Map. History of Middle East conflict

20 March 2018
ISIS sleeper cells and sympathizers ambushed a PMU convoy that was on a reconnaissance mission in Hawija. 27 PMU were killed 17 of them were from Basrah south Iraq
Turkish drones circling over the village Zormikhare and its surrounding
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes around Sheikh Hadid. Meanwhile Turkish helicopters operating in the area.
Kurdish people's protection units(YPG) deny agreement with Damascus to allow government forces to enter Afrin to help repel a Turkish attack
Eastern Ghouta: Number of Air strikes and locations hit reported by a Tiger Forces Media Man
4 week ago
Azerbaijan to open first phase of Southern Gas Corridor to Turkey in July
4 week ago
Israel (IMDO), U.S. (MDA) have successfully intercepted a ballistic missile target outside the atmosphere with the IAI/@BoeingDefense Arrow-3 exoatmospheric interceptor. Test carried out in Israel early on Feb. 19. "The success of this test is a major milestone."
Gonabadi Dervishes protest ongoing in Tehran
Attacks on security forces by Dervishes Gonabadi
Peaceful protest by Iran Darvish community against arrest of their leader is broken up by security forces.
IRGC Deputy commander Hossein Salami: Whether Israeli claim that the drone was Iranian is true or not, this was not the first or last drone of the resistance front.
The shadowy, grey,unmarked S92 helo spotted leaving SDF controlled Central Prison in Hasaka today. Activists long suspected part of prison to have become "black site" where Islamic State key captives are interrogated
Clashes between civilians and Iranian security members at Tehran today
4 week ago
Iranian TV: Three police officers killed in clashes with protesters in Tehran
4 week ago
All Muslims are unanimous on the virtues of Hazrat FatimaZahra (God's greetings be upon her); there is no difference between Shia and Sunni in this regards.
Fars News has published videos showing attacks against protesters and then claimed, without evidence, that security forces were killed in an effort to justify crackdown.
Video shows large convoy reportedly carrying 100s of tribal fighters from Raqqa towards E. Ghouta
4 week ago
Turkish Deputy PM: "Diplomatic sources didn't verify Assad, YPG deal. If government has an opinion of deploying forces in Afrin to defend YPG, this will result in serious disasters in the region "
4 week ago
Bozdağ: Washington's failure to withdraw YPG from Manbij will mean we are under threat
Al-Jubeir: Qatar has not changed its behavior and must stop supporting terrorism
Al-Jubeir: Al-Houthi militias bear responsibility for the humanitarian situation in Yemen
Turkish Government spokesperson Bozdağ (after cabinet meeting): Reports on Assad government's plan to send troops to Syria's Afrin not true; such thing is out of the question4 week ago
Turkish Government spokesperson Bozdağ (after cabinet meeting): Reports on Assad government's plan to send troops to Syria's Afrin not true; such thing is out of the question
More details. PMF and Federal Police also apprehended 5 ISIS who were complicit in last night's ambush. The militants had disguised themselves as Federal Police then proceeded to set up a fake checkpoint near Saadouniyah village.
4 week ago
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister: Foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia and Iran will meet on March 14
4 week ago
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister: If Syrian government forces enter Afrin, this will have serious consequences
Eastern Damascus: Russian outlet filming "Tigers bombing Nusra". Geolocation of IRAM launcher confirms Harasta-Duma will be one axis of ground Offensive.
SDF is controlling parts of Bahra town after heavy clashes against Daesh
Al Marj area: 11 civilians including 4 children and a woman were killed and many civilians injured
Photos of clashes amid protests in Iran
Heavy clashes between SDF and Daesh around Bahra town in Eastern DeirEzzor
Jessren town "until this moment" 4 civilians were killed and many civilians injured after heavy bombing
Hamouriyah town:20 civilians including 2 women and 3 children were killed in heavy bombing
4 week ago
Widespread shooting reported in Kabul city after cricket team wins series against Zimbabwe. Police call on residents to stop firing weapons.
Saqba town: 14 civilians were killed after heavy bombing today
Airstrikes on Arbin in Eastern Ghouta today
4 week ago
President Erdogan had a phone call with the Iranian President Ruhani
4 week ago
150 held in Afghanistan for trying to smuggle drugs to India this year
4 week ago
2 Indian soldiers killed after eight-year-old Pakistani boy dies in cross-LoC firing: Pakistan Army
SAA shelling Ar Rashiden and Science Research center in West Aleppo
Russian Air Force An124 RA82035 29,000ft heading over Iran
Eastern Damascus: Rebels stormed Assad positions near Harasta Hospital and seized ammunition and RPGs
FSA Hamza Division video inside the Hacikanli village.
East Ghouta: caught in middle of a SyAF bombardment.
4 week ago
U.N. chief warns of nightmare scenario if Israel, Hezbollah clash
Aftermath of bombardment on houses in Hamouriyah's town (Eastern Damascus). Death toll exceeds 40 in East Ghouta since morning
4 week ago
Two people wounded in an explosion in Diyarbakir
Iran Min. Of Defense Gen. Hatami will soon visit Azarbaijan
Syrian Observatory: 71 people were killed and 325 wounded by air strikes and artillery shelling of the Syrian government today on the eastern Ghouta
Netanyahu welcomes the signing of the gas agreement between Israel and Egypt and describes it as historic
4 week ago
Turkey, Iran and Russia will have a trilateral summit in 2 weeks
Lebanon cannot ask for donor funding without passing 2018 budget -minister
East Ghouta sky today: Iran|ian reconnaissance drone (Mohajer-4 UAV) and SyAF helicopters. Damascus
The moments of Turkish airstrikes in the village of Basutah
4 week ago
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Putin discuss latest developments in Syria, mainly in Afrin and Idlib
One of the government helicopters hovering over eastern Ghouta today. The helicopter dropped barrel bombs on Mesraba and Beit Sawa. Photo by Qusay Nour/ @Dmcpress_ar
#AfrinOp: one of checkpoints taken by Olive Branch forces near Cyrrhus (Nabi Huri) was guarded by "Asayîşa Rojava"
4 week ago
President of Turkey Erdoğan and Russia's Putin had phone call
4 week ago
India says Pakistan Army violates ceasefire at Mankote Sector in Mendhar, J&K. Indian Army retaliating effectively to the continuous ceasefire violations
Syrian state TV is reporting live from Afrin
North Korea offers condolences to Iranian leader over deadly plane crash
"The success of this test is a major milestone in the operational capabilities of the State of Israel and its ability to defend itself against current and future threats in the region," says US Missile Defense Agency.
Israel announces 'historic' gas contract with Egypt
4 week ago
3 civilians have sustained injuries due to Pakistan Army firing after continuous ceasefire violation in Uri, Baramulla and are being evacuated to hospital. Heavy firing continues from both sides at LoC
M-46 130mm Howittzer, during providing army Forces with Artillery strikes during raids in Northern and central Sinai .
Olive Branch forces declares Medaya village fully captured from YPG in southern Jinderes.
41 civilian were killed today since morning in shelling on Eastern Ghouta
Egypt's MOD releases in the 10th Statement video For Sinai2018 op, Footage For the live clashes Between army Forces and the terrorist elements in Rafah city, Northern Sinai .
4 week ago
Afghan forces rescue 30 people from the militants cell in Laghman
France says committed to Iran deal, will keep talking to European, U.S allies
Turkish army is shelling YPG targets in eastern Jarablus.
12-year-old Haifa Kallahu was killed in a shelling on the village of Basuta in Afrin
4 week ago
Indian Army destroys Pakistan Army bunker while retaliating to ceasefire violation. Heavy casualties on Pakistan side likely. Ceasefire violation by Pakistan at LoC in Churanda Village of Uri, Baramulla of North Kashmir. Heavy firing still on from both the sides
4 week ago
India says Pakistan violates ceasefire in Uri Sector, heavy firing underway
The rebels clashing with SAA forces attempting to advance at Duma and Harasta frontlines
Syrian government forces killed 2 civilians in Misraba town in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus suburbs
Some additional interesting findings by Sirte Crime Department: cluster submunition and AT-3 Sagger/9M14 Malyutka
Russian Navy landing ship 'Minsk' [project 775II/Ropucha Class] enters in Sevastopol Bay. February 19, 2018  She looks heavily loaded.4 week ago
Russian Navy landing ship 'Minsk' [project 775II/Ropucha Class] enters in Sevastopol Bay. February 19, 2018 She looks heavily loaded.
Ministry of Home Affairs hands over the terror incident at SMHS Hospital, Srinagar, where Pakistan terrorist Naveed Jutt had escaped, to NIA for investigation. Based on the advice of MHA, 25 dreaded militants have already been shifted out from Kashmir jails till date
Warplanes bombard cities of Saqba and Kafr Batna in Eastern Ghouta
Al-Mayadeen currently has a live broadcast from the Afrin crossing
Al-Mayadeen currently has a live broadcast from the Afrin crossing
Agreement to be signed of Israeli gas supply to Egypt worth 15 billion dollars
This is completely incorrect to say that our military troops are being sent to get involved in the Yemen war: Pakistani Defence Minister Khurram Dastagir Khan
East Ghouta: heavy artillery and SyAF bombardment resulted so far in 26 killed, including 7 children. Many others wounded. Damascus
Two police personnel have been killed and three others injured in separate Taliban attacks in southern Ghazni and southeastern Paktika provinces4 week ago
Two police personnel have been killed and three others injured in separate Taliban attacks in southern Ghazni and southeastern Paktika provinces
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Diwan Al Tahtani, El Bayadah camp, Qabla hill and the houses around it from the YPG
4 week ago
UK Foreign Office calls on Iran to stop the activities in the conflict in Yemen
The French Foreign Ministry expressed concern about Iran's missile program and Iran's activities in the region
Foreign Ministry confirms its commitment to the nuclear agreement with Iran
Ankara municipality changed @USEmbassyTurkey's street name to ZeytinDali Olive Branch. as a re-action to US stance over YPG and Afrin military operation.4 week ago
Ankara municipality changed @USEmbassyTurkey's street name to ZeytinDali "Olive Branch". as a re-action to US stance over YPG and Afrin military operation.
FSA forces looking to Jinderes district from a defensive position.
10 civilians were killed in Hamorya city so far, after continuous bombing targeted residential areas in the city. Civil Defense teams rushed to help the wounded and continue the rescue operation.
Sirte Crime Department discovered some old weapons and UXOs (at least some likely used by ISIS), including an SA-7b MANPADS without a grip stock and thermal battery, and generally in very rough condition
FSA captured Xirabê Elûs east fortified defensive base near Jinderes
Iraq's military spokesman says Iraqi forces are searching the Al Saadounya area, southwest of Kirkuk, where the attack took place
President Duterte says ban on deployment of workers to Kuwait stands. The ban will continue and it will extend to other countries, says Duterte
Turkish army is shelling several locations in western Marea city including Harbul, Sheikh Issa, Maryamin
Turkish artillery is pounding villages on the road from Aleppo to Afrin
Egypt: 3 Soldiers, 4 Militants Killed in Sinai Campaign
Iran civil aviation 'cannot confirm' wreckage of crashed plane was found: state TV
Two high-ranking Police officials from Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Interior anti-drug department arrested and charged with criminal offenses after getting caught with 8 kilos of marijuana.
New @Reuters pictures. OliveBranch forces position a BGM-71 TOW "north of Afrin" yesterday
4 week ago
Calls to stop Syrian Army's offensive in Idlib aimed at shielding AlNusra Front militants - @mfa_russia's Lavrov
Smoke rising as airplanes targeting Eastern Ghouta
4 week ago
Lavrov says the experience of Aleppo can be used in the Eastern Gouta
4.4 magnitude earthquake just hits Kermanshah Qasre Shirin region. Casualties unknown
Chinese president sends condolence to Iranian counterpart over plane crash
Visuals of ammunition and paraphernalia recovered after an attempt by Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT) was foiled along the LoC, last evening. One armed intruder was killed and 2 other were injured in the operation4 week ago
Visuals of ammunition and paraphernalia recovered after an attempt by Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT) was foiled along the LoC, last evening. One armed intruder was killed and 2 other were injured in the operation
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.4 week ago
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.
4 week ago
Kunduz province governor accepts his dismissal by president @ashrafghani and says, he really respect President decision and will soon leave the office
The "Operation Olive Branch" Room announces, they are in the gate of Raco (Khananli gate) after the clashes with the YPG.
Finnish Commander of UNIFIL in Lebanon acknowledged that his 10,500 forces, including 585 Lebanese have been infiltrated by Hezbollah. Also said that Indonesia-n contingent provide info to various Lebanese actors on Israel movements
A jihadist group in Libya celebrating the anniversary of the uprising against Ghaddafi
4 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 46km WSW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
FSA at Merseva village in North Afrin
The #OpOliveBranch Room announced the control of Hopkan village from the YPG
Turkish army shelled Tarandah, south of Afrin.
4 week ago
Turkey's FM @MevlutCavusoglu comments on Afrin deal, saying if the Syrian government wants to remove YPG from Afrin, it is positive.
ISKP shows (and slaughters) two alleged spies. One of them is the Taliban's one and the second one belongs to Afghan government intelligence agency
"Olive Branch" forces captured Hopkan near Rajo.
4 week ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We call for maintaining Syria's unity and encourage reconstruction efforts
Jordan FM: We are in agreement with Turkey on the importance of the Palestinian cause and the two-state solution
Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi: Militants disguised in army uniforms ambush paramilitary troops north of Baghdad, killing 27.
YPG in Afrin denies current agreement with Damascus
Iraq has sentenced 17yr old female German convert to 6 years in prison for joining ISIS. Two other female foreign fighters, another German and one from Turkey have been sentenced to death by hanging.
#OpOliveBranch room announces the capture of Nabi Huri hill/castle and Roman brigde and surrounding hills
IS claims yesterday's massacre of PMU forces south-west of Kirkuk, killing over 20 Iraqis and burning 5 vehicles
At least 20 ISF Iraqi soldiers killed and 5 vehicles destroyed in Al-Riyadh area during ISIS ambush
Ancient Cyrrhus, the modern Nebi Hurri hill is under FSA control
Four civilians killed and others wounded as a result of the strike on Saqba town in Eastern Ghouta
The convoy of Sheikh Maqsoud residents arrived in Afrin.
4 week ago
Three civilians, including a woman, were killed in a roadside bombing and a policeman gunned down in western Farah province
Unconfirmed reports suggest rescue workers have found wreckage of ill-fated Iranian plane
Iranian rescue team resumes hunt for wreckage as weather improves one day after a plane crashed with 65 people on board
Iraqi PM: Kurdistan airports will open soon.
Turkish warplanes bombarded YPG targets around Jinderes and Dair Siwan a hour ago.
4 week ago
Head of State Duma committee on Defense Shamanov at meeting with foreign military attaches: reports on mass casualties among Russian citizen in Syria weren't confirmed
4 week ago
Israeli military hits an underground militant infrastructure site in Gaza, responding to rocket fire toward Israel
Philippines says suspect Islamist militant recruiter arrested
Turkish jets target YPG positions in Afrin as a deal is underway between Syrian gov't and YPG group.
Egypt to open Rafah crossing today only for Palestinians to return back to Gaza.
A convoy consist of 5 buses full of Aleppo residents arrives in Afrin, in the same time of Syrian media claims over deploying forces to Afrin.
Still there is no agreement between YPG and Syrian army over deploying forces into Afrin - YPG commander
4 week ago
A contract was signed for the Kandahar solar power plant in the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and local officials and tribal elders of the province in Presidential Palace
Clashes between SDF forces and the FSA&Turkish army around the village Helubiye, Meydaneke Dam and around the Kela Nebi Hori of district Shera
4 week ago
Lavrov urged the US "not to play with fire" in Syria
A second Afghan provincial governor defied an attempt by President Ashraf Ghani to remove him
In Syria, SANA reports that "correspondent in Aleppo confirmed that the Popular Forces will arrive in Afrin to support the steadfastness in the face of the aggression carried out by the forces of the Turkish government on the region and its population since last month."
Suicide Jacket, Anti Tank mines, Magnetic mines, prepared remote control IEDS, remote control receivers, detonators and communication equipment baring Afghan mobile company signature recovered from suicide bombers
Two Afghan-based TTP suicide bombers killed in Bajaur: ISPR
Government forces will enter Afrin area 'within hours': Syrian State TV
4 week ago
Iran continues search for missing plane, no wreckage found yet
4 week ago
Reports of hundreds of Russians killed in Syria attempt to exploit war : RIA cites Lavrov
Egypt says three soldiers killed in campaign against militants
Sudan has freed dozens of activists, including some top opposition activists, who were arrested last month for protesting over rising food prices @AFP
FSA in Marsava village in Northern Afrin
FSA seized the Sumud mountain (687 Bolu mountain) from the YPG in Rajo district
Turkish-backed FSA seized Shaltah, Birsava(Marso) and Iki Dam villages from YPG
4 week ago
Iran FM @JZarif at Valdai criticizes traditional Gulf alliances by calling for "small and large states to contribute together in a common security framework"
4 week ago
Tribal elders in Nangarhar province said on Monday the bodies of at least 12 local residents were found in Kot district
4 week ago
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on the GCC at Valdai: "We need a strong region, not a strong man in the region"
4 week ago
Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addresses Valdai Club's conference on Middle East
4 week ago
At least eight Taliban insurgents were killed in a drone strike in western Farah province
4 week ago
Moscow, Islamabad to discuss Afghan peace process
The official announcement by FSA on Mersawa, Iki Dam and Shelta villages in Northern Afrin countryside
#OliveBranch: FSA capture Marso, Iki dam and Shaltah villages in Afrin area northern Syria's Aleppo
4 week ago
Reporters, and camera crew, covering the upcoming parliamentary session has been pushed back far from the parliament premises
4 week ago
Israeli army destroys underground terror tunnel from Gaza Strip overnight
11 Houthi fighters killed by coalition raid at Tahita in the West Coast Front
4 week ago
Israel and US successfully test 'Arrow-3' missile defense system for intercepting ballistic missiles outside atmosphere
Niger-Mali: Sultan Ould Bady's Katiba Salah Eddine, a group of JNIM members and AnsarDine members (Kouffa's Toleebe) pledge allegiance to Amir al-Mu'mineen wa Khalifat al-Muslimeen (Al-Baghdadi)/ISIS4 week ago
Niger-Mali: Sultan Ould Bady's Katiba Salah Eddine, a group of JNIM members and AnsarDine members ("Kouffa's Toleebe") pledge allegiance to "Amir al-Mu'mineen wa Khalifat al-Muslimeen" (Al-Baghdadi)/ISIS
SAA OTR-21 Tochka heading to East Ghouta, Damascus4 week ago
SAA OTR-21 Tochka heading to East Ghouta, Damascus
PM Hariri says electricity crisis should not continue
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Sjord Hager of Dutch nationality, a member of the foreign SDF militia, was killed as a result of the battles against ISIS elements in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Atmana and Rajo.
FSA Southern Front groups including 18th March Division announce full readiness to "open all fronts" on Assad government forces in the event of an offensive on Eastern Ghouta
Katibat Usud al-Tawheed of the town of Darkush defect from HTS and join JTS(Jabhat Tahrir Syria)
4 week ago
Some 22 people, including 14 foreign nationals, were taken into custody by police in an operation against ISIS in Istanbul,Turkey
Sudan frees 80 people, orders release of all other prisoners detained in last month's protests over skyrocketing food prices
4 week ago
Israeli army fires flares in the sky east of Gaza.
4 week ago
Israeli army is striking targets in Gaza following the earlier rocket attack
Kizlyar attack: another video, as ISIS claimed responsibility
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reportedly terms set by the Syrian Government / Syrian Arab Army during the Meeting with Kurds last night
Rocket fired from Hamas-led Gaza slams into Sha'ar Hanegev region in Southern Israel. No injuries.4 week ago
Rocket fired from Hamas-led Gaza slams into Sha'ar Hanegev region in Southern Israel. No injuries.
4 week ago
Russian Patriarch Kirill called a provocation shooting near the church in Dagestan
Dagestan: In Kizlyar Church attack IS didn't have the exclusive of the video where the shooter Khalil Dagestani pledges allegiance to Baghdadi. The video has been released only by some Russian media
According to Caucasian network, Khalil Dagestani (IS militant) left a video bayyah to Baghdadi that Russian media started circulating on Youtube. Last attacks in Russia had similar video statements released by IS Central.
At least 27 PMF militants killed in an ISIS ambush southern Kirkuk.
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif speaks to @BillNeelyNBC on rising tensions with Israel and the state of the Iran nuclear deal.
#AfrinOp: weapons captured from YPG and YPJ by Hamza Brigade in Darwishah. Among spoils 2 ATGMs: one Fagot and one Konkurs
Heavy artillery bombing by government tonight targeting East Ghouta and Eastern Damascus towns
ISIS claims shooting attack in Dagestan, Russia
Fierce clashes ongoing between PMF militias and ISIS and Saduniya village, Riyadh southern Kirkuk.
The Co-Chair of Defense and Self-Defense Body in Cizîre Rêzan Gilo: "No agreement has been made with the government in Afrin".
Algeria- IED in mountains in southern Khenchela Province reportedly kills 1 ANP soldier, wounds 2 others, 4 days after the Tebessa attack (similarly- AQIM area of operations)
Tunisia: Another shepherd wounded by an IED/mine explosion at Jebel Chaambi, Kasserine
@MHJournalist in live stream from Qamishlo, showing the first footages of car explosion and Asayish forces has already began the investigations
Satellite image shows 5 RuAF Su-25 at Hmeymim airbase
Translation of recent Al Naba infographic related to ISWA activites in Niger/Nigeria/Chad.4 week ago
Translation of recent Al Naba infographic related to ISWA activites in Niger/Nigeria/Chad.
A car carrying 4 civilians has bomobed in west nieghborhood of Qamishli city Northern Syria , 4 civilians killed
Iraqi court sentences 12 ISIL widows to death, life in prison
Sporadic clashes between the militia of SDF and pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of the town of Tabiya this morning
Civil defense teams worked to extinguish a fire that broke out after artillery shelling on Mesraba city in Eastern Ghouta tonight
Car bomb exploded in Qamishli city
Car bomb detonated in Qamishlo city. Source says there are injured, no confirmed casualty count yet.
Greater Idlib: Ahrar Sham and Nur Al-Din Zinki officially merged under "Syria's Liberation Front" (SLF).
4 civilians killed in Masraba; 1 in Saqba many others injured in bombing; residential areas in Eastern Ghouta targeted - according to White Helmets
Car explosion in the western district of the city of Qamishli
Turkish artillery bombardment targeting the villages in Shara countryside
Ahrar Sham and Nur al-Din Zanki movement to merge under the name of the Liberation Front(Jabhat Tahrir)
Khalifa Haftar asked Russia to set up a military base in eastern Libya, the Head of the Russian Contact Group on Libya, Lev Dengov, discloses to Egypt's Youm7 newspaper, adding that he does not know whether his demand was accepted by the Russian Defense Ministry or not.
2 bomb blasted in Baghdad, Iraq
Yemeni Ministry of Defense: Army and Houthis are still besieging UAE forces and Hadi forces trying to lift the siege
Civilians wounded as result of strike on Aftris in Eastern Ghouta
Huthis 12 UAE soldiers were killed, including officers, 4 armored vehicles and 4 vehicles of Hadi forces south east of Taiz
Kurdish official: agreements on Syrian army deployment are only military and we will not hold any political talks with Damascus
Kurdish official: We agreed Syrian army to enter the Afrin to repel the Turkish attack
Syrian Army has said troops will enter Afrin within two days 'depending on (their) preparations' - senior Kurdish official
Yemen: IS increases its attacks against Houthis. Claims killing 5 Houthis fighters
Turkish army is heavily bombarding Tal Rifat now.
Eastern Damascus: artillery bombardment tonight on town of Sabqa
The #OperationOliveBranch forces today captured 3 villages and 3 hills which surround the Raco district and make the Raco district defenceless.
FSA in Dervish Ubasi village. #OperationOliveBranch
Pro-Assad forces shell Ghouta's Kafr Batna and Jisreen towns with 8 missiles in one round
Official confirmation that National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Hajikanli and Dervish Obashi from YPG
ANF: "alongside the possibility of the agreement including the undertaking of a joint military campaign on al-Bab area and Jarabulus, located under the control of Turkey"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
According to ANF's special sources agreement between YPG and Assad would also include Syrian govt to deny Turks airspace to Afrin. But its not confirmed yet by YPG/SDF or Syrian govt.
2 killed as result of strike on Latmin
2 killed as result of strike on Latmin
ANF says Russia tried to obstruct the agreement between the Syrian govt and the YPG, thats why early negotiations didn't work. But they finally reached an agreement on Sunday
ANF: "special sources: Syrian government reaches to an agreement with YPG to face Turkish army"
PMU continue their work on the Syrian border despite the heavy rains. From yesterday.
Reports that National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Dervish Obashi from YPG militants
Hezbollah-linked media threatens to attack Israeli gas fields
FSA forces captured Dervish Ubasi village in Western Rajo. A female YPG militant was captured by FSA forces.
The death toll in Dagestan Kizlyar increased to five - the city administration
FSA Hamza Brigade shared photos from the preparations for operation in Hecika village
TuAF destroyed a train station in Estir village in north of Afrin several days ago.
4 week ago
J&K: Pakistan violated ceasefire along LoC Karmarha sector of Poonch; One Army jawan injured during ceasefire violation shifted to Army hospital in Poonch
Video of shooting in Kizlyar
Sudan: Release of all political detainees today
Turkish army is bombarding the center of district Rajo
Attacker used shotgun, all killed, except attacker - women.
Swastikas sprayed on Poland's Tel Aviv embassy day after 'Jewish Holocaust perpetrators' remark
Yemeni forces led by Ansarullah kill 4 UAE soldiers, destroy 6 vehicles for invading forces at Mawza crossing, Taiz Governorate.
Shooting happened as people celebrated Maslenitsa "Butter Week" at Orthodox church in Kizlyar
Man opened fire on crowd in Dagestan, 4 killed, 4 wounded. Suspect shot dead
2 Turkish soldiers announced dead after an APC near Akçakale was caught in floodwaters last night, 2 others in the APC were able to escape.4 week ago
2 Turkish soldiers announced dead after an APC near Akçakale was caught in floodwaters last night, 2 others in the APC were able to escape.
[email protected]'s @PMBarzani met with the Iranian Foreign Minister @JZarif in the sideline of the Munich Security Conference in Germany. #MSC2018
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the town of Rajo moments ago.
An agreement between the YPG and Syrian army likely in the coming hours — Rudaw source in Afrin.
4 week ago
Enemies who threaten humanity with WMD oppose Iran's missile capability! You don't want Iranian nation to have missiles and other defensive facilities so you can bully them. Yes, we consider nuclear weapons and WMD haram, but anything else that we need, we'll pursue staunchly.
4 week ago
We recognize the enemies' threats, rhetoric, and open and hidden plots; but, without hesitation, we stress that this is an Islamic establishment reliant upon the people. We will get stronger day by day and as Imam Khomeini said "The US cannot do a thing [to harm Iran]."
4 week ago
We've seen outcomes of reliance on foreigners in JCPOA. On nuclear talks we trusted them, we didn't benefit from that trust. I should truly thank our FM @Jzarif who strongly and adequately confronted US's viciousness and Europeans' running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.
Iran FM @JZarif says we are "dangerously close to escalating conflict", and echoes @antonioguterres in calling for a regional security arrangement. #msc18
Eastern Damascus: Faylaq Rahman released its sniper footage from Jobar and Qabun fronts, including night shots
Heavy clashes reported on the outskirts of Hajiko and Darwish Ubasi, south of Rajo
4 week ago
Huge explosion rocks Gaza.
President @HassanRouhani expresses condolences to Iranian nation over deadly plane crash.
Arab League: "Extremist groups are no longer the problem. They have been defeated, or are in the process of being defeated." #msc18
Video footage from the Jinderes front today
4 week ago
The effect of democracy is reviving people's potentials. When people take to the stage andthey're trusted, the feeling of national self-confidence will revitalize in people.Then the country will progress in science, industry, emerging technologies andmake a regional political impact.
"Supporting one terrorist organization to fight against another terrorist organization is a big mistake." Turkish FM @MevlutCavusoglu at MSC2018
4 week ago
The foremost task of the Revolution was to change a tyrannical system into a democratic one based on Islamic and Quranic principles. The revolution paid many services to Iran, which forms a long list.
Foreign ministry Egypt just issued statement saying it 'understands circumstances' in Ethiopia, but nevertheless 'looks forward to adherence of timeframe' set for dam negotiations
Unknown armed group kills 1 Kurdish Asayish in middle of Kirkuk city, Iraq.
4 week ago
Azerbaijan accused Armenia of 122 bombardments per day
Three European YPG fighters(from France, Spain and the Netherlands) killed in Afrin fighting against Olive Branch forces. They arrived only three weeks ago.
Amaq footage showing IS attacking AQ HTS in Yarmouk Camp Sth of Damascus yesterday
Netanyahu says he "doesn't really care about the Iran deal." he only cares that Iran not get the bomb. He calls for "the toughest, crippling sanctions" against Iran its development of ballistic missiles.
Armenia confirms Kornet-E anti-tank missile system delivery
Showing a map, Netanyahu says Iran is trying to take over large swathes of the middle east, including setting up naval bases in the Mediterranean. "Can you imagine Iranian submarines next to the US Sixth Fleet? Next to the port of Haifa?"
The red is ISIS territory. The black is Iranian. "As ISIS compresses Iran get more foothold"
Netanyahu: We may take action against Iran itself and not just against its affiliated groups
Netanyahu holds up piece of Iranian drone shot down over Israel last weekend.launched from Syria. To Iran, "do not test our resolve." #MSC2018
Netanyahu: We will continue our work to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent military presence in Syria
Netanyahu brings piece of Iranian drone to #msc18: Iranian tiger is on the prowl in the Middle East"
Netanyahu on Iran's foreign minister: "I give Mr. Zarif credit. He lies with eloquence." #msc2018
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds up what he says is a piece of the Iranian drone shot down by Israel last week. "Do you recognize this, Mr. Zarif?" (FM Zarif is attending the Munich Security Conference as well)
Netanyahu: We will continue our work to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent military presence in Syria
YPG's Rezan Hado says talks are ongoing with the Syrian Government regarding Afrin
US-backed SDF has removed from its website last night's claim of a deadly attack on Turkish soldiers inside Turkey4 week ago
US-backed SDF has removed from its website last night's claim of a deadly attack on Turkish soldiers inside Turkey
4 week ago
TSK: 15 suspected militants on the border with Şemdinli were killed
Iranian officials announced that the plane crashed due to the technical issues and there is no possible way to send Ambulance to the place. the place on map
Rescue helicopter could not land in the crash site due to dense fog in the mountains, local official said. They're heading there through land.
4 week ago
Two Palestinian teenagers found killed in the besieged Gaza Strip, following two waves of Israeli air strikes
4 week ago
Jack Khoury in Haaretz: "The Israeli military struck 18 targets in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours following escalation of the border with the enclave". (By 0100 am, Israeli army spox reported striking only 6 targets.)
Reports in Iran's media locals saw plane trying to make emergency landing on Isfahan farms. Some cite possibility there could be survivors.
Sinai: ISIS claims that 2 Egyptian soldier were killed by snipers near al-Arish.
Iranian plane crashes near Semirom, Isfahan Province, with 60 passengers on board: Iran's Emergency Center
Iranian media reporting that the flight carried around 100 passenger and the crash has been confirmed near city of Semirom
Report: Iranian plane disappears from radar
Unknown location
An ATR passenger plane flying from Tehran to Yasuj in western Iran has disappeared from radars. 50 to 60 passengers on board. Take off at 1:30 (GMT) (5 am local time)
For the fifth day, clashes ongoing and increasing in intensity between ISIS and AQ (aka Nusra aka HTS) at al-Yarmouk camp, where ISIS is trying to reach Falastin hospital Damascus Syria.
4 week ago
Turkish Armed Forces: Since the beginning of the operation of the Olive Branch 1614 militants were killed
U.S. still unsure who directed Syria attack, despite Russian dead
Photo: The floods in the town of Beit Furik, east of Nablus, caused by heavy rain, where a number of houses were flooded.4 week ago
Photo: The floods in the town of Beit Furik, east of Nablus, caused by heavy rain, where a number of houses were flooded.
ISIS official responsible for intelligence in Kirkuk province, Iraq, arrested by security forces.
Honorary Major General Jamal Razzouk The Chief Of Military Intelligence in DeirEzZor Killed in a "Traffic Accident" while returning to continue his missions in Deir EzZor. Razzouk is from Homs city and participated in all the military operations in Deir EzZor city and countryside
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