed,10 wounded after two ISIS SBIED attack on a mosque in Iraq’s Kirkuk
[email protected] appoints Gen. Abdul Amir al-Zaidi as 'leader of law enforcement operations' in Kurdistan region
Six dead in attack on Iraq's disputed Kirkuk: security source
Syrian Army seizes huge ISIS weaponry in Deir Ezzor city
Captured ISIS armored car used by the SAA
Captured ISIS armored car used by the SAA
7 month ago
Pro-Assad forces withdrew from areas near Tanf security zone, believed to refocus on Abukemal to link with Iraq bypassing Tanf
7 month ago
S. Syria (FSA spox) : US reportedly increased presence in Tanf area and set up another base with ~100 more troops, anticipating post-ISIS era
Raqqa: SDF allowed families to return to their homes in Mashlab neighborhood, after demining ops and security measures were completed
Abu Kammal: Security loose and sudden disappearance of ISIS checkpoints, panic and terror with mass flee between civilians due RuAF activity
US deploys fresh troops into Kuwait
At least 75 killed in IS attack in Syria's Deir Ezzor
3rd claim from the same attack, here it states that with over 50 casualties, clashes continue
7 month ago
Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin says Russia informed Turkey talks on Syria due to be held in Sochi on Nov. 18 will be delayed
Leonov Vyasheslav from Ulan-Ude fought in Ukraine, was killed in Syria on October 18
IS claims suicide bombing in Aden Yemen
Team Mohamed Farid toured a number of border security points and met with members of the Western Military Region attended by a number of leaders of the armed forces7 month ago
Team Mohamed Farid toured a number of border security points and met with members of the Western Military Region attended by a number of leaders of the armed forces
Suspected ISIS terrorist arrested by UP ATS in Mumbai
7 month ago
Russian-sponsored Syrian National Dialogue Congress postponed to a later date, Turkey’s presidential spokesman says
11 YPG fighters were killed in recent days in Deir-ez-Zur and Raqqa
Egypt shares extend rally, record best weekly gains since September
The Saudi Government confirms the existence of an information about plan to assassinate former Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri
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