Tillerson says U.S. Mideast peace plan 'fairly well advanced'

Map. History of Middle East conflict

24 June 2018
Tartous: Assassination attempt on commander of Tiger Forces Hawarith Regiment. Commanders Abu Al Harith, Raed Zeenah, and Major Duraid Awad were inside the car, but all safe
The PMU take of gas wells in al-Qaim and after securing it, they are handed over to the Iraqi center oil department
S. Idlib: (apparent) RuAF night airstrike destroyed Surgical Hospital of Al-Hass.
S. Idlib: (apparent) RuAF night airstrike destroyed Surgical Hospital of Al-Hass.
Syrian air defense units fired rockets towards an Israeli surveillance drone in Qunaitra province, southern Syria.
Video of SDF/DMC inside Bahra town East Deir Ezzor after clashes against Daesh
Afghan Ambassador to U.S. @hmohib says Taliban are seeking "a face saving truce" by writing letter to American people
@jensstoltenberg tells he did ask Turkish Defence Minister Canikli about Ankara's air-defense plans - in Russian S-400s it says it's buying - but their mtng focused more on increasing cooperation with Franco-Italian consortium whose equipment can be integrated into NATO's system
3 dead and 7 wounded, mostly children and women, as an initial result of the Russian air raids on the town of Ma`arrat Hurmah south of Idlib
4 month ago
Taliban publish letter calling on US to start Afghan peace talks
ISIS announcement: we've taken over Haifa street in the Palestinian "refugee" "camp" Al-Yarmuk, southern Damascus.
YPG has regained control of Qude village. Afrin
France says Iran's missile program must be put 'under surveillance'
4 month ago
UAE resumes diplomatic mission in Kabul
Five civilians injured by artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces on the Al-Balad neighborhoods in Daraa
Al Masdar: Syrian Army deploys massive reinforcements to Deir Ezzor for all-out offensive against US-backed forces
Russian airstrike hit the village of Urum al Jawz, South to Idlib
Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Villa says Demafelis' remains are expected to arrive at around 11 a.m.
Key suspect cleared in first trial linked to Paris attacks: court
Russian Amb. to the United Nations: We stress the importance of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the right of the Syrian people to determine their future
Russia's delegate to the United Nations: The Syrians must formulate their constitution and future without dictating from outside
[email protected] on Syria - Russia can push government to commit to seeking real peace in Syria. Now is the time for Russia to use that leverage.
US Ambassador to the United Nations: The Syrian Regime wants peace only under its terms.
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: Iran and Hezbollah plan to stay in Syria
Kurds are celebrating a Darvish ceremony on the streets of Marivan in the Iranian Kurdistan.This is one of the cultural symbols of the Kurds in Iran and Rojhilat
Start of Security Council session on Syria
Hamza Division shelling YPG in Bulbul region with GRAD missiles
A TSK demining operation in Burseya mountain
Eastern Damascus: Faylaq Rahman announces its engineering unit detonated a tunnel network used by government fighters to infiltrate Jobar front.
4 month ago
Kremlin: Putin assured the Saudi monarch that the Gulf crisis will not help in the fight against terrorism
Damascus urges UN to investigate US attempts to violate Syria's sovereignty: Foreign Ministry
4 month ago
Kremlin: King Salman and Putin discussed the situation in Syria and the stability of oil markets
Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: $30 billion pledged for the reconstruction of Iraq
Officer and soldier of Egyptian army were killed, another 3 were wounded in clashes in Sinai
4 month ago
In long Afghan war, U.S. Army tries new way to deploy trainers
Liwa Fatemiyoun near Deir Ezzor.
4 month ago
7 Israeli soldiers injured in a mine explosion in their patrol SUV near Jericho
Tillerson says U.S. Mideast peace plan 'fairly well advanced'
$5.2b included for the Afghan forces in the 2019 US army defense budget
YPG announced names of 6 fighters killed in Afrin: Shekhmus Mustefa, Mecdeldin Nesrallah, Beshar Ismail, Hamide Dodkani Milan, Cahid Toran and Sivin Eli
The BBC Arabic team has entered the Jinderes region.
4 month ago
2 Israeli army soldiers wounded in landmine explosion of Israeli Military Jeep on Route 90 near Arīhā (Jericho)
The battle has been ongoing for 2 weeks between Islamic State and Pakistani Lashkar-e-Islam. ISKP itself informed about the case.4 month ago
The battle has been ongoing for 2 weeks between Islamic State and Pakistani Lashkar-e-Islam. ISKP itself informed about the case.
Islamic State and Pakistani Lashkar-e-Islam Clash in Eastern Afghanistan
Iran's deputy foreign minister said that Tehran would contribute to Iraq stabilization efforts through the private sector, without announcing a financial pledge.
Syria denies possessing chemical arms, says use 'unacceptable'
SE. Idlib: HTS neutralized an ISIS sleeper cell in Halbah, seizing weapons and IEDs.
Turkish army is heavily shelling Jinderes town since morning.
Another funeral today in Afrin - 21 more fighters
4 month ago
Afghan Taliban say they want to solve war through dialogue
Tillerson: "We also have to recognize the reality that [Hezbollah] is part of the political process in Lebanon."
6 people have been arrested in Hakkari due to their social media posts about Afrin operation4 month ago
6 people have been arrested in Hakkari due to their social media posts about Afrin operation
Turkish delegation as it passed through Jarjnaz, south of Idlib
Giorgio Marrapodi, Italy's director general for development cooperation, said Italy will provide 260 million euros ($321 million) in soft loans to Iraq alongside $6.5 million in grants and $5 million in humanitarian assistance.
Syria: Humanitarian aid convoy enters Marj area in Eastern Ghouta
Aid convoy enters Syria rebel enclave after deadly strikes: UN
EU's Juncker says "strictly against the behavior of Turkey" after naval incident
Opposition lawmakers carried out of parliament by military4 month ago
Opposition lawmakers carried out of parliament by military
Helicopters fly low on the skies of Hebron4 month ago
Helicopters fly low on the skies of Hebron
Cossack ataman: "the bodies are sent to Saint Petersburg," which is also where hundreds of other dead and wounded Wagner have reportedly been sent. "There is a difference between what is being said to us, and what people are telling us first-hand."
Government forces target the residential neighborhoods in Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus
4 month ago
Russian deputy foreign minister agrees at consultations in Tehran to closely coordinate bilateral stances to preserve JCPOA - Russian FM
Trucks cleaning Taftanaz airbase near Idlib city from old destroyed helicopters. probably next Turkey Army base
Saudi King, Russian energy minister discuss rebalancing oil markets
Takeover of Kudah Kuwih was first combat operation of Hamza Division (2nd Corps of National Army) which sent troops to Afrin 2 days ago.
Iran defends its military presence in Syria, asks US forces to leave
Kudah Kuwi village, south of Raju township has been completely cleared from YPG
4 month ago
Israel border police arrest 3 suspects 'with a number of explosive devices' outside West Bank military court
US Secretary of State: We call on other countries to fund UNRWA
NATO aiming to deploy 3 thousand more troops to Afghanistan: Stoltenberg
Infightings between Shabihah and Liwa al-Quds militia in Hamdaniya neighborhood of Aleppo city
SE. Idlib: a Turkish reconnaissance team visited several locations E. of MaaretNuman to set up new position, among them Ghadaq and Sarman.
At least 19 migrants killed, up to 79 injured in road accident in Libya: military source
Russian warplanes hit the city Al Latamenah in North Hama
Russian warplanes hit the city Al Latamenah in North Hama
Tillerson: We support a democratic Lebanon free from the influence of any party or power
Turkish Foreign Minister in Kuwait:"There are PKK militants in Sinjar, Qandil and other Northern Iraq territories.We will clean them from Iraq with helping Iraqi brothers.They will secure their borders."
Tillerson: Hezbollah is influenced by Iran and this is not useful to Lebanon's future in the long run
US Secretary of State: We support the two-state solution and any solution agreed upon by Palestinians and Israelis
Tillerson: The final status of Jerusalem and final borders will be determined by the Palestinian and Israeli sides
FM Çavuşoğlu: Turkey will provide $5B in loans and investments for the reconstruction of Iraq
Tillerson: The escalation between Israel and Iran's proxies in Syria is destabilizing the region
Tillerson thanked Jordan for hosting several Syrian refugees
Russian dawn airstrikes hit Sarja town south of Ariha city in rural Idlib.
Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi: We have signed a memorandum of understanding in which the United States provides Jordan with about 6 billion dollars in aid over five years
Turkish military officers arrived to Maarrat al Numan to determine the new observation point.
A civilian was killed by artillery shelling by the government forces on the Joubar neighborhood in Damascus
4 month ago
The Kremlin has warned journalists against reporting "unconfirmed" information about Russian fighters killed in Syria.
"We don't get too riled up about that" says Heather Nauert, US State Department Spox @statedeptspox when asked about rising anti-American rhetoric from the Turkey gov't. "It does not matter", she adds.
4 month ago
Harakat Nujaba leader Akram al-Kaabi survived the Israeli strikes on Saturday. Yesterday he visited the grave of Imad Mughniyeh in Beirut's southern suburbs. He vowed to fight alongside Hezbollah if there is another war with Israel.
Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu says police probe against him "like Swiss cheese" full of holes and truth will come out
Israel's Netanyahu says government coalition remains stable
@USAFCENT commanding general says Coalition strikes which killed at least 100 pro-government fighters (including Russian contractors) lasted THREE HOURS, and involved artillery, F-15Es, Reaper drones, B-52 bombers, AC-130 gunships and Apache helicopters4 month ago
@USAFCENT commanding general says Coalition strikes which killed at least 100 pro-government fighters (including Russian contractors) lasted THREE HOURS, and involved artillery, F-15Es, Reaper drones, B-52 bombers, AC-130 gunships and Apache helicopters
The Afghan Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes on Taliban hideouts in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan leaving at least three militants dead or wounded
Kuwait pledges $2 billion for Iraq's reconstruction
Three more names of Wagner PMC fighters who were killed in Khusham: Alexey Shikhov, Vladimir "Apostol", Ruslan Gavrilov from Kedrovskoye
Pakistan Diplomatic sources: China to support Pakistan in the Paris meet
For the first time since the Vietnam war, there has been a direct confrontation between Russians and Americans. How today's Russian papers are reacting to reports that Russian mercenaries in Syria have been killed in an attack by the US-led coalition.4 month ago
"For the first time since the Vietnam war, there has been a direct confrontation between Russians and Americans." How today's Russian papers are reacting to reports that Russian mercenaries in Syria have been killed in an attack by the US-led coalition.
4 month ago
Turkish and Greek army chiefs to discuss new measures in bid to ease tensions ahead of @NATO meeting in May.
C4, TNT, IED making material found as part of Operation #Sinai2018
" Statement No.7 of the Egyptian armed forces Air Force destroy 11 targets Control of a number of weapons and ammunition 15 terrorist elements were killed in exchanges of fire The discovery and destruction of underground hideouts with explosives manufacturing materials The discovery and destruction of a center dedicated to terrorist elements Detect and destroy a tunnel The arrest of 153 wanted and suspected individuals, including foreign nationalities The destruction of 181 Walker cattle and a cache of highly explosive materials destroying 7 cars and 17 motorcyclesDetect, dismantle and destroy 63 explosive devices equipped to target troops The Navy will detect all suspected shipsSpecial naval forces are combing Organizing 563 ambush and security patrols on the main roads and combing the desert back areas in all governorates
Hamas meeting with Egypt intelligence officials. Delegation started its visit on Friday.
Artillery shelling targeted the village of Zakat in the northern Hama countryside
US Department of State: "Iraq is at an important juncture in its history. We support a united, democratic, federal, and prosperous Iraq, and a stable and viable Iraqi Kurdistan region as part of the Iraqi state." - Secretary RexTillerson today at KuwaitConference
Iranian banks have started buying Qatar's riyal from exporters of goods and services to the Persian Gulf emirate, director general of Trade Promotion Organization for Iran's Arab-African affairs said
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson at KuwaitConference: We are committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through @EximBankUS and @opicgov. Their work will create jobs and opportunity in the region and enhance economic cooperation between Iraq and the U.S.
Department of State: In Egypt, Secretary Tillerson had a chance to catch up with the employees and @USMC Security Guards at @USEmbassyCairo.
[email protected]: Pro-Assad forces artillery are targeting SDF positions in al-Junaynah and Huseinia villages in the western suburb of Deir al-Zur
@statedeptspox: At the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference today, Secretary Tillerson was pleased to announce that the United States is committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through the @EximBankUS and @opicgov.
4 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan had a talk with King of Saudi Arabia Salman on recent topics including operation in Afrin
@statedeptspox highlights Secretary Tillerson's participation in the Global @Coalition to Defeat ISIS Ministerial, where he discussed the incredible progress in the fight against ISIS, but emphasized that the fight is not over.
US State Department: familiar with the accusations against Netanyahu and consider it an internal Israeli affair
Some ISIS weapons captured by Rebels on SE. Idlib front.
Macron says "France will strike" if there is proof chemical weapons used in Syria
Macron: We have no evidence to date about the use of chemical weapons in Syria
Pro-government forces have targeted several houses in Ain Terma, Eastern Damascus with artillery
From DNI Coats' statement for the record: "The Kurdish People's Protection Unit—the Syrian militia of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)—probably will seek some form of autonomy but will face resistance from Russia, Iran, and Turkey."
4 month ago
Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexandros Gennimatas says Turkey has lost sense of moderation, common sense. "Apart from violating international law, it proves that it does not know geography," he says
Turkish army shelling Khalil village in Raju district of Afrin with artillery today
At least 5 SDF fighters were killed during clashes with SAA, NE of Ayash district of Deirezzor
Police announce Australian millionaire James Packer also implicated in Netanyahu case
Netanyahu says nothing will come of cases against him, says police recommendations against him are baseless
In live TV address, Netanyahu says police recommendations against him will "end with nothing"
Israeli MKs ask Netanyahu to resign, Lapid testified in one of the cases, reports
Police allegations against him are baseless and will lead to nothing, asserts @netanyahu.
Netanyahu says he will continue to lead Israel
PM of Israel @netanyahu on police recommendations that he face corruption charges: The police don't decide
Netanyahu: I feel a deep commitment to continue to lead this people.
4 month ago
Rocket fired from Sinai at Israel explodes near an Air Force base in the South
Netanyahu accused of "acting against interests of state" and advancing legislation favorable to Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan in exchange for gifts.
Police publishes two different claims against Netanyahu on allegedly trying to "buy" positive coverage in the biggest media outlets in Israel
Yair Lapid revealed as secret state witness against Netanyahu, according to @kann_news
State Department on drilling in Cyprus's EEZ:US policy on Cyprus's EEZ is longstanding and has not changed/US recognizes right of Cyprus to develop its resources in its EEZ/we discourage any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region.
Israeli PM Netanyahu statement at 18:40 GMT
4 month ago
Turkish, Greek PMs discuss over phone recent developments in Aegean Sea, agree to lower tension
Israeli police recommends to charge Israeli born Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan for bribing Netanyahu, in gifts worth 650 thousands Israeli shekels (185,000 USD).
Israeli media reports say police recommending Netanyahu indictment on corruption charges, including bribery.
Many raids today of anti-Daesh coalition on locations of Daesh in Hajin and Bahra towns East Deir Ezzor
$7 trillion "wasted" in the Middle East, declares @POTUS, contending there's not "two dollars" to fix roads and bridges.
4 month ago
Indian officials blame Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), a Pakistan-based armed group, for the death of six Indian soldiers who were killed after fighters stormed an Indian army camp.
Israeli media reports : Israeli police recommend to indict Israeli PM @netanyahu on Bribery charge and breach of trust in 2 cases; Chief prosecutor will have the final word on the cases
"We're like the piggy bank," says President criticizing U.S. policies he inherited. He cites Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Says it's not fair. We defend them and they pay us a fraction of the costs.
Road between Rebel-held Idlib province and Afrin region being opened by Faylaq Sham, part of Olive Branch forces. Atmah-Deir Balut.
Police statement on Netanyahu will be delivered by Police Chief Roni Alsheikh at 20:45 pm (Israel time)
Netanyahu is expected to attend a Knesset session still tonight as the 2019 budget vote (1st call) is taking place and his vote is needed.
Mattis en route to Brussels: "We were told there were no Russians, that was right off the de-confliction line". Tells reporters he "can't give you anything" on reports (Bloomberg, NYT) on Russia contractors. "Doesn't appear to be coordinated by the Russians. Calls it "perplexing"
YPG forces hit a armored vehicle of the Turkish Army in Bilbile district today
Israel police expected to recommend Netanyahu indictment for bribery. Recommendation also expected (!) regarding abuse of power/media case
Over 100 artillery, mortar and rocket-propelled shells hit Ltamenah today
Unclassified DVIDS video showing Coalition strike on a Syrian pro-government T-72 tank in eastern Syria last week
5th Corps 122mm M-1938 (M-30) howitzer milliseconds before being hit by Coalition aircraft after pounding SDF positions near Khusham, Eastern Syria
U.S. moves to place Pakistan on global watchdog's terrorist-financing watchlist; Pakistan 'hopeful' it can stave off its inclusion at meeting next week
4 month ago
TSK: Sixteen targets were destroyed in air operations in northern Iraq
First video shows US airstrike on pro-SAA and Russian PMC positions on east side of Euphrates. You can see a strike on: 1 tank 1 artillery position.
4 month ago
Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry on Imia island incident: "The Greek side is misleading the public"
2 civilians "including a child" were killed after heavy artillery shells by Assad government on the neighbourhood of Mesraba town in Eastern Ghouta
Shelling of Latamena in Northern Hama from Halfaya
Shelling of Latamena in Northern Hama from Halfaya
4 month ago
Italian vessel taking part in NATO's Sea Guardian maritime operation, goes to area where Turkish military has been obstructing exploration for natural gas.
"We assess that the Syrian government used the nerve agent sarin in an attack against the opposition in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017" - US director of national intelligence, in statement today to Senate
DNI Coats to Congress: War in Yemen will worsen where already 70% of the population is at risk and/or confronting a humanitarian crisis. Highest number of displaced people since WWII
At this moment Turkish air-forces are bombarding the village Draqliya in the Shers district of Afrin
Update: U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone destroyed Russian-made T-72 tank in E Syria Sat on same say Iranian drone shot down over Israel. Tank came from "same hostile forces" which attacked US special ops troops and allied Syrian fighters late last week, officials say
Iraqi PM AlAbadi meets with Rex Tillerson in Kuwait City at the Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS before tomorrow's the Iraq Reconstruction Conference
US jet destroys Russian T-72 battle tank in East Syria in 'self-defense' Saturday after 'pro-government forces' fired on US special ops and allied Syrian fighters near same location of last week's attack, officials say. No US or allied casualties. 3 inside tank killed.
More Turkish tanks are going to Afrin including M60T Firat tanks (they have Fırat(Euphrates) modernization) and tank recovery vehicles. OperationOliveBranch4 month ago
More Turkish tanks are going to Afrin including M60T Firat tanks (they have Fırat(Euphrates) modernization) and tank recovery vehicles. #OperationOliveBranch
#AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces reached outskirts of strategic town of Jindires. 100s of TSK troops specialized in urban warfare reached Afrin region few hours ago.
Clashes between the SDF and pro-Assad's militias in Ayash (government Held) and Hawaij Al-Bou Massa'ah (SDF Held), Western of Deir Ez-Zor city, after the government militias have killed a sniper of SDF
FSA and TSK captured Archali village from the YPG militants
Unconfirmed Photo allegedly of the moment Brigadier General Suheilal-Hassan arrived to Damascus
Yemeni military sources: dozens of dead and wounded of Houthi militias in raids of the Arab coalition on the fronts of Harad and Midi in the province of Hajjah
@OIRSpox: Coalition in self-defense struck a T-72 tank Feb 10 It had been maneuvering with indirect fire on a SDF/coalition post. Post in range of hostile fire. Contact with Russian deconfliction maintained
The geolocation of the firing position of the Iranian-made Safir Jeep and its 106mm gun, before it was destroyed by a Turkish airstrike ( Firing in SW direction)
Iraq's PM @HaiderAlAbadi arrives in Kuwait.
Taiz's militants installed the body of the destroyed Oshkosh M-ATV on another Oshkosh.
Helmand province education dept and the Taliban have signed MoU of cooperations in education sector
4 month ago
Top Afghan government security bosses have conducted two tracks of talks with the Taliban despite a month of brutal bombing and US president’s rejection of talks with the Taliban
Footage shows the clashes in the Deviye village near Jinderes, Afrin. Operation Olive Branch possible position
Turkey's Syria operation has 'detracted' from war on IS group: Tillerson
4 month ago
Pakistan doesn't allow its soil to be used against any country: Pakistan army chief tells defence conference in Kabul
4 month ago
Pakistan will have to pay for J&K misadventure: Indian defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman
4 month ago
Dissident Afghan governor @Atamohammadnoor says he'll overrun Kabul with 20k vehicles packed with protestors at end of February
4 month ago
Greek Foreign Ministry lodges demarche to protest against midnight Imia incident where Turkish coast guard patrol vessel rammed a Greek coast guard boat
Large numbers of people in Rastan city take to the street demanding the departure of Al-Nusra after they assassinated one of the city's dignitaries
Funeral of YPG fighters, who were killed in Afrin, in Sheikh Maqsud
Greece officially complains to Turkey about Imia incident, summons TR's ambassador to Athens, briefs USA, Germany, EU, NATO, 5 permanent members of UN Security Council. Still TR Coast Guard around Imia4 month ago
Greece officially complains to Turkey about Imia incident, summons TR's ambassador to Athens, briefs USA, Germany, EU, NATO, 5 permanent members of UN Security Council. Still TR Coast Guard around Imia
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