In Paris today to attend the Moroccan diaspora protest in solidarity with the Hirak political prisoners of the Amazigh Rif.

Map. History of Middle East conflict

25 April 2018
Honoring Master Sgt. Johnathan J. Dunbar, 36, of Austin, Texas, died March 30 in Manbij, Syria in roadside bomb blast
3 week ago
American troops in Manbij this day.
3 week ago
Kosovo opens investigation into extradition of Turkish nationals
Syria's army vows to finish off last Ghouta rebels
Explosion in the first district of Jalalabad city of Nangarhar Province. Eyewitnesses said two people were wounded in the incident
Chinese rebels from Taliban among 7 insurgents dead in Badakhshan offensive
3 week ago
Militants fire upon an Army vehicle in Jammu and Kashmir's Shopian. Area cordoned off
More than 40 airstrikes have so far struck Sahel al-Ghab region aswell as central and western Idlib today. Just as newest Turkey military delegation has entered Idlib today
Russian aviation hit Al Dana city in Idlib countryside
3 week ago
Hamas says five of those killed in riots on Israel-Gaza border were members of its armed wing
NE. Daraa: airstrikes continue on Lajat villages (pics from Hamer and Bawir).
IS just claimed this attack - very rare attack on official in Kunar, usually Kunar activities are related to confrontations against the Taliban.3 week ago
IS just claimed this attack - very rare attack on official in Kunar, usually Kunar activities are related to confrontations against the Taliban.
3 week ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has described U.S. President Donald Trump's statements on withdrawal from Syria as "purely rhetorical," saying the main objective of a Turkish diplomatic delegation's visit to Washington is to understand the U.S.'s "real intensions".
Fire devours WFP warehouses in Hodeidah, Yemen
Eastern Damascus: as residents are still leaving E. Ghouta towns, latest convoy for Greater Idlib faced several incidents. Some busses stoned and crashed during travel, killing at least 6.
Syrian Republican Guard in control of Tal Rifaat, as Russia|n MP patrol streets of the city
5 children and 3 women were killed, and many others injured so far, after brutal air raids on civilian homes in Bsanqul City in Idlib cs. @SyriaCivilDefe teams worked to retrieve the victims, and continue the rescue operation.
3 week ago
Russia: Billionaire brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov from Dagestan, owners of corporation Summa, arrested suspect of leading organized crime group. MVD and FSB search their companies in 25 Russian regions. Biggest criminal case since Yukos.
The Rif Hirak movement in Paris today
In Paris today to attend the Moroccan diaspora protest in solidarity with the Hirak political prisoners of the Amazigh Rif.
Turkish Army says the operation to clean Pkk from Hakurk area in Northen Iraq continues."They had ran away from their hideouts in the area"
SyAAF drop flyers on some areas in northern Homs countryside, calling for rebels to settle their cases and join national reconciliation.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces uncovered a YPG ammo depot with tank rounds in a destroyed building in Afrin-city.
Iranian news site reports the country will block the Telegram messenger service for reasons of national security.
S. Idlib: the 1st refugee from E. Ghouta (an elderly from Zamalka) has been killed by airstrikes on Ariha. Syria
Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia signed the Memorandum of Defence Cooperation agreement that allows strategic cooperation in defense and military with the participation of three countries' defence minister.
3 civilians were killed and 7 other injured so far, after brutal air raids on the civilians homes in Areha city in Idlib cs. @SyriaCivilDefe teams worked to retrieve the victims, and continue the rescue operation.
Senior administration official told @washingtonpost that Trump has requested pullout plans from Syria and has had conversations with Chief of Staff Kelly and Defense Sec Mattis on the matter:
S. Aleppo: 4th Observation Point set up by Turkey early February near Al-Eis.
New Yemeni Bader-1 Ballistic missile was fired to Najran, So far Yemen launched 105 Ballistic missile to Saudi Arabia.
Ghab Plain (NW. Hama) S. Idlib locations including town of Ariha also bombed today, mainly by Russia|n Air Force.
Kazakhstan-South Africa joint production Barys 8x8 armed with Turkish @aselsan NEFER 30mm-25mm(Primary) x 7.62mm(Co-axial) Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station has passed the qualification tests sucesfully in winter conditions.
W. Idlib: amidst new wave of bombardment RuAF also bombed Dana near Turkey, creating massive fireball.
3 week ago
3 mass graves found by Syrian civil defence and SAA west of Tabqa, remains of 45 soldiers have been retrieved
Protests continue in Kurdistan Region for 7th day in row
SW. Idlib: town of JisrShoghur also hit by airstrikes today.
N. Hama: multiple RuAF airstrikes on Zakah, near Lataminah.
Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers near the border have left 16 people dead.3 week ago
Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers near the border have left 16 people dead.
Saudi Crown Prince visits @Boeing in Seattle
3 week ago
Afghanistan Islamic State Claims Killing An Afghan Soldier In Watapur District In Kunar.
Iraqi Airways airplane landed at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the first time in 27 years.
Saudi Arabia state security arrested 13 Turkish suspects for cases related to national security.
Azerbaijan Defense Minister visits Turkish company Baykar Makina producing UAV3 week ago
Azerbaijan Defense Minister visits Turkish company "Baykar Makina" producing UAV
Iraqi forces launch large scale operations against ISIS and Kurdish Islamists 'White Flags' in Southern Kirkuk province to maintain pressure on sleeper cells instigating rouge attacks on highways.
Russian warplanes targeted the Zakat village in the countryside of Hama, with four air raids.
The frigate Aquitaine escorts the USS Iwo Jima.  Mediterranean3 week ago
The frigate Aquitaine escorts the USS Iwo Jima. Mediterranean
Israel's army has confirmed that a drone crashed in southern Lebanon overnight due to a technical malfunction.
Russia declares the extension of the truce until the departure of the Rahman Corps from the East Ghouta Damascus
The warplanes targeted the city of Jisr al-Shughour in the countryside of Idlib, with several air strikes.
Three pro-Hadi forces field commanders were killed by Houthi in Midi area.
3 week ago
Azerbaijan said 101 attacks from the Armenian side per day
30 armed insurgents killed in Kandahar Operations3 week ago
30 armed insurgents killed in Kandahar Operations
An Israeli drone crashed between Bar'ashit - Beit Yahoun villages in southern Lebanon
Two ANA Soldiers Wounded In Kandahar Explosion
Iraqi MP from Parliament Defense Committee: Turkish President's statements about intervention in Sinjar are to gage possible Iraqi reaction to an intervention. There is coordination between Baghdad and Turkey. Unilateral Turkish intervention unlikely.
3 week ago
Two Afghan soldiers killed, 3 wounded in explosion in Kandahar's PD 10
The tenth batch of the displaced people from eastern Al-Ghouta leaves the Qaalat of Al-Maqiq, west of Hama, en route to the Syrian north
Trump: Turkey's Erdogan , hours after signaling wanting exit for US from Syria and an IED killing US soldier. Second call this month
Saudi Crown Prince: Assad remains in power and we hope he will not become a puppet in the hands of the Iranians
JTS is able to destroy an HTS tank and kills/wounds dozens repelling an attack on the axis of Darat Izza and the village of Maklbees [مكلبيس] rural Western Aleppo
3 week ago
Reports that EU Mission in Kosovo - @EULEXKosovo conducted a search operation tonight at the Pristina Airport, but no signs of the arrested Turkish citizens.
3 week ago
Russian warplanes targeted the al-Qasabiyah village in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Hamas spokesperson: 15 Palestinians dead, 2,476 injured after Friday riots
3 week ago
Strong tremors felt in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Reports of earthquake in Kashmir valley in India too
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 44km WSW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan
Head of the PA Mahmoud Abbas declares Saturday a day of mourning
Casualties among civilians in Maar Belet village near Areha city today, after 3 air rids in the residential neighborhoods in the village.
3 week ago
Palestinian protester dies of head injury
3 week ago
Deadly clashes flare along the Gaza border, with Gaza's health ministry claiming at least six Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces
"Most of these fighters are in Iraq and Syria, Libya, the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater, Somalia, Yemen," says @SethGJones "They are not always coming under the umbrella of ISIS Daesh or alQaida but they are operating with local groups"
Pakistan Army Chief arrived Maldives today.3 week ago
Pakistan Army Chief arrived Maldives today.
SecDef Mattis also said of Turkey, that despite Ankara's threats, "There has been no move against Manbij, and we continue our dialogue with the Turkish authorities about how do we sort this out"
Just 11 airstrikes vs ISIS in Iraq and Syria from March 23-29, 4 in Iraq and 7 in Syria, per @CJTFOIR
Pro-Assad forces bombard the Daraa camp in the city of Daraa with a land-to-land missile (Elephant)
3 week ago
Palestinian Ministry of Health: 8 dead and 1,100 wounded in clashes at eastern Gaza
Mattis on Turkey hurting ISIS fight in Syria: "We are no longer in an offensive effort on the ground against them" defense secretary said this week
3 week ago
Gaza health ministry reporting over 1,000 injured. Including one with a serious head injury from Israeli army gunfire east of Jabalya in the northern part of the Strip.
The jury in the case against Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen has reached a verdict. The verdict will be published in open court in approximately 30 minutes.
Pentagon confirms that one of the two coalition personnel killed in Syria was American
SDF spokesman says not informed of any plan to withdraw U.S. forces operating in Syria Referring to Trump's statement, he said it "was not clear", and noted "statements that came from other American officials in US administration did not confirm that or deny it".
[email protected]: Between March 23-March 29, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 7 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria and 4 strikes in Iraq
3 week ago
Jammu and Kashmir: Police arrested one person named Manzoor Ahmad Ganie, resident of Masjid Pora, in Srinagar's Tulmulla, who was admin of WhatsApp groups 'Shariyat Ya Shahadat and 'Fiza Telecom'; Case registered, further investigation underway
[email protected]_and_Alaa arrived today to north Syria after leaving Eastern Ghouta
3 week ago
The Provincial Council (PC) member for eastern Kunar province Shah Wali Hemmat was killed in a suicide blast on Friday
3 week ago
Israeli forces kill seven Palestinian protesters on Gaza border: Gaza medics
Pressure on Iran will help avoid war: Saudi Crown Prince tells the WSJ
3 week ago
Arab-Israeli human rights group protest Israeli army usage of snipers
More than 36,000 people have already been bussed out of Eastern Ghouta
3 week ago
Kazakhstan will ban any kind of mining crypto-currency - the head of the National Bank
Journalist Rakhim Namazov, who was granted asylum in France after the persecution in Azerbaijan, was seriously wounded today when his car was shot
Footage showing FSA Jaish Tahrir Sham which took over a government position in E. Qalamoun, burning it down. BMP taken.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
First image showing a member + flag of the new (unofficial for now) al-Qaida branch in Syria called Hurras ad-Din (Guardians of the Religion).
Another demonstrations took place in Al Bab. People are demanding Turkish army to enter Tadef.
Russia'n airstrikes on Opposition in Ariha and Khan Sheikhoun towns countryside of Idlib Syria
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