In Saudi Arabia, new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks tough on Iran and Gulf dispute

Map. History of Middle East conflict

27 May 2018
Islamic State claims SPG-9 attack against government forces near AlBukamal DeirEzzor #Syria
3 week ago
Russian RIA military source: Syrian objects were attacked with "hostile missiles"
Syrian StateTV confirmed Explosions in Hama and Aleppo countryside
Al Jazeera Reporter: explosions of a base of the Syrian government in in the southern suburb of Hama
Fires inside 47th Brigade after multiple blasts seen from N. Homs pocket.
N. Homs: town of Rastan massively bombed tonight with barrage of artillery.
Western Deir-ez-Zur: flares deployed over Al-Jiyah by SAA
Blasts at 47 brigade in Hama
Seems the Turkish hacker group Ayyildiz Tim has breached former NATO SecGen's Twitter account.
Bombardment on Dayr Ful in North Homs
Bombardment on Dayr Ful in North Homs
Russia has withdrawn it's "deescalation" observation posts in Daraa.
Loud explosion at SAA 47 Brigade, fire flames are high seen from rebel-held areas, unknown the reason so far. Southern Hama countryside
Reports that 2 forcible displacement deals were reached in Syria: 1) residents of besieged Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahem in southern Damascus to be displaced to rebel-held northern Syria. Those who choose to remain won't be forcibly recruited into government forces for 6 months.
S. Damascus: improvised up-armoured vehicle captured from ISIS.
Armenian president says PM should be elected in parliament, not on the streets.
Clashes between rebels and Kurdish militias on the axis of Maranaz north of Aleppo
NDF fighters were part of assault vs SDF, pictured while crossing Euphrates and taking control of Junaynah. All advances reportedly reversed tonight.
Another Russian Air Force Heavy lift inbound 29,000ft heading over Iran - RuAF A124 RA82035 RFF8064
Quneitra: The SAA and Quneitra Hawks have been fighting since At least 1 Hour Ago with light weapons at the northern outskirts of Khan Arnabeh town with the rebels in Ofaniya town in parallel to intense artillery shelling Ofaniya / Ufaniya3 week ago
Quneitra: The SAA and Quneitra Hawks have been fighting since At least 1 Hour Ago with light weapons at the northern outskirts of Khan Arnabeh town with the rebels in Ofaniya town in parallel to intense artillery shelling Ofaniya / Ufaniya
SAA photos from Junaynah earlier
ANDSF source: Heavily armed insurgents are overrunning day by day government positions in Badghis. Calling for reinforcements from central government and dire needed supplies just north-west of Qala-i-Naw city.
The local council along with the police of Sarmin, issued a warning statement in order to ensure the security and safety of the residents in the city due this assassination wave in the region: Prohibited to cover the face; Motorcycle/vehicles must be inspected;
3 week ago
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire at border fence with Gaza Strip
Russian Air Force An124 RA82032 Airborne from Latakia AB, Syria - heading over Iran3 week ago
Russian Air Force An124 RA82032 Airborne from Latakia AB, Syria - heading over Iran
According to police an ISIS cell in Egypt had plotted the assassination of pro government Salafi cleric Yasser el Burhami a few years ago
Two civilians killed and dozens wounded in bombardment on the Rastan town in north Homs
3 week ago
Another infiltration was thwarted in another area of southern Gaza. Two more Palestinians approached the fence threw Molotov cocktails and were fired at by Idf troops. Army says both were killed
Days after Europol swoop on Islamic State affiliated domains, ISIS' al-Bayan radio returns to the web using a new URL and featuring links to latest edition of weekly al-Naba newspaper and its Firefox plugin for radio broadcasts
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Maar Zeita town, Southern Idlib countryside
Destruction aftermath warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting school and families houses in Harbnafse town, 28 April Southern Hama countryside Syria
Syrian government: agreement reached with Tahrir Al Sham to evacuate from Yarmouk camp
@SyriaCivilDef rush for rescue operation aftermath warplanes carried out several airstrikes targeting families in Rastan town moments ago.
3 week ago
A short while ago Israeli army troops caught two men who tried to infiltrate from southern Gaza near the community of Holit. The Israeli army opened fire, killing one and arresting the other.
Coalition fighter jet destroyed a military bridge which was used to storm Al Jnenah near Deir-ez-Zur
Damascus agreement includes the evacuation of those who trapped in the towns of Kafriya and al-Foaa, - about five thousand people in two stages
Syrian media: reached agreement on the departure of armed militants from the camp Yarmouk, implementation begins next Monday
Isreali army deployed flares near Al Qarara village, Gaza3 week ago
Isreali army deployed flares near Al Qarara village, Gaza
Armenian intelligence reports about thwarting terrorist attack. The terrorist is identified as a Russian citizen and resident of Makhachkala Suleymangaji Bagandgajiyev.
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Zakat town, unknown casualties among civilians so far. North Hama countryside
Aerial and artillery bombardment on districts south to Damascus
Macron confirms in talk with Rohani to work together to maintain the 2015 nuclear agreement
SDF Spokesman Kino Gabriel: "Our forces launched an opposite attack, and the four villages regained control of the government and drove it away."
The US-led coalition bombed the Syrian government and Iranian-backed militias today.
[email protected] response to @sfrantzman @Jerusalem_Post inquiry about the SDF clashes with pro-government forces today; Coalition confirms but does not go further than saying de-confliction was used
Rouhani tells Macron Iran nuclear deal "not negotiable"
Russian Navy anti submarine plane the Il-38 Khmemeim AB in Syria, The S-400 radars in the background.
Secretary of State Pompeo is headed to Jordan, the last leg of his first trip in his new job.
Bombardment using barrel bombs on Al Majdal in Northern Homs
Afghani forces fled and abandoned 7 check posts in Qala Taweldar, Sanjatak, Khaki Ghariban and Imam Haddad Sahib areas of Ghazni capital due to repeated Mujahidin attack resulting in a large area coming under the control of Taliban
In Saudi Arabia, new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks tough on Iran and Gulf dispute
Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) kidnapped the media activist Rami Raslan from Darkoush, Idlib, today. HTS continues to arrest civilians, activists and fighters opposed to its rule.
SAA casualties after clashes in Al Jnenah
3 week ago
SAA tanks shelling Tal Thahab town in Northern Homs
SDF says it retakes villages captured by Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor
SDF taking back positions lost earlier today and putting down government flag. Geolocated N. of Jiyah, h/t @obretix.
Turkish Air Force drone heading towards the Syria border3 week ago
Turkish Air Force drone heading towards the Syria border
SDF regain control of Shaqra, West of Deir-ez-Zur
Islamic State announces that it has killed 30 Syrian Army #SAA soldiers by fending off attacks in #Qadam, #Tadhamun and #Zayn neighborhoods in #Damascus
3 week ago
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton wins Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Assad government airstrikes bombed out of operation the Zaafraneh hospital in the besieged northern Homs countryside and killed one of its employees
Rebels dismantle an explosive device near the Al-Hekma hospital in Al-Bab City.
Libya - A cargo plane, probably a C-130 Hercules chartedred by Oil Repsol company crashed (technical failure) after taking off from Sharara oilfield near Ubari. in southwestern Libya killing three and woundering one
You have a special place in my heart, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells @IsraeliPM Netanyahu in Jerusalem
The SAA killed "Ahmad al-jifil" a senior Arab commander of the SDF during the clashes in Deir Ezzor
Artillery shelling targeting the village of Zara south of Hama.
Afghanistan: Islamic State Claims Bombing On Voter Registration Center In Jalalabad Of Nangarhar, Killing 20 Including 6 Policemen.
From the French square in Yerevan, a procession led by Nikol Pashinyan started it's movement
3 week ago
Merkel, Macron and May are ready to discuss additional agreements on Iran - the cabinet of Germany
The Russian Air Force RuAF is active near the eastern bank of Euphrates river
Fierce clashes ongoing between Kurdish lead SDF and Syrian government proxies around Janeen village, DeirEzZor, Syria.
N. Homs: video showing deployment of several T-90s previously used in E. Ghouta and heading towards N. Homs for impending Offensive.
Iraqi 20th Division kills 3 ISIS trying to cross Tigris River near Mosul floating on inner tubes. The inner tubes were being used to transport food and other supplies.
Syrian Army control villages al-Junaynah -al-Jiyah - Maishiyah al-Hissan which were under Kurdish militias control before, Deir Ez-Zor
More pics showing airstrikes on N. Homs countryside as prelude of government Offensive.
Syrian forces have controlled several villages eastern Euphrates river, DeirEzZor.
After Al-Qadam eyes on Hajar Al-Aswad
Deir-ez-Zur: The Coalition Air Force provides air support to the SDF militia to regain control of the villages captured by the Syrian government forces and Iranian militias
More than 80 airstrikes so far targeted Talbiseh Makramiyah Deir al-Foul, al-Ghassabiyah, Rastan towns. North Homs countryside
Sources in the Syrian Army announce the restoration of several areas of the US-backed Syria Democratic forces in the eastern Euphrates areas
Local source claims the SDF has been able to recapture two villages captured by pro-government forces near Deir ez-Zor, clashes in the outskirts of Jneineh Syria
Important statement by @SDF_Press_1 Assads forces and/or its militia are trying to stop SDF advances along Euphrates river DeirEzzor by attacking SDF in captured villages. SDF is responding to attacks in self-defense
Iraqi court sentences 19 Russian women to life in prison for their links to ISIS Iraq
Libya- photos purportedly showing crash site of C-130 near al-Sharara oil field. The aircraft reportedly had 5 crew members with only 1 survivor following crash due to technical reasons.3 week ago
Libya- photos purportedly showing crash site of C-130 near al-Sharara oil field. The aircraft reportedly had 5 crew members with only 1 survivor following crash due to technical reasons.
Statement by Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF Spokesman @KinoGabriel1 regarding Syrian government attacks on the SDF forces in already captured zones and villages in the Deir ez-Zor countryside, Syria. @CENTCOM
N. Homs: town of Talbissah also hit by several airstrikes today.
Government and Allies withdrew from 3 villages between Al-Ullian and Al-Hessan after military reinforcements for the SDF, The @CJTFOIR Airforce participated in the clashes and they have targeted some locations for the government and Allies.
Killed and wounded as result of strike on hospital in Zafaranah village in Northern Homs
3 week ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq is about to enter a new phase as the Iraqi people vote to choose their parliamentary representatives and next government
The government and Allies took over Al-Junainah village in DeirEzZor W rural after cross Euphrates, heavy clashes in many villages across the river including Al-Hussan village, between the government vs the SDF and dozens of families have flee from the area due the clashes.
Pompeo starts Mideast tour with call for new Iran sanctions
3 week ago
Israeli army stops Hamas member from infiltrating into Israel from Gaza
At least 18 Taliban insurgents were killed in clashes in northern Baghlan province
Lebanon army says Israel seized citizen on border
Amnesty International renews call for arms embargo against Israel
SyrianArmy Tiger Forces are on the move towards Homs Countryside to participate in the upcoming battle.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The ISIS security office opened an investigation into the killing of 3 Members of the ISIS on their way back from Front points on an agricultural road. Among the dead was Abu Saad al-Sudani, a military commander in the city of Hajin.
Libya - LNA Air Force took delivery of new engines for its fighter jets and spare parts from an unknown supplier at al-Abraq airbase.
Descending for Latakia AB, Syria - RuAF IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
Syria Damascus: After breaking ISIS first defense lines SAA SRG take over several tunnels, trenches strategic spots held by ISIS before and advance in most axes amid the collapse of ISIS. ISIS Withdrawed from AL Madaniya and Al Assaly (Wassim hasn't said anything about Qadam)
Turkish Red Crescent to launch humanitarian aid mission to help tens of thousands of people affected by floods in Baladweyne town, about 335km away from Mogadishu.
Tiger Forces heading to North Homs4 week ago
Tiger Forces heading to North Homs
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