Map. History of Middle East conflict

22 July 2018
Pictures from Marrakech cafe attack clearly show it was a hit job, not a terrorist act, Morocco local media
Almost overnight, YouTube shut down 900 groups and individuals documenting the civil war in Syria.
8 month ago
Russia tells U.S.: Unacceptable to politicize chemical weapons inspections in Syria
8 month ago
UK raises 'grave concerns' about illegal settlements with Israel's Netanyahu - May's office
One of Saipov's cell phones also has 90 videos, 3,800 images, much of which was ISIS propaganda, per the complaint
Pro-Assad Forces captured Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood from ISIS in DeirEzZor city
Mistral helicopter carrier with Ambassador Mk missile boat during the joint Egyptian - Greek naval exercise Medosa 58 month ago
Mistral helicopter carrier with Ambassador Mk missile boat during the joint Egyptian - Greek naval exercise "Medosa 5"
A Turkish military convoy with 30 armoured vehicles entered Idlib province via Kefer Lusin
IS posts infographic on"human /material losses of forces supported by International Coalition in Iraq and Syria"in past Oct
8 month ago
Russia, Saudi energy ministers Novak and Falih are expected to give briefing in Tashkent - two sources
Iraqi Air force received 3 new F16s, they have arrived at Balad air base
AlbuKamal OP (T2 Axis): SAA, Hezbollah and IRGC advance 8-9 km towards Iraq in Badia Al Sham
Turkish Soldiers seized  weapons from PKK after clashes in Hakkari Şemdinli8 month ago
Turkish Soldiers seized weapons from PKK after clashes in Hakkari Şemdinli
8 month ago
46 PKK members were killed in Hakkari, Tunceli and Şırnak Ministry of Interior announced.
Kurdistan Region and Iraqi military delegations, under supervision of the US army, currently holding a meeting in Mosul.
A source in Ramadi writes that Brigade 17 of the PMU joined the Anbar fight.
Russia to propose extension of mechanism investigating use of chemical weapons in Syria if its work quality improved, FM says
E. Damascus: several airstrikes hit Jobar and AinTerma this morning.
Warplanes carried out 4 airstrikes so far targeting Jobar neighborhood and Ein Terma suburb in Eastern Damascus
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting besieged Douma city now in Eastern Damascus countryside
Riyadh: 60 Russian Firms Discuss Investment in Gas, Energy, Railways
Photo: A 14 days joint training exercise PRABAL DOSTYK–2017 between Indian Army and Kazakhstan Army commenced today in Chamba's Bakloh
8 month ago
Tunisian policeman dies after being stabbed on Wednesday
SyAAF L-39 bombing ISIS in DeirEzzor.
Syrian Army captured Hujayrat Kabirah, Hujayrat Sagirah and Jubb Awwad in Aleppo at Jabal Al Hass
Tu-22M3 launched new airstrikes in Deir-ez-Zur province
Syrian army and allies regain three more villages in Aleppo southeastern countryside
8 month ago
HDP denounces the government’s intense pressure on the judiciary
8 month ago
25 PKK members were killed in Hakkari/Şemdinli and Tunceli.
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting al-Latamenah town in North Hama countryside
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting al Rahjan, al-Shakousiyah, al-Bayoudh, Sarha villages in East Hama countryside
Rebel activist says SAA and Allies were able to enter and take full control of this small village with no resistance
After SDF took control over Bakara, clashes against ISIS towards Dahela suburb in DeirEzzor countryside
NE. Hama: Central Division announces destruction of a tank with ATGM as government vanguard reached oustkirts of Shakusiyah.8 month ago
NE. Hama: Central Division announces destruction of a tank with ATGM as government vanguard reached oustkirts of Shakusiyah.
8 month ago
Scientists discover new hidden chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid, say its purpose is unknown.
Rebels are saying SAA and Allies have advanced from Khanasir Front and captured Rashadeh/Rashidiya and heading West to Hawiwat
PKK attack on Turkish army in Hakkari, SE Turkey which left 8 dead, dozen wounded.8 month ago
PKK attack on Turkish army in Hakkari, SE Turkey which left 8 dead, dozen wounded.
A number of civilians were injured in the town of Karak in Daraa cause intensive artillery shelling
Islamic State atrocities in Mosul need international justice: U.N.
RuAF conducted 60+ airstrikes on DeirEzZor city since morning and non stop artillery shelling
8 month ago
Russian MFA official on witnesses in UN's Khan Sheikhun report: "Who knows if on April 4 they were not actually on a beach in the Emirates?"
Brett McGurk: Ten months ago ISIS was plotting major terror attacks from its haven in Raqqa city. Now about to lose its entire so-called caliphate
Brett McGurk: With new Iraqi gains in western Iraq, ISIS has now lost 96% of territory it once controlled in Iraq and Syria. Now facing annihilation
Aleppo: SAA/Allies Artillery fiercely striking Al Hoss Mountain Axis hitting villages - Ramleh, Burj Azawi and Bluzia
Syria Aleppo Southern Aleppo Violent: clashes between rebels and SAA who are trying to advance on Hajarah front at Al Hoss mountain Axis
View from northern Euphrates bank shows battle in DeirEzZor city
View from northern Euphrates bank shows battle in DeirEzZor city
Indian, Kazakh armies begin 14-day joint exercise in Himachal Pradesh to strengthen ties, exchange skills
Spokesman for the Libyan armed group holding the brother of the Manchester suicide bomber says it will not extradite Hashem Abedi to the UK
Aleppo: Convoy of SAA Syrian Army arrived at a location to start a campaign at one of the Southern Aleppo countryside axis’s
Social media reports claim another Russian Wagner mercenary KIA in Syria - 26yo Muslim Abumislimov from Stavropol
Syria: Syrian government bombard Kark Sharqy town with heavy artillery eastern Daraa
Supreme Leader Khamenei says U.S. is Iran's 'number one enemy': TV
Iraqi to receive 3 F16 warplanes from US today.
Sources inside Qa'im confirmed that the IQAF was able to destroy a 10-vehicle convoy attempting to cross into Syria
Iraqi Federal court responds to Abadi request and says they can't make any official decision on Kurdistan Referendum
8 month ago
Indian Kerala Police confirms that 6 more youngsters from Kannur have joined ISIS in Syria, says these people were active workers of PFI in Kerala
8 month ago
At least 8 soldiers killed in Şemdinli
8 month ago
Russia wants $2 billion from Turkey for S-400 air defense missiles: TASS
Iraqi army/Hashd al-Shaabi have seized all weapons from Lahur Talabani's bodyguards in Kirkuk. They're not allowed to carry guns
1 Chinese tourist killed, 4 injured in a bus accident in Antalya, Turkey on Sun.; The injured to return to Beijing on Fri: Chinese embassy8 month ago
1 Chinese tourist killed, 4 injured in a bus accident in Antalya, Turkey on Sun.; The injured to return to Beijing on Fri: Chinese embassy
Syrian opposition high negotiations committee says Russia-sponsored conference aims to rehabilitate Assad government -statement
Iraq holds talks with Turkey regarding export of oil from Kirkuk province through Mediterranean port of Ceyhan
Ongoing clashes outskirts of Mushrafiyah, Idlib
Kuwait: Jaber al-Mubarak Forms his Seventh Cabinet
8 month ago
Eight members of Turkey’s security forces and five Kurdish militants were killed in a clash near Iraqi border: sources
8 month ago
238 Daesh-linked suspects, including 187 foreigners detained in 11 days in anti-terror ops across Turkey
8 month ago
Two soldiers and two guards reportedly killed in clashes with PKK militants in Semdinli, in southern Turkey
Libya- US contractors train BAM forces (Sirte area) in EOD with equipment provided by the UK
Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi: "I was surprised by the US position on Faysh Khabour and asked them "do you have a share in it?"
Anbar Operations published today that Qara al-Fayyadiyah, Jarjab, and Saad were cleared by Iraqi Forces.
House passes bill allowing State Dept to revoke passports of terror suspects one day after NYC attack - The Hill
Footage showing destruction of a SVBIED today near Qa'im
Close Saakashvilli ally was detained in Ukraine on Interpol notice8 month ago
Close Saakashvilli ally was detained in Ukraine on Interpol notice
Negotiations took place in Qamishlo between PYD and government under Russian supervision. Ali Mamlouk, Mikhail Bogdanov and Shahoz Hesen were present
Kurdistan Region Security Council: Statement by KRG Ministry of Peshmerga: Iraq has responded with reckless deadlines and military aggression despite proposal presented on 31 Oct.
NYCAttack suspect Saipov has just appeared in a wheelchair in Manhattan federal courtroom.
FBI just announced they are no longer searching for 2nd suspect
During FBI interview, New York attacker Saipov, requested to display ISIS flag in his hospital room,said he felt good about what he had done
Saipov had been planning attack for 2 months and was inspired by the ISIS videos he watched, adds Acting US Attorney Joon Kim.
Search of suspect's cell phones revealed "thousands of ISIS related images" and "about 90 videos."
"We now have him charged with federal crimes of terrorism," says US Attorney Joon Kim of suspect in NYC Attack.
NYC terror suspect requested to display an ISIS flag in his hospital room during interview with law enforcement, criminal complaint says.
Indonesian ISIS militant: 39 Mautes Maute group members still in Marawi
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM hit on government T-72 (?) in Hama
FSA Central Division TOW ATGM hit on government T-72 (?) in Hama
8 month ago
In west Libya, Major General of the 4th Brigade claims its headquarters in Aziziya was hit by rockets fired from 'units supported by GNA.'
Both the US State Department and Israeli Ministry of Defense refused to comment today on reports US asked Israel to stop weapon sales to Burma
Some photos out of W Anbar today
[email protected] approves possible support contract for Qatar's F-15QA multi-role fighter aircraft program. Estimated cost $1.1 billion
Federal prosecutors in New York file terrorism charges against bike path attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov
Federal Court of the United States imposes charges on Sayfullo Saipov, author of the terrorist attack in Manhattan, New York
The FBI, NYPD are seeking to question Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, in connection with yesterday’s terror attack in lower Manhattan
SDF has captured Jadidat Baqarah from ISIS
Sky News Arab: 4 Israeli raids targeted an ammunition manufacturing plant in the industrial area of ​​Hissia, Homs
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting Kafr Zeita and al Latamenah towns in North Hama countryside
Hezbollah Sec. Gen. Hassan Nasrallah met with Saleh al-Arouri, recently elected as Hamas political bureau deputy chief8 month ago
Hezbollah Sec. Gen. Hassan Nasrallah met with Saleh al-Arouri, recently elected as Hamas political bureau deputy chief
KRG's Peshmerga Ministry condemns Iraqi army threats, ready to defend Kurdistan Region
8 month ago
[email protected]: Syrian air defenses fired back. Baalbek correspondent reported hearing explosions from Beqaa's Al-'Ayn, Al-Jdayda, Laboueh
Israeli warplanes targeted a factory in Hassiyah industrial city in Homs
8 month ago
Reports of Israel airstrikes on Syrian army positions west of Homs and near al-Qusayr
8 month ago
Brooklyn man-turned-ISIS propagandist extradited to US
There have been no casualties among the federal forces until now after suspected Peshmerga shelling, and the forces have not responded to the mortar shells pending orders
Hezbollah affiliated media: Israel planes struck a weapons storage on Lebanon/Syria border. Huge explosions reported
Federal forces were shelled by mortar shells and fired from the Peshmerga areas in the vicinity of Zammar and Rabia northwest of Nineveh.
Ukraine and Saudi Arabia completed the preparation of an intergovernmental agreement in the field of defense
@PressSec “Haven’t ruled it out,” calling for putting Uzbekistan on travelban list.
US SoF on the ground have said mutually understood with Syria Kurds that overlap of interests largely limited to counter-ISIL campaign.
“Q: If an Islamic State is established, would the Mujahideen be part of it? OBL: “We can’t be part of a State unless it has the power to stand up to Israel or eradicate it.”
In May 2011, bin Laden had seemingly low hopes a full-fledged uprising would take place in Syria but he was confident it’d get there gradually down the line, especially when other uprisings would succeed. “The flood is coming”
Khamenei: We can nullify US sanctions, isolate it by eliminating dollar, replacing it with national currencies in bi/multi-lateral economic transactions
Iran's Khamenei says Moscow, Tehran cooperation can isolate US
First time in the past seventeen years that a Pakistan's army chief will visit Iran
Russia says need to prevent new sanctions against Iran, keep nuclear deal
SDF fighters captured the Baqarah village and killed 3 IS members
ISIS distributing this poster on terror group-linked Telegram channels following NYC attack
Iraqi joint operations command issued a strongly worded warning accusing Erbil of back pedaling out of the agreed upon deal
"This isn't about Islam. It isn't about what mosque he [Saipov] attends" per NYPD's Miller
Graham on terrorism suspect: When you find someone..who kills in the name of radical should find out if he is working with someone
Iraqi Army: Kurdistan Region overturned on previously approved security agreements
Note found in vehicle, written in Arabic, said ISIS "will endure forever."
Syrian Army also captured housing, park, and Al-Tarabia between Hamidiyah and Jubailah
6 Russian strategic Tu-22M3 bombers carried out airstrikes on ISIS positions in Syria’s Boukamal in DeirEzzor
NYC terror suspect planned attack for weeks, did it in the name of ISIS - NYPD
NYPD counterterrorism commissioner John Miller details timeline of New York City terror attack
Saipov "did this in the name of ISIS" per @NYPD's Miller "Followed almost exactly to a T the instructions that ISIS has put out"
Syrian Army captured Jubailah district in Deir Ez-Zor
Hassan Soleimani, the father of Major General Qassem Soleimani passed away and was buried today in his village Qanat Mulk in Kerman, Iran
6 pronounced dead at scene, 2 at hospital. 13 injured, 3 released from hospital, 4 critically injured are now in stable condition.
NY Gov. Cuomo praises officer Ryan Nash, the five-year NYPD veteran who shot truck attacker: "He was a hero."
Video:Tu-22M3 bombers carried out an air strike on ISIS targets near Abu Kamal
Iraq Army Chief of Staff and director of military Intelligence met with CTS, Fed police and Army commanders in Zammar, Ayn Zalah and Berdiya.
RuAF Tu-22M3 hit objects near Albu Kamal
UN: 114 Iraqi civilians killed and 244 injured in terrorism related violence/fighting in October.
SAA T-55 with mine rollers in DeirEzzor city.
8 month ago
Egyptian air force conducted airstrike on ISIS. Then the army raided their hideouts Giza
Egyptian air force conducted airstrike on ISIS. Then the army raided their hideouts Giza
SDF captured Badiyah Al-Hurayji , Bir Maza'al, Bir Sayad and Suwaylem in DeirEzzor Syria
MLRS bombardment by 10th Division on Mazrat BeitJin front to pave way for government assault.
Tu-22M3 strike in Syria
Democratic civilian administration declared in Tabqa
NYC suspect was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents after being listed as point of contact for two men on counterterrorism list.
Ninveh provincial council votes on sacking the Governor of the province, Nawfal Hamadi.
Russian strategic bombers launch strike on Daesh targets in Syria's DeirEzzor
ANHA Says: Turkish Army Build a Military Airport in North Idlib/Darat Izza/Şeyh Bereket Mountain
New York attacker 'associated with ISIS'
@obretix: Russian military base established at the police academy in Deir Ezzor in October 2017
Russia using Aleppo airport terminal as a command post for units in Syria (BTR-82A, Tigr, Leer-3, R-330Zh etc)
Russia's Putin arrives in Iran to discuss Syria, nuclear deal: Iranian TV
Unmanned aircraft dropped 20 bombs on Jobar suburb of Damascus
The President Poroshenko urged GCC more vigorously protect the rights of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea
Kuwait’s Emir tasked Sheikh Jaber al-Mubarak al-Sabah to form the new cabinet
8 month ago
Uzbekistan looking into reports New York attack suspect was Uzbek
ISIS claims ATGM strike against Syria army tank southeast of al-Mayadin city, DeirEzZor
Two Tunisia policemen stabbed in front of parliament
Suspect arrested after a knife-wielding man attacks near Tunis parliament in Tunisia
Chechnya's strongman president Ramzan Kadyrov denies involvement in latest assassination in Kyiv.
New advance by Syrian army and allies toward Abu Kamal
Turkish warplanes shell PKK bases on the Kurdistan Region border with Turkey
6 children killed yesterday in shelling of school in Jisreen
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) on outskirts of Qaim center in West Anbar and preparing to assault.
Saudi-led airstrike hits market in northern Yemen, killing at least 21 people - Reuters witness
Grief and anger as Derna buries its dead. Air strikes killed up to 16 civilians, mostly children. Still no claim for responsibility. Libya
Pro-Assad-forces lost T-72 tank near Sarha in eastern Hama after TOW strike
Heavy Russia'n airstrikes on lots of villages in south eastern Idlib and north eastern Hama to depopulate whole tracts of land
8 month ago
Turkish presidency: It is unacceptable to invite Kurdish factions to participate in talks
Nechirvan Barzani to meet Erdogan in the near future.
Indonesian believed to be linked to Maute group arrested in Marawi
8 month ago
Ship carrying around 10 crew went missing off coast of Sile on the Asian side of Istanbul
8 month ago
Cargo ship disappears from radar in Black Sea off coast of Istanbul
The International conference of resistance scholars kicks off in Beirut
8 month ago
Hamas hands over Egypt border crossing to Palestinian Authority
8 month ago
Search and rescue teams are searching for a Cargo ship with 12 onboard after it goes missing off Black Sea coast of Istanbul's Şile district
Hamas hands over Egypt border crossing to Palestinian Authority
New York terror suspect left a note behind in the rental truck pledging his allegiance to ISIS
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