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16 8月 2018

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Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Air raids The international coalition targeted the positions of the Assad government forces in the town of Khasham
Syria: this video shows what happened in Tadef (N Aleppo) yesterday. unarmed protesters tried to march to Tadef to demand the departure of the government, as they arrived they were shot at with live ammunition
5 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 53km E of Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan
YPG YPJ/HAT forces Recapture the village of Mamulu in Rajo and heavy street fighting going on inside Rajo town
Video has surfaced showing Israeli forces in the village of Burin (near Nablus) yesterday, firing tear gas at a Palestinian couple trying to get their baby to safety5 月 前
Video has surfaced showing Israeli forces in the village of Burin (near Nablus) yesterday, firing tear gas at a Palestinian couple trying to get their baby to safety
Kurdish YPG Forces regained the villages of Mamala, Atmana, Mosako and the outskirts of the village of Bedina
Turkish military observation bases in Syria, near Al Eis (No 4) at the grain silos in Tall Tuqan (No 5) and at the grain silos in Surman (No 6)
SAA captured Al Rihan with its farms east of Duma
Footage From night operations of Syrian army units in Eastern Ghouta
SAA Tiger Forces cut road betwen Shifuniyah and Masraba after control Aleabi farms and reach Beit Sawa and Misraba northen farms
JTS is able to destroy a third HTS tank and also a 23 mm cannon as they try to advance in West Aleppo
Sources from JTS and Suqour al-Sham confirm killing the following HTS leaders during today's battles in Jabal Zawiya Idlib: Abu Ahed Taqiqa, Abu Ouways al-Maghrbi, Abu al-Yaman al-Ansari (security officer at the Punishment Branch Prison)
10 civilians were killed, and many other injured including 4 volunteers from @SyriaCivilDefe teams in Douma City. Massive bombardment continues with more than 40 air strikes and intensive artillery shelling.
Reporter: Hawsh Nasri is under government control
#AfrinOp: names of 30+ pro-Assad fighters (Popular forces - NDF) killed by Turkish bombardment in Afrin area (mainly Kafr Janah) emerging. Some of them pictured.
Fighter from Tel Rifat, all rumors about government troop deployment are false, we will open this front soon
Video of Olive Branch operation in Jemelli village
YPG supporters protest in Toronto against Turkish operation in Afrin
Syrian Liberation Front [JTS] was able to destroy 2 HTS tanks while trying to advance on the axis of al-Saa'diyya and Ajel rural West Aleppo
5 月 前
Islamic State Khorasan claims to have killed 4 Afghan army soldiers #ANA and destroyed their vehicle through an explosive device in Bati Kot in #Nangarhar Province #Afghanistan
Top of the Bafliyun mount seized from YPG
Islamic State reports suicide bombing attack against an Iraq checkpoint at the Kilo 7 area west of Ramadi in Anbar Province Iraq
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded 7 Shiite militiamen #Houthis and destroyed a military vehicle using an explosive device in Al-Shaar in Ibb governorate
Islamic State claims to have destroyed 2 vehicles of Hashd Al-Shaabi #PMU on Sadiyah-Khanaqin Road in Diyala Province
Islamic State announces killing 2 Shiite militiamen from Hashd Al-Shaabi #PMU in Bashir village and destroys a federal police vehicle west of Al-Abbassi near #Hawija #Kirkuk #Irak
Islamic State claims to have killed 11 Iraqi #ISF soldiers with 2 explosive devices on the Jordanian border in Anbar Province #Iraq
US Army surveillance balloon was shot down and recovered by Islamic State jihadists east of #Tikrit in #Salahaddin #Irak Province
North Hama: night airstrikes on Lataminah, reportedly by SyAF.
The official map shows the latest situation in Afrin of the biggest districts in Afrin was captured today.
Turkish army/FSA controlled the entire mountain of the Bafilun.
Iranian militias detonated the Faruq mosque in the neighborhood of Kinamat in the city of Deir al-Zour, and say that was caused by planted bombs (e.g. by ISIS)
Turkish Army Special Forces in Raco
5 月 前
TSK: As a result of today's operations, 82 militants have been neutralized and the total number of militants who have been neutralized has reached 2516"
#AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces also took over Badanli South of Rajo.
Turkish military convoy in Kilis5 月 前
Turkish military convoy in Kilis
ES forces repelled an infiltration attempt in the village of Ajami, east of Al Bab. 2 YPG militants were killed.
Eastern Damascus: only 4 weeks separate those sat images showing North Harasta front. Assad-Russia|n firepower literally smashing everything to be able to advance.
Olive Branch forces took control over Badinli, the northwestern gate of Afrin.
10 YPG fighters were killed in ISIS attack in Deir-ez-Zur
Funeral of 36 government soldiers who were killed in Turkish airstrikes in Afrin
Azerbaijan Army shot down a Armenian X-55 type drone while conducting a surveillance flight over the Azerbaijan's military positions in Aghdam district of the contact line.5 月 前
Azerbaijan Army shot down a Armenian X-55 type drone while conducting a surveillance flight over the Azerbaijan's military positions in Aghdam district of the contact line.
SAA Tiger Forces captured N and NE Reyhan farms, and create buffor zone around Ibn Sina hospital
Syrian Arab Army takes control of Utaya - Hazrama - al-Nashabiyah towns after clashes with rebels groups in East Ghouta.
JTS, with the participation of the people, is able to control the villages of Qatura, Zarzita and Salwah after the expulsion of HTS in North Aleppo and Idlib
Pro-YPG media published the dead pro-government militia members and destroyed technicals.
5 月 前
Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency says research teams have found the black box belonging to the airplane that crashed in southern Iran in February, killing 65 people
The @SyriaCivilDefe teams rescued injured civilians alive, from under the rubble after renewed aerial and artillery bombardment of the civilian neighborhoods in Bayt Sawa city in besieged Eastern Ghouta
Today in Austria / Vienna for the solidarity with Afrin5 月 前
Today in Austria / Vienna for the solidarity with Afrin
SAA Tiger Forces captured Autaya village, clashes near Nashabiya
Bahrain says seizes armed network set up by Iran's Revolutionary Guard
Suqour al-Sham capture Kafr Nabl from HTS Idlib
ISIS destroyed a tank south to Arish, Sinai
People are protesting in Berlin against military operation in Afrin
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkish air strikes on Kafr Janna were third such raid on loyalist fighters in the enclave in less than 48 hours
Eastern Damascus: scores of airstrikes on N. Harasta front where government faces strong Rebel resistance. 1st pic shows a SyAF chopper dropping a crude/barrel bomb.
East Ghouta: reports Faylaq Rahman sent reinforcements to help Jaish Islam on East fronts.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Unconfirmed reports say that OliveBranch forces took control a parts of Qatma village.
Somaliland Info Minister Abdirahman Guri-Barwaqo responds to @SomaliPM's rejection of Berbera port deal. Guri-Barwaqo says Somaliland has right to enter agreements, says Berbera port deal was signed Somali PM was in UAE
Iran's state-run IRNA news agency is reporting that a top military commander says Iran will negotiate over its missile program if the US and Europe dismantle their nuclear programs
SAA began advancing from Al Rihan axis
Mine clearing team of Olive Branch operation
Over 100 military vehicles of Turkish army arrived in Kilis to support Olive Branch operation progress5 月 前
Over 100 military vehicles of Turkish army arrived in Kilis to support Olive Branch operation progress
5 月 前
At least two militants were killed and two others were wounded in a premature bomb explosion in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.
Iraqi parliament approves $88 billion 2018 budget: Lawmakers
5 月 前
A news website in the Kurdish-majority Turkish city of Diyarbakir, staffed only by women, has been repeatedly shut down by the authorities over alleged terror propaganda but it is refusing to give up the fight to publish
Thwarted by insecurity, civilian flights from Kunduz City to begin in a week, officials said
Iran calls on U.S., Europe to scrap nuclear arms, missiles
Burkina Faso probes deadly attacks on Ouagadougou as authorities confirm eight dead, 12 seriously injured in raids on French embassy and military HQ
Turkish female TSK officers who are in active duty in Afrin operation.5 月 前
Turkish female TSK officers who are in active duty in Afrin operation.
Iraqi Parliament passes 2018 national budget. Speaker of Parliament says it addresses the needs of Kurdish Region regarding Peshmerga and employees' salaries.
Iraqi Federal Police in Hawija district southwest of Kirkuk city resist ISIS attack. 7 ISIS killed and 8th blows himself up. 1 Fed Police injured.
E. Ghouta: Jaish Islam says it repelled an assault on Rayhan, confirming Assad forces are trying to take over all defenses on E. fronts (Rayhan-Nashabiyah) before moving deeper.
Olive Branch forces took control over Baflioun mountain.
NE. Idlib: Rebels shelling outskirts of Fuah-Kefraya.
YPG ammunitions were seized by FSA in Racu district, Afrin canton.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the village of Mashale, in Sheran area.
N. Hama: town of KafrZita under artillery bombardment (MRLS).
Euphrates Post presents exclusive footage from the region targeted by coalition aircraft on 7 February Against Assad forces and Russia troops
Euphrates Post presents exclusive footage from the region targeted by coalition aircraft on 7 February Against Assad forces and Russia troops
Turkish air strikes kill 36 pro-government fighters in Syria's Afrin: monitor
Olive Branch forces captured Barafe/AliBazan and Karakinli near Meydanki Dam.
Commander of Mishal Temo brigade in Shamanli/Jelman village
Aftermath of Turkish airstrikes against the NDF military HQ in Kafrjannah.
N. Homs: pics showing Rebel counter-attack yesterday on Amiriyah front and some pro-Assad fighters killed.
30 members of NDF were killed by Turkish air forces in Kafrjannah this morning.
#OpOliveBranch room announced control over Jeman/Shamanli/Samanli in Sheran area.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit White House for talks on Iran and its influence in neighbouring Syria
AfrinOp: turns out pro-Assad forces were in the ex-Russia|n base in Kafr Janah. Turkey destroyed it, inflicting dozens of casualties. Pics before/after. Geolocated
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan concludes his tour of African countries with a few hours in Mali
Australian FM confirmed two of their national injured in Kabul suicide attack where militants targeted NATO convoy in Afghan capital Kabul5 月 前
Australian FM confirmed two of their national injured in Kabul suicide attack where militants targeted NATO convoy in Afghan capital Kabul
Sudan to return ambassador to Cairo: foreign minister
5 月 前
Unidentified gunmen have shot dead three individuals, including one woman and a child, in southern Ghazni province
5 月 前
Some villages in eastern Nangarhar and Laghman provinces have been purged of insurgents during clearing operations
Seven people have been killed and an eighth injured in a traffic accident and other incidents of violence in central Parwan province
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports Say That Sheran/Sheranli Has Been Captured By Olive Branch Forces.
There are intense conflicts around the town of Cinderesi.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the villages of Haj Khalil and Kuranli, east of Rajo.
Photos from the inside of Racu town that was captured from the YPG by OperationOliveBranch forces.
TAF-supported FSA forces are on the Bafilun mount, west of Azaz.
Afrin: Turkish Warplanes Targeted Sharanli Area , Pro government Forces built a Checkpoint 10 days ago in Sharanli
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the center of Jinderes moments ago.
Landmines seized by FSA from YPG in Ramadiyah village in Jinderes district
FSA captured Bafilyun mount from YPG
Syrian government helicopters drop Barrel bombs over Muhamadia town in Damascus countryside, 3 Civilians killed
Homs: Father And His Son Injured Due To The Syrian_government Shelling On Rastan City
Early morning preparions before assault on Rajo, sieged from 3 sides town has fallen without significant resistance
Houthi ATGM strike hit Southern Resistance Oshkosh M-ATV in Yakhtul area, Taiz.
Video footage during the operation at Rajo town.
The Turkish army and FSA factions control the center of Raju in Afrin
Rajo city center. YPG militants fled from the city.
Houthi fighters destroy Southern Resistance Caiman MRAP near Halid camp, Taiz.
OliveBranch forces captured Jamilka, east of Jinderes.
Afrin: a FSA Fighter injured during Operation in Rajo Town.
FSA backed by TSK captured Ramadiye village from the YPG in the Jinderese axis.
FSA in Rajo town
Turkish combat helicopters on the mission for Afrin
FSA is already in Rajo district center, Afrin
Ramadiye and Hamilek villages of Jinderes district were captured by FSA and Turkish army
FSA backed by TSK captured Rajo district city center from YPG.
Rota based USSCarney on its 5th patrol in support of regional allies: @USNavyEurope Arleigh-Burke class AEGIS guided missile destroyer USS Carney departs Black Sea after 14days (DDG64 visited Varna 8 days ago) and transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus 06:00Z5 月 前
Rota based USSCarney on its 5th patrol in support of regional allies: @USNavyEurope Arleigh-Burke class AEGIS guided missile destroyer USS Carney departs Black Sea after 14days (DDG64 visited Varna 8 days ago) and transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus 06:00Z
5 月 前
Turkish Army claims 2434 militants were neutralized during Olive Branch
During Turkish Army Chief of Staff's visit to Iraq, Iraqi Defense Minister signs agreement for greater military cooperation between Iraq and Turkey for increased joint exercises and exchange of experience. Focus on border security and counter terrorism.
Iraqi 8th Division shoots down ISIS reconnaissance drone coming from Syria on Iraq-Syria border.
The parliamentary speakers from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia said Friday that the continued presence of Russian military in their countries was destabilizing.
Eastern Damascus: Some Commandos and Special Forces killed by Rebels on Harasta fronts. 1st one was the field commander of Homs Commandos.
Eastern Damascus: town of Mesraba (in the heart of E. Ghouta) after an incendiary bombardment tonight.
Warplanes are bombing the Ramadiya and Hamelika villages in Jindires area
Teacher tried to create 'army of children' to launch terror attacks in London
White House says European leaders Macron, Merkel agreed with President Trump on need to implement Syrian cease fire, and expressed concern over Russia's new weapons announcement.
Lebanese PM @saadhariri is meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
Eastern countryside: There was a violent explosion in a Hajeen city that was probably the result of an airstrike targeting the city.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: ISIS targeted the gathering of members of the SDF militia in the vicinity of the town of Al-Bahra with a car bomb today.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: International Alliance Launched several air raids last night led to the destruction of the complex of Hassan al-nazal (Pulse Hospital of Life) and one of the civilian homes in the center of the town of Shafa completely.
Helicopter was hit and burned inside Al-Dameer Military Airport.
Video showing the impact of raids by the International Alliance's warplanes targeting Assad government on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, rural Deir Ezzor
Video showing the impact of raids by the International Alliance's warplanes targeting  Assad government on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, rural Deir Ezzor
At least two fighters of pro-Assad forces killed due US raids on their location at Khasham town
Angry displaced civilians of Tadef walked from Albab city (opposition) to their town Tadef (controlled by Assad) to return back home. Assad forces shot on them and at least one civilian killed
Many civilians wounded due artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Tal Hadya South Aleppo
Turkish attack helicopters are operating in the Jinderes front at this moments
FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah Fagot ATGM strike at night on Assad government bulldozer at Zlin checkpoint North Hama
A prominent Lebanese actor, Ziad Itani, was arrested for collaboration with Israel a few months ago. It turns out that the evidence was completely fabricated, possibly by members of the security services.
Houthi ATGM strike hit Saudi army M1A2S Abrmas in Jizan.5 月 前
Houthi ATGM strike hit Saudi army M1A2S Abrmas in Jizan.
Il-76 from Krymsk to Hmeimim
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
SDF/coalition aviation reportedly shelled SAA positions in Marrat and Hatlah towns
The US company that repairs Iraq's US-made M1A1 Abrams tanks has pulled many of its people from Iraq after at least 9 of the armored vehicles ended up in the hands of pro-Iran militias. Now, many of Iraq's tanks are immobilized for want of maintenance.
YPG ATGM hit on car at Rajo
Few spoils made by Ahrar Sham after counter-attack today on Amiriyah front.
Audience question: What event would you like to change? Putin: "The collapse of the Soviet Union."
Turkish military helicopters supported by combat helicopters operate also on daylight in Afrin
Yusuf Ruzimuradov, one the world's longest-imprisoned journalists, has just been freed in Uzbekistan.
The training of Turkmen brigades continues
Syrian army captures regiment 274 base, cut Shifunyah-Utaya main supply line in East Ghouta -
5 月 前
2 Greek soldiers who strayed into Turkey formally arrested on grounds of attempted espionage, entering military zone, Turkish state media reports
N. Homs: pro-Assad Popular forces launched an attack on Amiriyah front, taking a position. Rebels including Jaish Izza and Ahrar Sham later recovered it and killed several fighters.
Two attackers killed in attack on Burkina Faso military HQ: minister
'We have opened the Erbil-Kirkuk road' says Kurdish Peshmerga commander
17-year-old Lloyd Gunton has been given a life sentence with a minimum term of 11 years for planning an Islamic State-inspired vehicle attack in Cardiff
Situation 'under control' after attacks on French missions in Burkina Faso capital: French govt sources
Four attackers killed in raid on French embassy, military HQ in Burkina Faso capital: govt
Burkina Faso: 4 assailants killed near French embassy and 3 others at Army HQ, according to local media
AfrinOp: yesterday at least 2 dozens (pro-Assad) Popular fighters were killed by Turkish bombardment on Sharan front, heaviest death toll since they entered Afrin region 10 days ago.
5 月 前
J&K Govt announces ex-gratia of Indian rupees 4 lakh each, to families of the three people who lost their lives during an avalanche in Lashkote forests of Lolab
The 5 armed men who police say are Islamist terrorist attempted to storm the French Embassy but failed, then decided to storm the military HQs in Ouagadougou. French military helicopters with Special forces are on the ground of the embassy
Burkina Faso police director general says capital is being attacked by suspected Islamic extremists
Police conclude five hours of questioning PM Netanyahu in latest corruption investigation
Gunshots and explosions reported in the area around the army HQ and the French embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Eyewtinesses report 5 armed men being involved Local reports the attack in carried out by soldiers and not militants.
'Attack under way' at French embassy and French institute in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou - French Embassy
5 月 前
25 people dead in fire which tore through drug rehabilitation clinic in Azerbaijani capital Baku, officials say, revising earlier toll
5 月 前
Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Astana to be held on March 16
Eastern Damascus: heavy airstrikes (presumably by RuAF) last night on Duma.
5 月 前
Armed highway robbers on Friday looted 150 passengers of cash and valuables in northern Takhar province
Merkel and Trump urge Russia to end involvement in bombing eastern Ghouta
Army make significant progress on the axes of Shifuniyah, regiment 274, Autaya, Harasta orchards
Russian MFA spox Zakharova: The United States, in violation of the sovereignty of Syria, settling to the east of the Euphrates, does not allow there not only representatives of the Syrian military or civil authorities, but also international humanitarian organizations, as well as the media
Syrian State SANA citing military sources: armed groups preparing chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta
Kirkuk Police spokesman to Kirkuknow: There is no danger on the city.
5 月 前
Top TTP leader with Al Qaeda links killed in US airstrike in Paktika
Between Feb. 23 and March 1, Coalition military forces conducted 23 strikes consisting of 35 engagements against targets in Syria and Iraq.
5 月 前
Death toll rises to three in car bomb explosion in Kabul's PD9
Saudi Crown Prince to visit Egypt: official, airport sources
[email protected] says Syria's government "may allow" an aid convoy for 180,000 Syrians in Douma Eastern Ghouta to go forward on Sunday
Elysee: France and the United States will not tolerate impunity in the use of chemical weapons in Syria
Tour in Meskenli village that was captured by Turkish army and FSA
FSA captured Osmaniye/Utmanli, Maskanli, Lower and Upper Mamali
5 月 前
Turkey's aim is not only Afrin - Turkish PM
5 月 前
Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Friday claimed 28 Taliban militants were killed and 13 others wounded during joint operations in different parts of the country over the last 24 hours
Turkish army enters Rajo district, Afrin.
5 月 前
41 Turkish soldiers, 116 Free Syrian Army fighters have been killed in action during Operation Olive Branch targeting YPG/PKK militants in northwestern Syria's Afrin, Turkey's Defense Ministry says
5 月 前
Eight Turkish soldiers are killed and 13 others wounded in Syria's northwestern region of Afrin as the Turkish-led Operation Olive Branch continues
Olive Branch forces captured Great and little Mamelan in northern Rajo.
SAA Tiger Firces captured large areas South, Weast and North of Batschura Air Defence Base including many farms, factories and orchards in night operation
Armenia lawmakers elect Armen Sarkisian as president: AFP
17 YPG fighters and Syrian militia militants killed in Turkish aerial bombardment in Afrin.
5 月 前
Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Najiib Danish says the explosion in Kabul's PD9 was a car bomb in which one civilian was killed and 14 others were wounded.
Israel police question Netanyahu in telecoms corruption case
Russian military says new five-hour truce starts in Syria's Ghouta: Ifax
Photo from the place of suicide attack in Kabul5 月 前
Photo from the place of suicide attack in Kabul
U.S. hopes for U.N. vote on new Syria toxic gas inquiry next week
5 月 前
At least 30 people have been killed in a fire that tore through a drug rehabilitation clinic in the Azerbaijani capital Baku
5 月 前
Turkish armed forces claim that 2295 militants were neutralized during Olive Branch operation
Mines, small-scale IEDs and related equipment discovered by ANP in search operations in Bouira Province. Such discoveries are fairly common, but official pictures showing the findings are rare.
According to YPG sources 56 Turkish-backed fighters have been killed yesterday on the Rajo and Jindires front
5 月 前
At least 30 dead in Azerbaijan drug rehab centre fire: media
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) says it is receiving physical fitness, mountain warfare and map reading training in order to fight ISIS and White Flag cells in mountain areas.
SAA advancing on Amiriyah ront and control Kufa farms in North Homs
5 月 前
A strong blast which rocked Kabul early Friday was a car bomb targeting foreign troops that killed at least 1 person and wounded 4, the Afghan interior ministry said
Russia is ready for new sanctions from U.S about Syria - the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council
5 月 前
A large explosion in the eastern part of Afghanistan's capital Kabul has killed a young girl and wounded six people
At least 2 Iraqi security forces killed in ISIS attack in Mosul earlier today.
5 月 前
Boko Haram militants show execution of "drug dealers" in their midst in Nigeria to the delight of a local crowd.
5 月 前
According to eyewitnesses, the target of the explosion in Kabul was apparently a convoy of foreign forces which was passing through the area
The explosion has occurred in Qabel Bai area of Kabul. Ambulances have been seen in the area5 月 前
The explosion has occurred in Qabel Bai area of Kabul. Ambulances have been seen in the area
5 月 前
KCNA: "The U.S. egged the UNSC Sanctions Committee on to have cooked up 'the theory of cooperation between the DPRK and Syria'. This is only a mean trick to fan an atmosphere of sanctions against the DPRKand to justify its military invasion into Syria."
5 月 前
KCNA: "As regards 'a theory of cooperation of manufacturing chemical weapons' between DPRK and Syria, which has been afloat recentlythe U.S. is in a frenzy to speak ill of the DPRK with its preposterous fabrication."
Reports Tonight The Syrian Army takes control of Hawsh Al-Zureiqa/Zureika/Zrayqa reaching Semsum (Sesame) factory after heavy clashes with rebels. Zureiqa is North of Nashibiya Near Tall Hazrama
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