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16 8月 2018

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Turkish Army Deployed Air defense Missile System MIM-23 HAWK in Darat Izza.
SOHR: The government forces control an important al-Khwyn village southeast of Idlib after heavy fire and raise the civilians' death toll to 52 at least
SOHR: About 50 fighters and soldiers were killed during the attack of Ahrar al-Sham and Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham and their besiege of the Vehicle Department in the Eastern Ghouta, the clashes continue in the area
SDF captures Sabha village of Deir ez-Zor
#iranuprising in the city of Shahinshahr, Isfahan Province
Pardis, small city near Tehran: people tear up Khamenei's banner
New Year's Eve protest in the city of Nurabad, Lorestan province7 月 前
New Year's Eve protest in the city of Nurabad, Lorestan province
Rally in Chabahar
7 月 前
[email protected]: Iran, the Number One State of Sponsored Terror with numerous violations of Human Rights occurring on an hourly basis, has now closed down the Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate. Not good!
IranProtests: Demonstrators march toward Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's residence in Tehran
Koohdasht, December 31 - Sporadic protests continue at 11pm. "Day for you, night belongs to us." "You deprived us of sleep for 40 years, now it is our turn."
TankerTrackers have now also located the exploded pipeline in Ahvaz, Iran. 31.57° N, 48.46° E It does NOT seem to be a crude oil pipeline, but one for refined products instead
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
At least 10 people killed by Iranian security forces in Izeh Khouzestan province
People of Shahin Shahr (a small city near Isfahan) were peacefully protesting but Basij militia opened fire on them and they fought back burning cars of the Basijis
Protest in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
Nourabad, Lorestan province, W Iran Protesters tipping and setting fire to police vehicle7 月 前
Nourabad, Lorestan province, W Iran Protesters tipping and setting fire to police vehicle
7 月 前
M4.0 earthquake (deprem) strikes 14 km NW of Bandırma (Turkey) 9 min ago
Nightly Rallies on Fourth Day of Uprising in the City of Lahijan
Night operation carried out by FSA Manbij operation room against YPG militants in the countryside of Manbij on 27 Dec.
Rebels captured Ajami neighborhood and Bashir hospital. 10 dead and 5 prisoners from the 106th Syrian Republic Guard unit
E. Damascus: Rebels are besieging tonight Harasta Vehicle Base after taking large parts of Al-Ajmi district past 36 hours. Ferocious clashes in outskirts amidst very heavy government bombardment.
Demonstration has erupted in the Kurdish city of Bokan against the Islamist government in Iran.
Mashhad, Iran: people chant "death to dictator"
Evacuating of a child from the location of the air raid which targeted their house in Madyara town in Eastern Ghouta .
E. Damascus: very first footage from 2nd phase of Harasta Battle showing Rebels near Basher Hospital (yesterday) after important gains in Al-Ajmi district.
Iran President Rouhani says citizens have the right to express criticisms, but must not use violence or damage public property
Syria reports from on ground claim that Rebels managed to connect both Harasta and Erbin together also surrounded Vehicle Base completely.
Mashad, Iran: Protesters chanting "We won't leave Mashad, we will retake the city"
Video: @SyriaCivilDef rescuing the wounded soon after an airstrike with cluster bombs targeted Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta
7 月 前
Failed rocket launch from Gaza reported
OIR Spokesman: As part of @Coalition's ongoing campaign to defeatDaesh and defend against terrorist threats, @CJTFOIR is helping train and equip Iraq's Border Guard Force -helping ensure Iraqi security and preventing ISIS movement across the border
7 月 前
Palestinian Authority summons US envoy for consultations after Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel
Kanimasi base was attacked again
Protesters set seminary on fire in Takestan
The fourth day of the protest: rally in Shooshtar, Khuzestan province
Security forces attack iranprotests in Tehran with water cannons
Security forces have closed exit doors at metro stations in Tehran, to stop people of joining the demonstrations. It seams the fear in Tehran is increasing. This one from Valiasr Station
Anti-riot police attacked protesters in Isfahan now
7 月 前
PA leader Abbas says, "We are working towards full membership in the UN"
People of Takestan county, Qazvin province are now resisting suppression imposed by Basij militia and Police.
Iran TV announced it to filter Telegram and Instagram as an urgent security measure
Tehran clashes. #IranianProtests
"Death to dictator" chants in the fourth evening of protests in Iran - Tehran near Enghelab sq
Iran: protesters are marching through the streets of Aligudarz (Lorestan), joining dozens of other cities across the country in defiance of the government. #IranProtests
Tehran: Anti-government rally. Security forces attacking protesters near police station
Arab Coalition countries will remain in hearts of Yemeni people: Hadi
Iranian authorities arrested 200 demonstrators only in Tehran today.
@obretix: New air defense (Pechora-2M) deployed at Blai/Marj Ruhayyil air base south of Damascus
HTS-linked government issues a general amnesty for detainees in the central prison of Idlib
The people of Asadabad Hamadan Province also took to the streets to protest
Rasht right now
Fire, smoke and barricades in Karaj
Another bank has been set on fire. Now in Dorud (City of Martyrs) LorestanProvince
Another video from Baluchestan's Chabahar
7 月 前
7 killed in attack on military camp in Kashmir
Another video from Chabahar Baluchestan Province
East Ghouta: Opposition forces take control of more than 350 buildings and besieges government fighters in Military Vehicles Administration while government flounders over its withdrawal
Video of the people's resistance in Nurabad Lorestan Province
Another video from Khorramabad show a damaged Kosar Bank
Video shows broken glass at Khorramabad's Bank Mellat
The people of Aligudarz chant: "Leave Syria and think about us!"
Another video showing the presence of security forces in Behshahr
Demonstration in the city of Isfahan
#IranProtests demonstration in Urmia
Video from Shahreza protests
People of Malayer also protested against corruption
Video from Takestan Qazvin Province
The people of Urmia chant: "Death to the Dictator!"
Police suppressed peaceful protest of people of Behshahr, North of Iran
U.S Amb. to UN Nikki Haley:"Our hopes and prayers are with the millions of people suffering from repressive govts in North Korea,Venezuela,Cuba and esp in Iran, where the Iranian people are finding their voice.The Iranian govt is being tested by its own people.We pray freedom and human rights will carry the day."
Inherent Resolve:The first group of Iraqi Border Guard Force members graduated today from a 12-day program conducted by members of the CJTF-OIR in Iraq
7 月 前
Press TV: Death toll from blast in Afghanistan's Nangarhar prov. rises to 19
Iranian president @HassanRouhani's pre-recorded speech about latest developments in Iran is expected to be aired shortly on national TV
People of Mashhad are chanting now: "Seyyed Ali [Khamenei] shame on you, leave the country" during Protests
Another video from Sanandaj as the numbers of protesters grows.
Protest in Khoramdar of Zanjan Province #IranProtests
More footage from Chabahar in Baluchestan Province amid reports of large numbers of soldiers siding with the protesters.
People of Chabahar are chanting now: "Don't fear, don't fear, we are all together".
Shushtar now
In Shiraz there are fights between protesters, anti-insurgency forces and government affiliated militias
Isfahan now
Video from protests in Urmia now
Tabriz also joined the anti-government rallies. but were confronted by anti riot forces.
Taliban has released its assesments of 2017. NATO/American losses + ANA.7 月 前
Taliban has released its assesments of 2017. NATO/American losses + ANA.
Bomb with parachute was dropped on Ltamenah, North Hama
1st statement coming from Rohnani since the #iranprotests : congratulates the beginning of 2018 ; says iran is Home to Christians , Jews - Muslims and Zoroastrians -
More footage from Khoy in Iran's West Azerbaijan Province. The people chant: "Death to the dictator!"
Tehran now
Tuyeesarkan, Hamedan province - W Iran Security forces opened fire, possibly killed and injured protesters. Protesters chanting: "Death to Khamenei" IranProtests يحدث_الان_في_ايران
Clashes have erupted between protesters and police in Ilam
Sanandaj now7 月 前
Sanandaj now
Day 4. Protests continue in Tuyserkan, NW Iran
In Ilam the people are attacking government buildings chanting "Death to Khamenei!"
Picture of Hamzeh Lashni who was killed by Basij militia last night at Dorud, Lorestan
The people in Khuy, West Azerbaijan province joined the anti-government rally, Dec 31. #IranProtests
Telegram and Instagram have been blocked in Iran now, the local activists need a VPN in order to use them.
The people of Tabriz are also taking to the streets IranProtests
Picture from the protests in Gohardasht, Karaj, now.
7 月 前
Putin Signs Law Allowing Expansion of Russian Naval Facility in Syria
Video from Sistan and Baluchestan Province now: Chabahar7 月 前
Video from Sistan and Baluchestan Province now: Chabahar
AbuDuhur offensive: government reasserts control over Khuwayn after clashes and bombardment that lasted most of the day.
Ferdowsi sq, in Tehran #IranProtests
Iran: protests continue today in the Arab city of Ahwaz, police forces are beating protesters trying to break up the crowd.
Al Jisr TV Reporter: Rebels besiege the Harasta vehicle base and its governorate building.
Now: People of Kermanshah started their Protests. They chant: "Don't fear, don't fear, we all are together"
Video from Nurabad Lorestan Province now7 月 前
Video from Nurabad Lorestan Province now
Security forces attack the peaceful demonstrators in Vesal Crossroad, Tehran
People of Tabriz, Northwest of Iran started their protest now.
Qahderijan now
E. Damascus towns under heavy SyAF airstrikes.
The people of Borujerd are getting ready for tonight's demonstrations
Iranian forces preventing demonstrators to rally in Azadi Square in Kermanshah.
Dorud protesters blocking main roads.
Nahavand City in Hamadan Province right now.
Torbat-e Heydarieh now Razavi Khorasan Province
After repelling rebels counterattack, Syrian Army re-asserts full control over Khwein al-Kabir village in south Idlib countryside
More security forces stationed in the center of Sanandaj, western Iran.7 月 前
More security forces stationed in the center of Sanandaj, western Iran.
Moment warplane carried out an airstrike over Harasta town in addition to Drones flying over besieged Eastern Ghouta
Heavy forces deployed in Sanandaj and Kermanshah to block the demonstrations.
Chess world champion from Ukraine Anna Muzychuk gave up her titles in a sign of protest against the way women t treated in Saudi Arabia. "I don't want to feel a secondary creature".
Beginning of the 4th day of anti-government rallies in Ilam, the third biggest Kurdish city in Iran.
Photo from tell al-Khuwayn al-Kabir
ISIS claims a suicide bombing by German Abu Amar al-Almani against SDF/YPG in al-Bahra, killing 20 and injuring 50.
Governor's burned car stand in front of a government building in Hamadan, HamadanProvince
Geolocation of Qalamoun Shield's footage confirms Rebels bypassed Harasta Vehicle Base to besiege it and advanced near Ministry of Irrigation.
7 月 前
President of Kashmir University, National Students Union of India (NSUI), on Sunday resigned, hours after Hizbul Mujahideen Militant Reyaz Naikoo named him in a new video.
7 月 前
[email protected]: Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!
The town of Al-Khuwayn is fully under HTS control again
E. Damascus: amidst total media blackout Faylaq Al-Rahman reportedly put its weight in Harasta battle, making new advances. Intense battle and bombardment ongoing.
AbuDuhur offensive: pro-Assad sources reporting escalation among government fatalities past ~24h. Mainly from AbuDali front (SE. Idlib) and Siala-Ramlah axis (SE. Aleppo).
Russian attack helicopter downed after technical failure killing 7 crew West of Umm al-Tayyar [أم الطيور] village near Masyaf Hama
Iranian government restricts Telegram and Instsgram applications to block the demonstrations.
15 People Die in Nangarhar Bomb Blast
JALALABAD - At least 15 people were killed and 14 others wounded in a bomb blast at a funeral ceremony in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar, officials confirmed. Afghanistan
Turkish Military Observation point in Northern Idlib7 月 前
Turkish Military Observation point in Northern Idlib
Iranian Security forces transferring detained protestors to Aveen prison in Tehran. IranProtests7 月 前
Iranian Security forces transferring detained protestors to Aveen prison in Tehran. #IranProtests
Map of Planned anti-goverment rallies across Iran today.
Iran's Interior Minister warns protesters: "Those who damage public property,disrupt the orderand break the law must be responsible for their behavior and pay the price." "The spreading of violence,fear and terror will definitely be confronted,"Abdolrahman Fazli added. #Iranprotests
At least 80 people arrested + 4 injured during the peaceful anti-government rallies in Arak in the past three days. #IranProtests
A Russian helicopter crashed south of Hama airport 13 km north the Rastan area north of Homs
Kafr Batna - Two civilians killed until this moment, others injured after an artillery shell targeted popular market in the city in Eastern Ghouta.
As of this morning there are around 50 protests either planned or ongoing in various cities in Iran, from small towns, to major urban centers
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Helicopters spotted searching for the crew and for "Russian aircraft" crashed in South Hama countryside
Rouhani to address the nation in response to #IranProtest
Units from Iranian security forces are deployed in Shiraz city.
@AP [email protected] quotes official saying "foreign agents" responsible for the deaths. @dpa quotes local media claiming ISIS is to blame
Pulwama attack : Four jawans have lost their lives in the attack, three injured while three militants have been killed so far JammuAndKashmir
Protests started in Baneh northwest of Iran.
Majlis' National Security Committee will hold an emergency meeting to " discuss recent events" and MPs will travel to their cities to assess the situation - #IranProtests
7 月 前
One more jawan lost his life, one militant killed in the ongoing Pulwama encounter. Two jawans have lost their lives till now and two are injured
South Idlib: Aviation hit Tell al-Khuwayn village with explosive barrels
Video from Karaj, large city just northeast of Tehran, shows rumored sacking of prosecutors office, a symbol of repression and government excesses.
Federal Police out of Tal Afar are designing a robot for explosive ordnance disposal as well as combat operations.
Some photos from yesterday. IQAF was active around Hawija, launching preliminary strikes before 9th Armored Division begins its operation.
Foreign agents not the Police were firing at the protestors last night - Iranian State TV
The Russian cultural centre in Syria for the first time in seven years held a large new year's celebration
AFP: Interior Minister of Iran warns that the government will address the violence and anarchists
Afghanistan, Uzbekistan Transit Route To Open Soon
7 月 前
[email protected]: "I inherited a mess. The Middle East was a mess. People wanting to get jobs is a mess despite the numbers." @WattersWorld
Protesters teared down a picture of al-Quds commander Qassem Soleimani in Shiraz. Soleimani is popular for his operations in Iraq and Syria
The release of approximately 30 civilian families, the second group of civilians who were in Hawija Kata in the city of Deir al-Zour, under Russian protection, to the areas of the control of the militias of SDF in the western countryside of Deir al-Zour.
Some 13 local members of ISIS fled from the town of Sousse to an unknown destination after stealing arms and ammunition.
Dramatic footage shows Syria's White Helmets rescuing babies just moments after airstrikes hit eastern Ghouta.
Erdogan and Macron to discuss Syria in the city of Paris
7 月 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 32km ESE of Kazerun, Iran
SDF fighters have captured the village of al-Marsama Gharbi
Photo purportedly showing protestors seizing and burning judiciary office in Kerman.
Iran: anti-government protesters in the Azerbaijani city of Tabriz are burning garbage cans to block the streets and prevent police attacks
E. Damascus: Qalamoun Shield along with Republican Guard acknowledge being engaged in "fiercest battle" on Harasta's Vehicle Base front.
Russia says it has detained a suspect in St. Petersburg supermarket blast
Iranians reporting internet is cut in some neighborhoods in Tehran and incoming international calls blocked
Police anti-riot unit under command of IRGC attacked peaceful protesters in North Karegar street of Tehran, people fought back
Kermanshah for the support of Lorestan are on the streets chanting "don't be scared we are all together". In some other parts of Kermanshah people are asking for the PKK's support
Protest tonight in the city of Bushehr. People clash with plainclothes forces while calling on the police to support them
N. Latakia: HTS carried out an attack today on government position in Ain Ashara (Jebal Turkman), claiming 11 fighters killed while losing one. government fatalities acknowledged confirm operation.7 月 前
N. Latakia: HTS carried out an attack today on government position in Ain Ashara (Jebal Turkman), claiming 11 fighters killed while losing one. government fatalities acknowledged confirm operation.
"Complete security is now in place in city of Tehran, and security forces are completely in control of situation in the city and its surroundings, says Kosari, deputy chief of Sarallah unit, IRGC division responsible for maintaining security in Tehran and Tehran province
Iran: anti-government protest in the city of Semnan tonight
Another video from the protest tonight in Bandar Abbas. The people chant: Down with Khamenei
Egypt: ISIS released statement with delay saying that claimed IED detonations yesterday in Balaa, Rafah resulted in dead and wounded in the ranks of the EG army
Protestors break into and occupy governor compond in Arak
Some users say despite Telegram shutting down Amadnews, its 2nd account has just got 400K subscribers in less than an hour after its closure
Malayer: #IranianProtests destroy the office of Friday prayet leader, Khamenei
Internet is, at least, partially disabled in Tehran
Tehran, 108th Navvab police station - Iran Massive rally calling on state police and army members to support the protesters
Protest tonight in the city of Najafabad, Isfahan province. The people chant: We do not want the Islamic Republic
Claim/picture on social media of a protester who was purportedly beaten to death by security forces in Zanjan Iran
Three bombs which resemble rocks were found on the route of a major camp of the Iranian Kurdistan Komala party.
Protest this evening in the city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan province
Imam Khomeini's office was destroyed
At least two people were shot and killed in Doroud
[email protected] complies with Iran ICT minister's Twitter request for Amad News to be shut down. The channel appears to have played key role in mobilizing and organizing protests.
Zanjan, NW Iran: State police fleeing protesters. People responding by chasing and attacking state police
7 月 前
[email protected]: Oppressive governments cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. The world is watching!
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The forces of the government targeted the towns of Al-Sousse and Al-Shafa in the town of Al-Bu Kamal with heavy artillery and mortars for the third day in a row, with more than 50 shells, which destroyed a large number of civilian houses.
FSA 1st Coastal Division - 2 TOW ATGM strikes destroy an Assad government tank and 23mm machine gun in Eastern Hama
FSA 1st Coastal Division - 2 TOW ATGM strikes destroy an Assad government tank and 23mm machine gun in Eastern Hama
7 月 前
[email protected]: The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran's people are what their leaders fear the most.
Ardebil security forces attack protestors
Protest this evening in the city of Amol, Mazandaran province
People of Dorood attack Ansar bank of IRGC in retaliation for death of Mohammad Chubak, Mohsen Viraieshi, Hosein Rashno, Hamzeh Lashni, four protesters
Footage shows a burning Governorate building in Khorramabad
Babol, Mazandaran, north Iran: Ongoing anti-govt protests tonight, Dec 30, 2017. People chant 'Get in the streets, protest for your rights!' and 'Down with Dictator'
PMF leader Qais Khazali publicly states, his forces fought US forces in total 5337 operations in "resistance" era.
7 月 前
Turkey says Greece grants asylum to alleged coup plotter, move will affect ties
Israel army says that the mortars that were fired yesterday from Gaza were Iranian
In Tehran: "oh Army brother, support [us], support [us]."
Protesters in Shiraz (Fars Province) took down a poster of Qassem Soleimani
Protest today in the city of Abhar, Zanjan province
IranProtests: Nightly Protest Rallies in Kashan (central Iran), Dec 30, 2017 Residents of Kashan took to the street, organized to protest against high cost of living and government's policies
Protesters in Tehran tear down a poster of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
Women in Urmia protest against the Iranian government
Kashan is burning
Haftar seems to be backing down, denying claims that he opposes a political solution to the crisis in Libya and changing his tone towards the HoR saying that the HoR the democratically elected representative of the Libyan people.
PJAK (PKK's Iran-wing) offers Iranians to fight together against the Iranian government. The statement says, they have already launched a "struggle".
People of Shahsavar or Tonekabon a small city in Mazandaran province are fighting back Basij militias who are trying to suppress their peaceful protest
AbuDuhur offensive: TOS-1A "Flamethrower" used to bomb Rebel-held positons.
Protesters in Tehran have taken a few streets and security forces can't enter those zones
IRGC and Police anti-riot unit opened fire at people of Tehran near Azadi street, people are fighting back with bare hands
People of Golshahr, Karaj protest against corrupted Shia clerics and authorities of Islamic government of Iran
Iran: protests in the city of Mashhad tonight (the place where the IranProtests all began). Protesters are setting fire to police motorcycles they captured
Earlier today in western city of Kermanshah, Iran: Anti-riot units running away as they see protesters' mass! Ongoing anti-govt protests
People attacking police checkpoint with chants "Death to dictator!"
People of Arak attack Basij militia base and tear-down its banner. Protests against corrupted Shia clerics and authorities of Islamic government of Iran
Clashes on the streets of Tehran
At least one protestor covered in blood in this video shared by BBC, from City of Dorood in Lorestan Region, Iran
Pictures of destruction in the Old Airport Neighborhood in Deir Ezzor.
ISIS still controls Sha'afa, Baghouz and Sousa towns in eastern rural areas of DeirEzzor.
SDF/DMC controlled Bahra town
SDF/DMC controlled Keshkiya town after heavy clashes against ISIS.
Clashes between SDF and ISIS in Bahra and Hajin towns,eastern rural areas of DeirEzzor
At least six peaceful demonstrators have been killed by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps in Lorestan
"Leave alone Russia and think about us"; protesters in city of Gorgan, north Iran, today 30 Dec 2017.
AbuDuhur offensive: tank burning after hit by a TOW fired by FSA First Coastal Division on Shakusiyah-Abu Lafah front.
Reports from town of Dorud in Iran's Lorestan claim one of the dead protesters was shot in the eye, and another straight in his heart. Number of wounded are not known yet.
AbuDuhur offensive: government forces managed to reach today Burj Subaynah (SE. Aleppo) but were later pushed back by Rebels.
Police car upside down in Mashhad Iran
Arak: Protesters chasing state police vehicle.
At least 3 people are reportedly shot dead in town of Dorud in Iran's Lorestan. Protesters carry the bodies chanting: "Death of Khamenei" and "I kill I kill the one who killed my brother."
NYT says Papadopoulos was more than the 'coffee boy' some advisers suggest. Per interviews and new docs, he stayed influential throughout the campaign. 2 months before the election, he helped arrange a meeting between Trump and President el-Sisi of Egypt.
Iran(ian) security forces are reportedly opening fire on protestors in Lorestan on the 3rd day of nation-wide protests
Reports that SDF has fully captured the Shaitat clan region (Abu Hardub, Abu Hammam, Kishkiyah and Gharanij) from ISIS
SW. Damascus: takeover of Hermon (Beit Jin) pocket, removing last Rebel presence near Lebanon border, means Assad and Iran get a closer view of Israeli observatories and Alpinist Units. Syria7 月 前
SW. Damascus: takeover of Hermon (Beit Jin) pocket, removing last Rebel presence near Lebanon border, means Assad and Iran get a closer view of Israeli observatories and Alpinist Units. Syria
Arak, Iran Protesters tipping over police vehicle ablaze. Bystanders preventing damage to ordinary people's cars.
Over 8000 Syrian children vaccinated in the district of Al-Rai. Also a dental clinic opened nearby in Ihtaimlat providing free service to locals in the town
Hundreds of people have gathered in NajafAbad (Isfahan Province)
7 月 前
Senior ISIS member (was a prosecutor in Syria's Raqqa) detained after anti-ISIS operations by Turkish police in Sanliurfa
Reports that SDF has captured Gharanij from ISIS
Hashtgerd people in Karaj on the streets for massive protest
Bandarabbas: "We don't want a clerical government, we don't want it."
From Iran's Lorestan. Young, unemployed, angry and leaderless rural youth taking to the streets against corrupt and incompetent government. Seem to be chanting, "Death to you!"
Day 3. Demonstrators in Khorramabad, West Iran, ask Prince Reza, the son of the Shah (who now lives in the US) to come to their help. There have been pro-monarchy slogans in other cities as well.
Protest in Semnan city. Also demonstrations in Saveh (Markazi) and Malayer (Hamadan).
Rasht - Massive rally in defiance of security forces.
People of Abhar are chanting now "Shahanshah [Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi], God Bless you". Protests against corrupted Shia Clerics and authorities of Islamic government of Iran.
Head of Tehran metro has announced city's metro closed two main stops b/tw Revolutionary Square and ValiAsr Square for "security reasons" due to ongoing protests in Iran 's capital
Massive rally now in Arak
Iran's ICT minister is pressuring Telegram CEO to shut down some Telegram channels amid ongoing anti-government protests that according to some reports played a key role in organizing protesters
Malayer(North of Iran) just joined other cities. People in north of Iran are chanting. " Useless clerics are the shame of the nation".
Tehran: security forces launching tear gas canisters on protesters
Protests in Zanjan city of Iran
Ministry of Irrigation in Harasta is in sight amidst fierce government bombardment on Al-Ajmi district. E. Damascus.
Ahrar al-Sham targeting SAA Military Airbase in West Hama countryside
An Iranian Security forces are seen throughout the Sanandaj , Kurdistan region7 月 前
An Iranian Security forces are seen throughout the Sanandaj , Kurdistan region
The peaceful protesters gathered in Khoramabad on Dec 30
Demonstrations started at Kerman
Mass protest in Do Rūd, Lorestan Province
Mass protest in Do Rūd, Lorestan Province
The peaceful protesters in Saveh chanting "Leave Syria, think about us"!
Protesters in Khorramabad, Lorestan Province, "Ali Sayid, let the country go"
Top trend in Saudi Arabia: Iran protests.
Protestors in Isfahan: "The law is for looting us, and the government supports it!"
Rally against dictatorship in Malayer city
Video from streets of Mughur al-Meer village near the Golan Height after rebels were forced out to Idlib
Curfew is imposed by IRGC in city of Tabriz, Northwest of Iran to prevent Protests
Last night people of Shiraz burnt down theological seminary or Islamic college of Shiraz where Mullahs or Shia clerics are being trained.
Syria's Assad orders imams to pray for rain amid drought
Kurdish militias impose a curfew in Aljazrat towns in the western countryside of Deir Ez Zor
Explosion heard in Mazar-i-sharif city of Balkh province. 1TV reporter in the scene said that a taxi has been targeted in PD2 of the city. casualities feared.
IRNA: All schools will be closed tomorrow in Tehran over air pollution.
Ansar al-Furqan Claims Bombing Oil Pipeline in 1st Operation in Iranian City of Ahvaz
Valiasr street near the Tehran University, - already first barricades of trash bins
Tehran: Clashes with police on Moniri Javid street, near Enghelab Square
2 YPG militants captured alive and 4 killed by ES forces in northern Manbij today
Another report about the formation of the North Syrian Army.7 月 前
Another report about the formation of the "North Syrian Army".
Another report about the formation of the North Syrian Army.
YPG/YPJ injured 7 Euphrates Shield fighters in mortar exchanges and clashes with heavy weapons
Funeral of YPG-fighter Pulat Amouda, who was martyred fighting ISIS on 28 December in Deir Ezzor
First stage of the reconstruction of the bridge between al-Jazrat and al-Kibar is completed.
8 YPG fighters died on the 27th and 28th of December in clashes against ISIS in Deir Ezzor.
Maintenance to return the electricity in all of Tabqa city and countryside.
Maintenance to return the electricity in all of Tabqa city and countryside.
Roundabouts restored in Manbij.
DeirEzzor: A video shows distraction in al Sharah city, caused by Russian airstrikes
Opposition Syrian Interim Gov announces formation of "Syrian National Army", organizing Euphrates Shield factions in rural Aleppo into 3 legions
One civilian was killed and many injured most of them children and women after heavy airstrikes and artillery shells targeted Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta
A suicide bomber riding a motorbike targeted Khataf checkpoint of the Internal Security Forces, east of Manbij city, and blew himself up without any casualties.
7 月 前
The HXP (Self-Defence Forces) will be transformed into a "North Syrian Army". Their main task is border security.
The HXP (Self-Defence Forces) will be transformed into a North Syrian Army. Their main task is border security.
Assad meets with wounded soldiers in Homs
Israel briefly detains 6 Palestinian teens from Hebron during clashes7 月 前
Israel briefly detains 6 Palestinian teens from Hebron during clashes
Ahrar Al-Sham announces it's fighters thwarted an attempt by government to take over Tell Sukayk W. of Atshan.
Tehran Police deploying tear gas against protesters
Security forces deployed tear gas near Tehran University against protesters
In front of University of Tehran, security forces have closed the doors and trying to arrest and beating protesters. 6 are wounded. Security forces are trying to counter protesters before it gets dark.
Iran has deployed its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to Tabriz in order to prevent Iranian Protests
Sudan's President Bashir announces 6-month state of emergency in provinces of Kassala and North Kurdufan
Tehran: water cannon trucks arrived
PDKI: Large numbers of Basiji and Niro Intzami militias deployed to prevent Iranp rotests
Former president Ahmadinejad has distanced himself from the protesters. "Any chaos and destruction have nothing to do with us," he says. So-called reformists have blamed his followers for the protests.
7 月 前
Erdoğan: Kurdish PKK is growing day by day because of US support
Putin congratulates Assad on New Year: Russia will continue supporting Syria to defend its sovereignty
Jaish al-Islam is carrying out a counter-attack to restore the points that pro-Assad militia advanced this morning.
Protests at the Azar street and in front of Tehran University, Security forces deploying
This map shows where the Dec 28 protests began. A total of 5 cities in the Razavi Khorasan province saw protests between Dec 28 and 29. This province is the hometown of Raisi, Rouhani's political rival.
Security forces dispersing protesters at Tehran's Enghelab Square. People are chanting, "Unfaithful, leave them be!" Then at the end, chants of "dishonorable." #IranProtests
Protest in Tehran now
Afghan forces seize suicide vest at a shop in Khogyani district of Nangarhar province: officials7 月 前
Afghan forces seize suicide vest at a shop in Khogyani district of Nangarhar province: officials
Iran: The demonstrators injured after security forces attacked the peaceful anti-government rally in Shahr-e-Kord today
Kermanshah - Iran Demonstrators chanting "Death to Dictator" Skirmishes erupting between protesters and security forces
One of the rockets fired by the warplanes of the pro-Assad militia on residential areas in the town of Harasta and more than three meters in length.
Egypt sentences ex-President Mursi, 19 others to three years in jail for insulting judiciary
Esfahani people for the second day on the streets. Asking police forces to join them but they haven't yet.
People chanting "Tehran, and not Gaza and not Lebanon, but my Iran"
People chanting Tehran, and not Gaza and not Lebanon, but my Iran
Egypt- al-Amaq report on ISIS IED attacks targeting 2 MRAPs in the area of Rafah, North Sinai
Russian aircrafts made 4 raids on Al Latamenah, North Hama
Russian aircrafts made 4 raids on Al Latamenah, North Hama
SAA captured the village of Atshan in southern Idlib/Northern Hama countryside
Already more than 35 airstrikes on Harasta in Eastern Ghouta since early morning today
Protest now in Shahr-e Kord
Abu Duhur offensive: Nour Al-Din Zinki is 1st important Rebel group without presence in Hama to send a convoy to repel government.
One child was killed and many civilians injured after an airstrike targeted Alnashabiyah town in Eastern Ghouta, Civil Defense teams worked to rescue the martyr and help the wounded
Turkey-backed rebels continue shelling Afrin canton. Turkey provides location of YPG YPJ fighter's positions.
MFA spox reacts to comments by US officials on protests in Iran: Iranian people won't pay attention to opportunistic and hypocrite slogans by US authorities and Mr Trump himself.
Protesters in Tehran chanting "Death to dictator!"
Iran government calls on public to avoid 'illegal gatherings'
Video reportedly shows Iranian forces moving towards Mashhad, but the convoy would seem trasporting Russian-made S-300 missile systems (Air Defence)
A man in Quchan: I have two kids with no job/money.People chanting neither Gaza nor Lebanon my life for Iran.7 月 前
A man in Quchan: "I have two kids with no job/money."People chanting" neither Gaza nor Lebanon my life for Iran.
Protest at University of Tehran, people chanting "Seyed Ali, leave our country alone"
More airstrikes on Harasta now
Iranian news agencies said the interior minister asked Iranians not to participate in the demonstrations
Enghelab Square in Tehran today: "Proud Iranians support us!"
A spokesman for the National Security Commission Naghavi on "recent gatherings in some cities": we have economic problems and we should fix it, though not let place for enemy to use it
Deirezzor front, SDF -YPG fighters captured the villages of al Qehawi, Al Jadal, Kishkiyah and Jub Al Bahrah and killed 67 IS members, SDF is advancing in Hajin
Security forces in Revolution Square, Tehran
19 airstrikes on Harasta city so far. 70 mortars and shelling is still ongoing
Jaish al Islam: pro-Assad forces are using chlorine gas on Al-Blaleah front during violent clashes on several axes that continue to this moment.
Report that Atshan in Hama CS was captured by SAA
Protests in central Tehran moments ago
The @SyriaCivilDefe volunteers rescue a woman from under the rubble after artillery hit residential areas in Mesraba town, Eastern Ghouta
Rally at Tehran University
A young man in Quchan:  I have two kids with no job/money. People chanting neither Gaza nor Lebanon my life for Iran7 月 前
A young man in Quchan: I have two kids with no job/money. People chanting" neither Gaza nor Lebanon my life for Iran
Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli: There are reports of calls for protests in cyberspace, any rally without permission is banned and illegal. Based on reports, protesters decide to gather in Veliasr Sq. downtown Tehran. Iran
Iran: Security forces attack the peaceful protesters in Shahr-e Kord today
Tehran: protest at Enghelab (Revolution) Square
Two new ATR airplanes land in Mehrabad airport in Iran's capital, Tehran.7 月 前
Two new ATR airplanes land in Mehrabad airport in Iran's capital, Tehran.
People in Kermanshah in central part of the city are preparing to start again.