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19 7月 2018

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NPU Commander Colonel Juad Habeeb greeted PMU Chief of Staff for Nineveh Operations Brigadier General Mohammad in Baghdeda’s newly built Base.
Clashes at northern and western outskirts of Abu Kamal
East Deir Ezzor : YPG / SDF / YPJ repel two Daesh attacks on Tanak oil field and Shuhayl al-Gharbi village - SDF Press
Syrian government forces shelled the water crossing in Sbeikhan town in DeirEzZour province
Fabrizio Pozzobon, 51, who was previously elected in Italy to serve with the hard-Right, distinctly-non-philo-Islamic Lega Nord (Northern League), is now feared to have joined IS or other jihadists in Syria.
3 Saudi soldiers were killed by Houthi/Saleh forces on Yemeni border yesterday.
Raqqa deal: UK defence sources say they are “surprised at the numbers” and didn’t realise “so many” IS had been allowed to escape.
Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release regarding the deal that PYD/YPG reached with DEASH for the evacuation of DEASH militants from Raqqa8 月 前
Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release regarding the deal that PYD/YPG reached with DEASH for the evacuation of DEASH militants from Raqqa
Deir Ezzor: pro-Assad forces attack al Bokamal now from west and east sides, and artillery shells targeted the city from Iraqi side
Israeli PM Netanyahu offers aid to Iraq, Iran through Red Cross for earthquake relief
PMU's Qasim Musleh states that the PMU, Army, and Border Guards have reached the final phase of border liberation, by beginning the construction of fortifications along the strip
At least one person killed due mortar shelling by rebels on Nobl and Zahraa towns in North Aleppo
8 月 前
Yesterday, for the 1st time since the start of the Syrian civil war, Israel shelled targets other than the government/Hezbollah or ISIS. An armed group attacked an 3-truck aid shipment from Israel between the villages of Rafid and Ma'laqa in Quneitra.
Initial negotiations with Saudi ARAMCO to refine oil in Egypt - Egyptian oil minister
Egypt: ISIS published photos showing the execution on November 9 near Hasna, Central Sinai of Lieutenant Colonel/ operations chief of 351st Infantry Brigade Ibrahim Hussein Mohamed, in connection to attack on cement truck convoy
East Ghouta: Map showing advance made by opposition forces to take control of the HQ area of the Military Vehicles Administration complex
Israel made Heron drones seen as air base in Azerbaijan8 月 前
Israel made Heron drones seen as air base in Azerbaijan
East Ghouta: heavy clashes on Harasta front and airstrikes/artillery shelling continue tonight.
By a vote of 366-30, the House has passed a resolution declaring the U.S. military’s role in Yemen’s civil war unauthorized.
Harakat Nur al-Din al-Zinki conditions for peace initiative with HTS: HTS withdraw from all positions they captured from Zenki. Restore the old rights of Zinki and Ahrar. Releases prisoners of the factions. Al-Jolani publicly agrees to the conditions.
Debates on UNGA resolution on Crimea, Russia and Syria believes that Crimea belongs to Russia, Syria rep. refers to Human rights
Madyara town in Eastern Ghouta: One civilian was killed, others injured by +10 airstrieks , +20 artillery bombing , 2 Cluster Bombing on the neighborhoods of the town.
[email protected]: "The Russian Ministry of Defense statements are about as accurate as their air campaign. And I think that is a reason for them to start coming out with their latest barrage of lies. They are currently having some setbacks" in Syria
"President of South Osetia" Bibilov came to Moscow to meet Putin
US advisors NOT present when Syrian Democratic Forces collected biometric data from potential ISIS fighters, per Colonel Dillion - this is consistent with what I've been told. Coalition partners across Syria Iraq are given tools, training-but on their own for collection
8 月 前
Turkish PM slams US over alleged permission for ISIL to leave Raqqa
"Can't say with certainty that every single fighter was identified coming out of Raqqa" per @OIRspox "And that’s either leading up to this agreement or prior to with other civilians who were able to break out and get free”
Have been 4-5 ISIS fighters, even emirs, per week that were captured or surrendered during op to retake Raqqa - pre agreement. Another hundred surrendered after deal was made, per @CJTFOIR's Colonel Dillon
"We would have provided strikes" says @OIRSpox, if there had been opportunities to strike ISIS fighters trying to escape Raqqa "It [the opportunity] did not present itselfthere were many civilians that were part of that convoy"
With @BBC reports on the Raqqa deal-what about the weapons/ammo ISIS took with them? "We are not aware of and certainly cannot corroborate the amount that was described" per @OIRSpox
US military spokesman says Russian claims about US aid to Islamic State about "as accurate as their air campaign"
"Of the 3,500 civilians that came out of Raqqa at that time, approximately less than 300 were identified and screened as potential ISIS fighters" per Colonel Dillon
"In the course of that [biometric] screening there were 4 foreignfighters who were identified and detained," says @OIRSpox re ISIS - Raqqa deal
"Sole purpose" of the deal was to save civilians, per @OIRSpox Col Ryan Dillon "As they were coming out there was an agreement that was made the ISIS-aged males and civilians that came out would be screened and also we would take biometrical data"
Saudi-led coalition air raid puts Yemen's Sanaa airport out of service: agency
"This was not a secret," @OIRSpox says of deal to allow some ISIS fighters, families to leave Raqqa
"We do not know where [ISIS leader] Baghdadi is. We're looking for him and if we find him we'll be after him" per @OIRSpox
"Militants groups seize on opportunities to launch attacks" when resources diverted due to Baghdad-Irbil differences, per @OIRSpox
Iraqi PM says 'will not wait forever' to take action on border areas
The organization of the Sinai state of the terrorist published images to target Al Arish Cement Factory in central Sinai with Grad rockets, no casualties or casualties were reported as a result of the missiles
"We reiterate the importance of continued dialogue" between Baghdad and Irbil, @OIRSpox tells Pentagon reporters from Baghdad
@keithellison: Despite what Trump says, his decision to decertify the Iran deal isn’t about making people safer — it’s about playing politics with national security. We must remain committed to peace and diplomacy.
It's propaganda
Russian Ministry of Defense publishes new photos of ISIS convoy at Al Bukamal
Russia's Defence Ministry says it has now replaced its previously published fake images with real images of ISIS fighters heading for the Syria-Iraq border.
Russian defense Ministry conducts a review of civilian staff, who attached wrong photos to the report about Abu-Kemal - statement
8 月 前
The Palestinian Authority, which is now responsible for Gaza border crossings, cancelled the opening of the Rafah border crossing. Gaza factions decry this as a major setback in reconciliation
Pentagon: "Recent falsified images promulgated by the Russian ministry of defenserepresent just one more episode of a recurrent pattern of defamation, distortion, distraction that seeks to discredit the US and our successful coalition fight against ISIS in Syria"
Also "Russia 1" repeated fake about Al Bukamal
Two civilians were killed, others injured after heavy bombing targeted Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta
SDF has captured Al-Shil Al-Gharbi from ISIS
East Ghouta: more pics of heavy government bombardment (airstrikes/artillery) on Harasta-Madyara axis. Heavy clashes also raging near Armored Vehicle Base.
SW. Damascus: Mount Hermon Forces captured several 4th Division fighters after counter-attack on Kafr Hawar front. Shilka also reportedly destroyed.
Philippines President Duterte says leaders of Asean2017 member states lauded the heroism of Filipino soldiers who fought in Marawi City
U.S. National Security delegation in Israel for meetings focused on Iran in southern Syria as Israeli frustration grows.
SAA shelled with heavy artillery targeting Zakat town in North Hama countryside
Foreign Minister of Egypt and Saudi Arabia held talks today in Riyadh
Good map from the UN on latest displacement figures due to fighting in Wershefana area
Damascus: US troops in Syria against UN charter, in violation of country’s sovereignty
Heavy attack on Mudayra town in Eastern Ghouta
US Secretary Defence Mattis hosted Georgia Defence Ministry Levan Izoria at the Pentagon to discuss regional security issues and more
U.S. would welcome new EU sanctions on Iran: official
Two men and a woman attack opposition leader Rahmatullo Zohirov in Dushanbe with an iron pipe
Saad Al-Hariri: I will return to Lebanon in next days
Damascus: The presence of the US forces in Syria without the consent of the authorities is an aggression
Deir Ezzor: ISIS targeted a group of Hezbollah in al Hamdan village near of al-Bokmal
At least 5 civilians killed and 7 wounded due raids targeted an IDPs camp in Jalib Ghanem area. Most of killed civilians are from Qouriya city
The Maronite Patriarch: Hariri is returning as soon as possible and I support the reasons for his resignation
The militiamen of HTS are firing at the people of Atarib who walked out for protest
Turkish Army Killed High Ranking PKK Members in Şırnak.8 月 前
Turkish Army Killed High Ranking PKK Members in Şırnak.
Moment SAA shelled IRAMs missiles targeting Harasta town moments ago
Eastern Ghouta: several locations including Harasta and Duma (Jaish Islam's de-escalation zone) intensively bombed by pro-Assad forces warplanes and artillery
Deir Ez-Zor: Reports that An ISIS commander surrendered with several militants to The Syrian Army At Howeija Katea (Kati Island) north of Deir EzZor
Rural Damascus: FSA force capture 10 government fighters while others were killed in operations, damage shilka tank and take control over government positions on Kafr Hawr axis, west rural Damascus
East Ghouta: government warplanes target Madira town with guided missiles
Saudi Crown Prince meets Lebanese Patriarch Bishara Al - Rai
Russian "Rossiya 24" made video based on Russian ministry of Defense pictures
Iran's state-run news agency says country's death toll from powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border rises to 530.
Saudi ambassador to UN: Hezbollah is active in Yemen and involved in launching missiles from Yemeni territories, mainly the one launched toward Saudi Arabia
Syrian Army captured Qasr al-Shawi and Tell Qasr Al-Shawi after control Mahsar, East Hama
Houthi rebels accuse Saudi coalition of launching airstrikes on Sanaa Airport to prevent @UN UN relief aid after they promised to reopen "some" of Yemen's air and seaports amidst Int’l outrage
Syrian Army captured Qasr Shawi and Tel Qasr Shawi in North Hama
Russian Foreign Minister: Boukmal is not the first case in which Washington tolerates ISIS terrorists
A civilian injured after heavy artillery shell targeted Erbin city in Ghouta, Rif Dimashq
Russian Foreign Minister: pro-American armed groups pose the greatest danger in Syria
Russian Foreign Minister: The Iranian presence in Syria is legitimate
It's the US who poses biggest threat in Syria - Lavrov
Lavrov: Russia has not pledged to ensure the withdrawal of forces loyal to Iran from Syria
Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) Releases Pictures Showing Aftermath Of Russian Airstrikes In The East Of Hama.
UAE and Egypt discuss Lebanon crisis and targeting Saudi Arabia
A team of Egyptian engineers is finalizing the designs of the "Green River" in the new administrative capital, which is the longest green axis in the world with a length of 35 km and a width of 300 to 1500 meters
Tajikistan Leader of opposition Social-Democrat party Rahmatullo Zoirov was attacked near his home in Dushanbe.
Iran 'hopes Hariri will remain Lebanon's prime minister'
Many civilians injured, including women and children after heavy artillery shell targeted Hazeh - Kafar Batna Street in Ghouta, Rif Dimashq
The other footage from old video of Iraqi airforce destroying an ISIS convoy in 2016
SAA NDF control Rabiyah and Jamilah North of Hamra Hama
Spokesman: Egyptian and Jordanian armed forces carry out joint training "Aqaba 3".
Military spokesman: Team / Mohamed Farid meets with Zambian Armed Forces Commander.
1 pic from "Russian evidences from Al Bukamal" stolen from this video 2016 in Falujah, Iraq
1 pic from Russian evidences from Al Bukamal stolen from this video 2016 in Falujah, Iraq
Syrian general says, YPG controlled Raqqa will be next target for SAA and its allies, as US exposes its intention to use YPG areas as a bargaining chip for Assad's resignation
The [email protected]_russia used images from a computer game as evidence the US is working with IS.
The .@mod_russia used images from a computer game as evidence the US is working with IS.
Russian Ministry of Defense used screen from game "AC-130 Gunship Simulator" video on Youtube to accuse U.S. in cooperation with ISIS in Syria
Russian Ministry of Defense used screen from game AC-130 Gunship Simulator video on Youtube to accuse U.S. in cooperation with ISIS in Syria
KSA Coalition launches raids on the Sanaa international airport and the city of Hodeidah west of Yemen
The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator urges Saudi Arabia to immediately open Yemen's maritime ports
It's propaganda Russian Ministry of Defense used photos from computer game to accuse US in cooperation with ISIS
Russian Mindef: coalition planes violated 15kms "no coalition planes" agreed zone around Al Bukamal
It's propaganda Russian Ministry of Defense used photos from computer game to accuse US in cooperation with ISIS. Photo - from video from Fallujah
Russian Mindef: coalition not respond to requests of Russia why not striking ISIS heavy equipment
It's propaganda Russian Ministry of Defense used photos from computer game to accuse US in cooperation with ISIS
Russian UAV photos of alleged ISIS convoy retreating from Al Bukamal to Iraqi-Syria border, says US refused to strike it
Libya- BAM forces clashed with gunmen in Wadi Jarif west of Sirte, captured 8 who were in possession of copper lines and electrical cables
Russia accuses Washington of blocking air strikes against ISIS in Al Bukamal
Maronite Patriarch Beshara Alrai meets Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Riyadh
Russian Defense Ministry: US provides cover for Daesh and pretending to fight terrorism in the Middle East
Military spokesman: Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, is one of the main stages of a training project being carried out by one of the Second Field Army units.
Russia's Rosneft pays Kurdistan $1.3 bn advance
8 月 前
Russian Missiles fly over Tartous to the East
Saudi King Salman meets Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch
4 civilians were injured After Syrian government shelled Khan Shaykhun city by heavy artillery
In Sarpol Zahab, here’s were most of the devastation took place. People in the streets, big need for tents, food, water
Official claim of attack in Aden by ISIS
Another SVBIED reported by IS in Aden Yemen
Kurdish government issues response to Iraqi supreme court’s decision on referendum, says we respect the decision of the court, call for dialogue.
Suicide bombers kill at least six in attack in Yemeni city: witnesses
Saudi Arabia will host a meeting of the Syrian opposition on November 22-24 to form a joint delegation and resume negotiations in Geneva
FM Waszczykowski in Georgia: We appreciate Georgia's efforts to reform the country. Poland supports the sovereignty and integrity of Georgia and it will never accept violations of international law.
Iranian president promises to rebuild quake-hit area
Arab coalition aircraft bombardment site belonging to the 22nd Brigade at Mount Bride in Taiz
At least four people killed in suicide attack near local security force camp in Aden, Yemen
4 killed in a suspected ISIS suicide car bomber outside a security force in Yemen's southern city of Aden
8 月 前
South Korea expresses condolences over Iran, Iraq earthquake
A hacking collective has breached several Lebanese government websites and posted a message threatening war with Saudi Arabia
Syrian Activist [email protected] holding a sign sarcastically reading "Thank you Turkey" after tweeting: "What is the benefit of the spread of Turkish forces in the north of Syria, with the continued massacres and shelling of civilians, and the expansion of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham?!"
Footage: The Civil Defense has managed to rescue an elderly man in Atareb who was trapped under the rubble for several hours.
8 月 前
Erdogan took swipes at U.S. and Russian interventions in Syria and said if countries truly believed a military solution was impossible, they should withdraw their troops.
As part of the continued Engineering Effort inside Qa'im town, PMU Brigade 13 uncovered a total of 440 PMN-2 landmines in a home while combing the neighborhoods
Eastern Syria: On fifth day of al-Bukamal battle, IS statements confirm town is surrounded.
Amaq reports published today relating to al-Bukamal: Eight SAA forces were killed yesterday by a sniper in the Hizam area south al-Bukamal & eight SAA soldiers were also killed yesterday during clashes west al-Bukamal. Meanwhile, a SAA bulldozer was destroyed by an ATGM yesterday in the area of al-Suwa'iyyah east of the city of al-Bukamal (proof SAA now control the Suwa'iyyah area). Today, a SAA bulldozer was destroyed by a ATGM near the grain silos south al-Bukamal and a bulldozer and car carrying a machine gun were destroyed by two rockets targeting the al-Hamdan area west al-Bukamal.
599 bags of "Kebtakun" narcotics were seized near the Kuwaiti border yesterday. Ministry of Interior reported it as one of the biggest smuggling operations in recent times.
Iraq Army 7th Division freed Sama, Milli al-Roumieh, al-Baydah, al-Jabriya, and Buwayya West villages
The number of victims of the raid on the city of Atareb in Aleppo countryside raised to 62
Visiting Putin, Turkey's Erdogan welcomes ties with Russia reaching an 'advanced level'
NDF captured silos and several other areas north of al-Hamra after controlling Duma village, eastern Hama, Syria.
President Putin in joint press conference in Sochi with Turkish counterpart Erdogan says Russia and Turkey are creating conditions for a dialogue in Syria
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Putin say they had very good talks on many issues in Sochi
Iran has a declared Nov 14 a national day of mourning following a 7.2M earthquake that killed over 430 and injured around 7,000 people in western Iran.
Europe, Africa ministers agree to help migrants held in Libya
BBC: Map of evacuation of ISIS from Raqqa, parts of convoy tracked to Al Bukamal
Artillery bombardment by the pro-Assad forces on the town of Talbisseh and villages of Ameriyah and Ayoun Hussein in North Homs pocket
Israel army deploys 'Iron Dome' systems across central Israel, amid high tension over a possible revenge attack by the Islamic Jihad group
Due to the tense security situation after the Israeli military destroyed a terror tunnel from Gaza, the Israeli military has deployed the Iron Dome across the country to defend against any possible rocket attack
Turkish Army Shelling YPG Positions in Basufane & İska Village, 10 Shells So Far.
Multiple iron dome defense batteries deployed across Israel following latest tensions near the Gaza border.
Talks between Putin and Erdogan last more than expected, press conference was about to begin but delayed
Coalition confirms BBC exclusive: 3500 IS family members left Raqqa and 250 fighters in ceasefire. Convoy stretched for 8km. Deal agreed by "local partners", coalition says it didn't want anyone to leave. Western officer was present at negotiations but didn't take "active part".
#SDF stopped the river crossing points south of #Raqqa city and closed the southern entrance
Pentagon now says 5 airstrikes in Somalia Thursday-Sunday killed 40 al-Shabaab and ISIS fighters (36 al-Shabaab, 4 ISIS)
Forget Hariri @saadhariri’s resignation. We received direct Int’l messages telling us to expect much worse than 2006 war. They warned us that it will be like the eve of 1982 (Israel invasion), @JeanAziz1, advisor to Lebanon President
Forget Hariri @saadhariri’s resignation. We received direct Int’l messages telling us to expect much worse than 2006 war.  They warned us that it will be like the eve of 1982 (Israel invasion), @JeanAziz1, advisor to Lebanon President
Rescue operation continues in Atarib
Quake death toll rises to 445 in Iran as more still buried in ruins after a 7.3-magnitude quake hit Iran and Iraq
Footage showing large-scale destruction caused by Russian bombardment on street with market/shops in Atareb. 100+ casualties.
Footage from SAA and Allied Army operations against ISIS in the outskirts of Al-Boukamal
Syrian civil defense continues to extract bodies from rubble after airstrikes on Atarib, Aleppo
8 月 前
17 PKK Members were killed in Bitlis,Şırnak and Northen Iraq.- Army Announced
Putin and Erdogan began talks in Sochi
Syrian Army and allies clear remaining IS pocket at Iraqi border between al-Qaim crossing to the south until al-Waleed/al-Tanf crossing.
Death toll of attack on Atarib rise to 43
HTS destroyed a Kornet position with a guided missile on al-Zughba village axis.
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 47km ENE of Al Miqdadiyah, Iraq
8 月 前
Iran in compliance with nuclear deal: UN watchdog
Iran's death toll in powerful earthquake rises to 407
Iran: Death toll rises to 407
8 月 前
Erdogan calls on Russia and US to pull troops out of Syria
Gambling banned in Baghdad per Interior ministry directives.
Putin greets Erdogan in Sochi, says "our relations can be considered virtually completely restored"
Video shows the moment 4 rockets were dropped over Al-Atarib market in West Aleppo
8 月 前
Central Command: We have not made a decision about participating in future Gulf maneuvers
8 月 前
"No decision has been made in regards to participation in future exercises", @CENTCOM says "decision to abstain from exercise Iron Falcon in Oct was out of respect for all of our Gulf Partners and the critical role each plays in our shared interests in the region"
A Russian airstrike targeted a populated market in al-Atarib, with reports of atleast 30 civilian deaths and dozens wounded. Footage shows moment of the airstrike.
Iraqi Forces freed Al-Samsiya complex, west of Rawa district
Israel PM Netanyahu says has told US and Russia that Israel will continue to act according to 'security needs' in Syria, after the ceasefire in the Golan Heights area
Iraqi Forces launched a major counterinsurgency operation north of Diyala to hunt down ISIS cells and end their presence in this area:
ISKP claims destroying ANA's minesweeper yesterday in the Kot district of Nangarhar8 月 前
ISKP claims destroying ANA's minesweeper yesterday in the Kot district of Nangarhar
Photo of a Humvee belonging the Psy Ops unit that has been deployed since the start of Anbar. Their mission is to broadcast safety instructions to civilians as Iraqi Forces await the order to storm Rawa.
France raises prospect of new sanctions on Iran over ballistic program
Barzani: US not playing neutral role in disputes between Erbil and Baghdad
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 19km SSW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
23 dead in a raid believed to be Russian on the city of Atareb in the West Aleppo countryside
Dozens of dead and wounded following airstrikes conducted by Russian air forces in Aleppo's Atareb city
Hama countryside: SAA and allies take over Al Hassnawi village north Al Saan town
SDF takes over serving largest Syria tanak oil field
Car bomb exploded in Idlib
IS claims destroying an Iraqi oil pipeline to Baghdad in Hamirat, east of Baquba by using IEDs
YPG: Turkish Warplanes Fly Over Afrin
Members of EU parliament delegation denied entry into Israel over BDS activities
Syrian-Iraqi Border Area -near Abu Kamal
KRG not responding to requests made by Iraq oil ministry to use the Kurdish pipeline to resume exports from Kirkuk
In Riyadh, Lebanon's resigned PM @saadhariri met w the head of EU mission to Saudi Arabia @EUintheGCC Michele Cervone, @GermanyinKSA Germany amb Dieter W. Haller and @UKinSaudiArabia UK amb Simon Collis
Raids from the Russian air force targeting Atarib in western Aleppo
3 airstrikes on Atareb town west Aleppo
Eastern Hama countryside: Units from the SAA and the NDF take over Douma town located east of Qasr Abu Samra in northeastern Hama countryside8 月 前
Eastern Hama countryside: Units from the SAA and the NDF take over Douma town located east of Qasr Abu Samra in northeastern Hama countryside
Russian warplanes bombard Atareb city in the western countryside of Aleppo
8 月 前
Turkey has "completed" the purchase of the S-400 air-defense system from Russia, Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli said
Anbar Council member: Expect Iraqi forces to storm Rawah center today or tomorrow, last area ISIS controls in Iraq, West Anbar.
Syrian Army and NDF controls Duma village in east Hama8 月 前
Syrian Army and NDF controls Duma village in east Hama
"Border Guard" seized 14 cars a four-wheel drive loaded with cigarettes South Salloum
8 月 前
Turkey proposed to Russia joint plan of action on Syria’s Afrin - Erdogan
Putin to meet tomorrow with leader of South Ossetia, who is planning a referendum on officially joining Russia and has said he is "100% sure" his region will become part of Russia
Mohamed Mursi says he can not see the tribunal and has not seen his defense for months
Arrest of 4 employees. From a famous mobile company, to embrace ISIS thought
Iran emergency authorities airlifting injured to Tehran from Kermanshah where at least 328 people have been killed, 2,500 others injured in a devastating earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border
Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians in West Bank
Bahrain says pipeline explosion 'terrorist sabotage' linked to Iran
Top Lebanese Christian politician says it is still possible to salvage a political solution in Lebanon if the gov fully commits to its disassociation policy, especially re: Hezbollah withdrawal from Syria and all crises in region
8 月 前
Dead and wounded in a suicide attack on foreign troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Sandstorms are covering the lakes of crude oil formed after fires at Qayyarah, Iraq. More difficult to identify and clean-up pollution
We expect more engagement from the United States if it wants KRG to remain strong within Iraq — @PMBarzani
SDF announced the control over al Shuyeyl city after withdrawal of ISIS
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 41km NW of Ilam, Iran
Philippines troops find weapons that Maute abandoned in Lake Lanao
SDF took over Shuhayl Village in eastern DeirEzZor
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting Harasta town Eastern Damascus countryside
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting Kafr Dael village in West Aleppo countryside
[email protected] says internal talks with Kurdish political parties in Kurdistan Region to take place.
Hospital in Sarpol-e Zahab Kermanshah province partially destroyed in earthquake, reports that more than 50% of schools in town destroyed.
Kurdistan Region's premier says no response given by Baghdad on KRG calls for dialogue based on the constitution during presser.
8 月 前
Israeli authorities to blow up six Palestinian apartment buildings with controlled explosions in Kafr Aqab, East Jerusalem
EU appoints new envoy on Georgia crisis, Karabakh
Israel Calls for Poland to Take Action After 'Dangerous' and 'Racist' March on Independence Day
Search-and Rescue teams from Turkey to cross Habur Border Gate and deploy to Northern Iraq to support victims of earthquake8 月 前
Search-and Rescue teams from Turkey to cross Habur Border Gate and deploy to Northern Iraq to support victims of earthquake
2 Swiss journalists @Serge_Enderlin and Jon Bjorgvinsson filming Pakistani workers arrested in AbuDhabi
Indian PM @narendramodi expresses grief at deaths in Andhra Pradesh boat accident, quake in Iran-Iraq border
President Rouhani to visit Kermanshah
An explosion inside Deir Ezzor military airport due to a suicide bomber. There are dead soldiers
ANHA reporter: Russian senator Ziyad Sabsabi says Russian remains neutral in case of fighting between Syrian govt and SDF + Russia insists on participation of Kurds in international meetings to solve Syrian crisis.
Unconfirmed reports that Syria's President Bashar Assad sacked his youngest brother Maher from the command of Republican Guard and the army's elite Fourth Armored Division
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 24km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
Iran says does not interfere in Lebanese state affairs: TV
OIR Spokesman: Progress continues in Iraqi Security Force's advance against ISIS in western Anbar. @CJTFOIR supporting ISF with  advisors, precision strikes, and surveillance. ISIS militants still a dangerous threat - but losing grip on their few remaining territories!defeatDaesh8 月 前
OIR Spokesman: Progress continues in Iraqi Security Force's advance against ISIS in western Anbar. @CJTFOIR supporting ISF with advisors, precision strikes, and surveillance. ISIS militants still a dangerous threat - but losing grip on their few remaining territories!defeatDaesh
Turkey’s military cargo plane carrying search and rescue personnel and humanitarian relief supplies has just landed in Sulaymaniyah airport
Iran's Tasnim news agency quoting a Foreign ministry spokesperson as saying Iran will keep interfering with internal politics in Lebanon.
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 36km WNW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
At least 328 dead in Iran: new death toll from the earthquake
The earthquake aftermath in Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran.
Displacement of civilians started as SAA opened a new axis near Rabiah village, al-Hamra front. Footage shows first batch of civilians fleeing their homes.
Another earthquake struck Darbandixan dam.
Turkish Air Force plane arrives in the Kurdistan Region to deliver aid as region is stricken with powerful earthquake.
Overnight, Israeli army troops apprehended a senior official in the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine in Arraba, SE of Jenin. The suspect was transferred to security forces for further questioning.
8 月 前
Turkey Denies Planning with Flynn to Seize Gulen
French FM calls for non-interference in Lebanon crisis
"Israel is disappointed" with US, Russia + Jordan deal
Route 465: Women lightly injured from stoning attack near the village of  Deir Nizam8 月 前
Route 465: Women lightly injured from stoning attack near the village of Deir Nizam
Putin to meet Erdogan today in Sochi to discus Syria, Kurds, Turkish stream
Earthquake death toll of Iran to 210 and more than 2,500 injured
Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim effectively admits he has no evidence against Gulen when pressed by @FareedZakaria, instead he claims US offered no evidence against al-Qaeda yet Turkey went along with Afghan invasion.
Saudi-led coalition will allow the re-opening of airports and seaports in Yemen to allow humanitarian access, Saudi Arabia's UN mission says
Iranian Legal Medicine Organization: Latest Deathtoll in iranEarthquake : Sarpol-e Zahab: 142; Eslamabad-e Gharb: 22; Salas-e Babajani: 15; Kerend-e Gharb: 14; Ghasr-e Shirin: 14; Total: 207 and still rising.
8 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 4km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
Photos during operations near Bukamal
Idlib: Men of the Syrian Arab army towards Abu Dhuhur military airport
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